May 22, 2023

BREAKING: Nebraska Protects Children from Abortion and Transgender Surgeries

New law protects children from abortion from 12 weeks gestation and also protects minors from transgender surgeries

Today, Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen signed Legislative Bill 574, the Let Them Grow and Preborn Child Protection Acts. The new law protects children as young as 12 weeks gestation from abortion, and also protects minors from transgender surgeries. Nebraska is the sixteenth state to pass such protections from transgender interventions.

Meridian Baldacci, Spokesperson at Family Policy Alliance, responded:

Today, Nebraska’s children are safer – from the womb till adulthood. Every child deserves the chance to live and thrive. Abortion takes a child’s chance to live at all, while irreversible transgender surgeries leave a child forever scarred – both physically and emotionally – by the lie that they were ‘born in the wrong body.’ Today, Nebraska has done the right thing to protect children from both atrocities.

We are so grateful for the tireless work of our friends and allies at Nebraska Family Alliance who shepherded this bill throughout the process. Their courageous leadership, and the hard work of the representatives who sponsored and supported this bill, was instrumental in making today possible. In particular, we thank Senator John Lowe, who is an alumnus of Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy, for his leadership on this bill. And, we thank Governor Pillen for his leadership in protecting children by signing the bill today.”

Family Policy Alliance (FPA) began work on protecting minors from transgender interventions in 2017, when the group first drafted an early version of what is now the Help Not Harm Act. In 2021, FPA launched its Help Not harm campaign following the passage of Arkansas’s SAFE Act (the first successful bill in the nation to offer these protections).

To date, 16 states have Help Not Harm-like laws (Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah). In 2023, 26 states have introduced Help Not Harm-like bills.

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