August 30, 2023

Family Policy Alliance Names Top States for Families

The “Craig’s List” Awards, named for CEO Craig DeRoche, are given annually to states that go above and beyond for families

On Wednesday, Family Policy Alliance announced their annual Craig’s List Awards, which includes seven different awards for the states going above and beyond in family policy. The top award given each year is the “Most Pro-Family State” award.

Craig DeRoche, President and CEO of Family Policy Alliance, said of the awards, “One of the strongest indictments against the Biden Administration’s woke agenda is the good work being done in the states. Around the nation, pro-family advocates are protecting life, stopping harmful childhood gender transitions, and expanding religious freedom and parental rights.

“These victories would not have been possible if not for the work of courageous leaders in each state – particularly the leadership of state Family Policy Councils. They are a group of selfless, driven men and women fighting to protect children and families around the nation, and it is an honor to host their alliance.”

The Craig’s List Awards for 2023 are:

Click each award to see a video of the online award presentation.

  1. Most Pro-Family State of the YearWinners: Montana, North Dakota
  2. Help Not Harm AwardWinners: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah
  3. Defensive Player of the YearWinner: Connecticut
  4. Victory of the YearWinner: Kansas
  5. Life-Saver AwardWinner: Idaho
  6. Best Team Effort AwardWinner: Nebraska
  7. Cutting Edge AwardWinner: FloridaHonorable Mention: Virginia

Family Policy Alliance hosted a live awards ceremony where leaders from the state family policy councils in winning states accepted the Craig’s List Award on behalf of their state. The state family policy councils shepherded the pro-family policies that earned their states a Craig’s List Award.

The awards ceremony can be viewed on Facebook, YouTube, Family Policy Alliance’s website, or SoConReport.com. SoConReport.com is a one-stop-shop for the latest social conservative news, events, and projects.

Full details about each of the Craig’s List awards are available in the attached document.

Family Policy Alliance is a public policy organization working for a nation where families can thrive, and which hosts the alliance of family policy councils – premier pro-family organizations – around the nation.

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Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822, Media@FamilyPolicyAlliance.com


Family Policy Alliance advances biblical citizenship and promotes public policy that protects religious freedom, families, and life.


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