July 19, 2022

Democrat Leadership Continues Unpopular & Failing Agenda with Vote to Redefine Marriage
Forty-Seven Republicans Joined Pelosi in Redefining Marriage

WASHINGTON, DC– Today, the U.S. House passed H.R. 8404, a bill to codify same-sex marriage. Democrats fast-tracked the bill by announcing it yesterday and holding a hearing in the House Rules Committee in less than an hour, an extreme breach of congressional norms. The bill never received a hearing in a committee of jurisdiction.

Nicole Hudgens, Government Affairs for Family Policy Alliance, stated,

“Democrat leadership is desperate to change the news cycle. This vote is an attempt to appease their far-left base before the November election and distract Americans from the failures of the Biden Administration and the Democrat-run Congress. Unfortunately, 47 Republicans* linked arms with Speaker Pelosi’s agenda today.

They’ve lost credibility with the American people. While gas prices and inflation soar, leaders of the Democrat party continue preaching a woke agenda in their echo chamber.

Despite today’s vote, American families aren’t buying what they’re selling. Moms and dads don’t want their daughters turned into sons in government schools. Americans don’t want ‘all abortion all the time’—even up to birth. And voters didn’t elect leaders of any party to redefine marriage. Speaker Pelosi surely realizes that her Woke Train is coming to a full stop in November, so those riding on board should take notice.”

H.R. 8404 passed 267-157. The bill, in part, repeals the Defense of Marriage Act. President (then Senator) Biden and Senator Chuck Schumer both voted for the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. The Defense of Marriage Act was signed by Democrat President Bill Clinton.

*Republicans voting for HR 8404: Armstrong (ND), Bacon (NE), Bentz (OR), Calvert (CA), Cammack (FL), Carey (OH), Cheney (WY), Curtis (UT), Davis (Rodney) (IL), Diaz-Balart (FL), Emmer (MN), Fitzpatrick (PA), Garbarino (NY), Garcia (CA), Gimenez (FL), Gonzales (TX), Gonzalez (OH), Hinson (IA), Issa (CA), Jacobs (NY), Joyce (OH), Katko (NY), Kinzinger (IL), Mace (SC), Malliotakis (NY), Mast (FL), Meijer (MI), Meuser (PA), Miller-Meeks (IA), Moore (UT), Newhouse (WA), Obernotle (CA), Owens (UT), Perry (PA), Rice (SC), Salazar (FL), Simpson (ID), Stefanik (NY), Steil (WI), Stewart (UT), Turner (OH), Upton (MI), Valado (CA), Van Drew (NJ), Wagner (MO), Waltz (FL), Zeldin (NY).

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