March 23, 2021

30 States Have Legislation to Save Girls’ Sports – Statement

30th State Filed as South Dakota Gov. Noem Announced Partial Veto of Similar Legislation

Yesterday, North Carolina legislators filed House Bill 358, the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” making it the thirtieth state with legislation to protect female athletes. These bills require girls’ and women’s division student athletes to be biologically female.

Autumn Leva, Vice President for Strategy at Family Policy Alliance, offered the following statement:

“The majority of states are carrying the banner for America’s female athletes — and they are sending a strong message to the Biden Administration and national Democratic leadership, who insist on erasing women. The message? You are out of touch with the states and with the American people.

“The timing also can’t be ignored: North Carolina’s legislation came on the same day that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem publicly defended her announcement that she intends to partially veto her own state’s version of the legislation. While lawmakers in 29 other states are working to protect female athletes, Gov. Noem has wavered in her commitment to do the same.

“We are grateful for the excellent work of the pro-woman lawmakers in each of these 30 states, and we hope that Gov. Noem will choose to reverse course and join this emerging majority.”


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