May 9, 2022


Family Policy Alliance Responds to Attack on Wisconsin Family Action

Yesterday – on Mother’s Day – a radical group targeted Wisconsin Family Action with a firebomb (Molotov cocktail) because of their pro-life stance. While the firebomb did not ignite, the group still managed to set Wisconsin Family Action’s building on fire and vandalized it with graffiti. Wisconsin Family Action is one of forty state organizations in the alliance of state Family Policy Councils hosted by Family Policy Alliance.

Statement from Craig DeRoche, CEO and President of Family Policy Alliance:

“On Mother’s Day in Wisconsin, democracy – among other things – was under attack. Motherhood itself was under attack. The lives and pro-life work of Julaine Appling and the employees and supporters of Wisconsin Family Action were under attack. The rule of law was under attack. But most of all, the value, dignity and worth of each and every life in Wisconsin was under attack.

“But our dear friends in Wisconsin were targeted for a reason: they are effective. For more than three decades, they have stood at the helm of protecting life and families in the Badger State. And we know that they will continue that fight with even more courage and conviction following this attack.

“So we press on in the fight for equal justice for all. Across the nation, Wisconsin Family Action is one of forty state organizations in our alliance of state Family Policy Councils who are preparing for American life after Roe is overturned. If Roe is overturned as we hope, our work is just beginning. Abortion will become an issue that every state has to decide for itself, and states will look to Family Policy Councils to lead the way in protecting life. With God’s help, our movement is ready. No matter what attacks may come our way, we know there is life After Roe.”

Media Contact:

Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822, Media@FamilyPolicyAlliance.com


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