June 23, 2021

BREAKING: Department of Education Erases Women and Girls

On Title IX anniversary, the Department undermines protections meant for females


Today, on the 49th anniversary of Title IX, the U.S. Department of Education issued two sweeping documents attempting to redefine sex in federal law – including reinterpreting Title IX itself. Title IX is a federal law that ensures both sexes have equal access to educational programs, including athletic programs. Signed in 1972, its goal was to advance women’s opportunities. The law has played a significant role in giving female student athletes the athletic opportunities they enjoy today.

As written, the Department of Education’s documents would effectively force schools to ignore biological sex and instead prioritize students’ gender identity, self-declared at any time for any reason. Under the documents, to not comply with these demands could constitute “discrimination.”

Meridian Baldacci, Policy and Communications Strategist at Family Policy Alliance, stated:

 It’s an unhappy anniversary for Title IX.

Title IX was created to prevent discrimination against females in the educational and athletic contexts. It paved the way for many opportunities for women – including the 2 in 5 girls who now play school sports. But today, the Biden Administration single-handedly turned Title IX on its head to say that women are discriminating against men when they have concerns about men being called ‘women,’ using their locker rooms, competing on their sports teams, or taking away their championships and scholarship opportunities. That the Department of Education is demanding this in the name of ‘protecting’ students and stopping ‘discrimination’ is stunning.  This move is misguided and antithetical to the purpose of Title IX. The good news is that states are pushing back. And they must, because our children are counting on them.”

Some 8 states so far have laws protecting female athletes – and in total over 30 states have introduced such legislation. This evening, Family Policy Alliance will livestream a roundtable discussion among leaders protecting female athletes in their own states.

States have begun to push back on other aspects of the Biden agenda, as well. This year, Arkansas became the first state to protect children from transgender experiments. And, parents are increasingly speaking out to their local school districts with concerns about a sexualized agenda.

States have pushed back in the past, as well: when the Obama Administration issued its own similar “guidance” in 2016, 13 states sued and ultimately blocked the guidance from enforcement.

Department of Education documents:

Guidance on “Confronting Anti-LGBTQI + Harassment”

The Letter to Educators on the Anniversary of Title IX


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