For Immediate Release
July 28, 2021

FPA to Biden Administration: Follow the Law & Honor
Basic Human Dignity

Colorado Springs, Colo. July 28, 20921 – Today, Family Policy Alliance responded to the Biden Administration’s proposed rule to change billing policies to hide abortion charges under Obamacare. The law requires abortion payments to be billed separately from actual healthcare costs. The law protects taxpayers from being forced to fund abortions. However, the Biden Administration’s proposed rule combines the charges, allowing the charges to be hidden, putting taxpayer dollars at risk.

Autumn Leva, Vice President of Policy for Family Policy Alliance, stated:

“Not one cent of taxpayer dollars should ever be used in violation of the law, nor in violation of basic human dignity. The law requires clear separation between taxpayer funds and abortion funding to protect taxpayers from being forced to fund procedures that end human life and to ensure transparency of where and how funds issued. However, the Biden Administration’s proposed rule blatantly undermines the law, transparency, and the dignity of taxpayers and the preborn community. It should be rescinded immediately.

“Each time an abortion occurs, a mother has lost her child and a child has lost its life. It cannot be too much to ask that the Biden Administration to maintain the clear, legally required separation to ensure taxpayer dollars do not fund this violent and deadly practice. This Administration must stop discriminating against the marginalized community of preborn humans.”

Family Policy Alliance’s official comment to the proposed rule can be read here.


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