November 29, 2022

Senate Votes to Pass Same-Sex Marriage Bill

12 Republicans Who Voted to Advance the Bill Also Voted to Pass It

The Senate has passed its same-sex marriage bill, H.R. 8404, without any of the three amendments that would have meaningfully safeguarded some degree of religious freedom. The Senate’s version of the bill will now return to the House for further consideration.

Craig DeRoche, President & CEO at Family Policy Alliance, responded:

Today, 61 Senators prioritized politics over principles. If it becomes law, this bill will enshrine a false definition of marriage at the steep price of Americans’ freedom to live according to their faith without fear of punishment.

If this bill becomes law, it will be a dark day. Faith-based adoption and foster agencies may be forced to shut their doors and people of faith – from a variety of religious backgrounds – will live under the threatening shadow of government punishment simply for abiding by their deeply-held beliefs. Pushing forward a bill that targets charities and faith-based ministries on Giving Tuesday and right before Christmas reveals the disregard for millions of Americans.

We thank the many courageous Senators who faithfully opposed this bill and continue to stand for religious freedom in America. We especially thank Senators Lee, Lankford, and Rubio for their thoughtful efforts to amend the bill. Their courage has not gone unnoticed.

“While the bill looks likely to become law, we call on Americans to speak out to their Representatives and above all, to pray. And should this bill indeed become law, we call on Americans to participate in the time-honored American tradition of pushing back and unravelling evil from the moment it gains a foothold in our nation. That will be our strategy at Family Policy Alliance, and we are confident that many will join us.”

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