March 29, 2021

Gov. Noem Rejects South Dakota Save Girls’ Sports Legislation – Statement

The following is attributable to Autumn Leva, Vice President of Strategy for Family Policy Alliance:

“Today, when the South Dakota  legislature decided it did not want to exclude some female athletes from important protections to Save Girls’ Sports, Gov. Kristi Noem decided she would rather exclude all female athletes. It may be a disappointing day in South Dakota’s fight to protect female athletes; however, we know that the fight is ongoing. In the legislature’s rejection of Gov. Noem’s  “style and form” changes, only two legislators voted in favor of the changes. The legislature made their stance clear: they support a level playing field for all of South Dakota’s female athletes, including the college athletes that Gov. Noem would have excluded from the bill. While the governor ultimately vetoed the bill, we see a variety of avenues through which the effort to Save Girls’ Sports could move forward – and we are confident that it will.

“Today, we released a letter signed by 47 state and national leaders who urged Gov. Noem to support HB 1217. Despite her disappointing decision, we and our coalition continue to stand behind the South Dakota legislators who voted for the original bill and of course, for the female athletes this bill was meant to protect.”

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