October 18, 2022

FPA to Biden: Let it Go

Biden promises to codify Roe v. Wade if Democrats win in midterms

In a desperate last-minute push to save the midterm elections for his party, President Biden announced today his promise to codify Roe v. Wade if Democrats are elected—a continuation of the same abortion-centric narrative that began when he first ran for Senate 50 years ago.

Family Policy Alliance’s Senior Vice President of Strategy, Autumn Leva, responded:

“Mr. President—let it go. Roe has been overturned, and the vast majority of Americans disagree with allowing the late-term abortions that Roe permitted. The rest of America has moved beyond the technology and debates that were available in 1973. No one can reasonably argue over whether a child in the womb is a person anymore, and few actually believe that a woman should be forced to end the life of her child in order to succeed in America.

“If your leadership believes that the path to electoral success is codifying a decades-old, overturned Court ruling, your party is in big trouble.

“American families want leadership on issues like inflation and jobs, not woke DC’s tone-deaf, radical social policies. And they are motivated to show up at the ballot box.”

Just yesterday, Family Policy Alliance also launched the first and only straw poll for social conservatives. The straw poll has already received over 2,000 responses from social conservatives who are making their voices heard on this issue specifically and on who they want to see as president in the 2024 election. Respondents so far are nearly unanimous in opposing President Biden’s abortion policies.

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