March 1, 2023

Banks, Cotton Introduce Legislation to Stop Transgender Interventions for Minors

The legislation draws on Family Policy Alliance’s Help Not Harm language

Senator Tom Cotton (AR) and Congressman Jim Banks (IN-3) have introduced federal legislation to protect vulnerable children from transgender interventions, the Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act. The legislation provides minors a private right of action to sue the medical professionals who perform their “transition” procedures for 30 years after they turn 18.

Autumn Leva, Senior Vice President of Strategy at Family Policy Alliance (FPA), released the following statement of support:

“This legislation could not be more timely. As vulnerable children are being pushed to ‘transition,’ a growing number are expressing deep regret over those procedures and coming to grips with the irreparable harm done to them. This bill stands in the gap by offering child victims the opportunity to sue for damages and taking steps to protect minors from these procedures in the first place.

Here at Family Policy Alliance, we firmly believe that hurting children deserve real help, not the harm of experimental hormones and irreversible surgeries. That’s why we authored our Help Not Harm legislation to protect children at the state level. Now, Congressman Banks and Senator Cotton are boldly taking that language to the federal level to protect children around the nation. We heartily support them in this effort.

Rep. Banks noted of the legislation, “This is such a common-sense bill, and FPA’s been on the front lines advocating for this legislation at the state level, which is where we pulled ideas from to write the federal version of this bill.”

Family Policy Alliance first began work on protecting minors from transgender interventions in 2017, when the group first drafted an early version of the legislation that is now law in three states. In 2021, FPA launched its Help Not Harm campaign following the passage of Arkansas’s SAFE Act, which is the first successful bill in the nation to offer these protections.

To date, three states have Help Not Harm laws on the books, two Help Not Harm bills are on governor’s desks, two states have modified versions of the law, and nine are considering similar legislation.

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