April 29, 2022

Biden Administration Backs Down from Forcing Americans to Pay for Transgender Procedures

Washington, DC – Yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services backed away from a proposal that would have forced Obamacare health plans to cover transgender procedures. This change comes after a broad coalition spoke out against the rule, raising serious concerns about the consequences the policy could have on children and others.

Meridian Baldacci, Spokesperson for Family Policy Alliance, issued this statement:

“The first duty of medicine is, ‘do no harm.’ So when Americans saw that the Biden Administration wanted to force through a ‘must-do harm’ policy, they spoke out loud and clear. Because of their decisive voice, the Biden Administration had to back down.  For now, American tax dollars, conscience rights, and the future of our youth remain a bit safer. This rule’s revisions present a clear message: when Americans raise their voices, they can make a difference. This is a win for real America.”

Family Policy Alliance’s submitted comment for the previously proposed rule can be read here. The comment reads in part,

This Department’s proposal is encouraging children and adults who are strugglingto accept their biological sex to undergo experimental and off-label treatments toalter their body chemistry with puberty blockers and/or cross-sex hormones, change or amputate healthy body parts, and modify their appearance with surgery. Many of these treatments are irreparable and will cause sterility.

Children are not capable of making such life-altering decisions. That is why we do not allow children to purchase firearms, consume alcohol or use tobacco…

The Department must immediately reverse course, rescind this rule, and do no harm–especially for the sake of our nation’s children. The rule lacks thorough review from the public, is based on an obvious misapplication of Bostock, constitutes an attack on conscience rights, and, most importantly, will inflict harm on American children and adults.


Media Contact:

Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822, Media@FamilyPolicyAlliance.com

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