April 6, 2023

BREAKING: Biden Administration Attacks Female Athletes, States with #SaveGirlsSports Laws

The proposed rule targets states with laws that reserve girls’ and women’s sports for biologically female athletes

On the same day that Kansas became the 19th state to legally Save Girls’ Sports (overriding its Governor to do so), the Biden Administration released a rule attacking states like Kansas.

Statement from Meridian Baldacci, Spokesperson at Family Policy Alliance:

The Biden Administration has it out for female athletes and the states that want to protect them. But that’s no small number. Over half of the states (31) either have or are considering laws that protect female athletes. Just yesterday, Kansas overrode its own Governor’s veto in order to Save Girls’ Sports. And this is just off the week when the NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship game garnered record viewership.

“The Biden Administration continues to be woefully out of touch, and today’s proposed rule makes it clear that the Administration knows its position is tenuous. The rule purports to make allowances for some restrictions, apparently meant as a concession on a losing issue for the Administration. But behind this thin veil is a blatant attempt to target the 19 states that have protected female athletes, and warn off others from joining them.

“It’s the continuation of a long theme in the Biden Administration, one in which the President pits himself against the American people. Time and time again, the American people have won – and we are confident that we will win again.”

Yesterday, Kansas became the 19th state with a law to Save Girls’ Sports. Critical in that effort was Kansas Family Voice, an organization in the nationwide alliance of family policy councils hosted by Family Policy Alliance.

Statement from Brittany Jones, Director of Policy and Engagement at Kansas Family Voice:

“For years, Kansans have sought to protect female athletes and the opportunities we afforded to them. This week, we finally achieved that victory, even overriding our Governor’s veto to do so.

Now, just 24 hours later, the Biden Administration wants to ensure that Kansas girls never gain access to those hard-earned protections. But what doesn’t he know? We’re tenacious, and we take our girls’ opportunities seriously. The Biden Administration may have it out for states like ours, but we will keep fighting until every girl has the chance at a fair playing field.

“Last summer, the Biden Administration proposed a similar rule. Kansas joined other states in suing – and won. We will defeat this rule, just like we defeated the last one.”

Family Policy Alliance calls on Americans to submit their comments and make their voices heard, and will publicize the comment link once available. The comment period closes in 30 days.

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