February 24, 2021

House Set to Vote on Equality Act as Unprecedented Alliance Forms to Stop It

Leading national and state organizations unite together to stop so-called Equality Act

NATIONWIDE – Today, with the U.S. House set to vote on the Equality Act (H.R. 5) Thursday, 13 leading national and state organizations  joined together in an unprecedented alliance to hold a virtual rally in opposition to H.R. 5–#EqualityActExposed. U.S. Senator Mike Lee (UT), Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04), and Congresswoman Debbie Lesko (AZ-08) also made guest appearances.

Family Policy Alliance hosted the event. Craig DeRoche, President & CEO for Family Policy Alliance, explained why a diverse collection of groups spanning the ideological spectrum came together in a united front to oppose the so-called Equality Act:

“The sponsors have to call the bill the Equality Act in order to hide what’s really lurking in it—a broken proposal that sets us back decades when it comes to America’s long and hard-fought march toward equal justice for all. We may not agree on all of the issues, but one thing we do agree on: the Equality Act is a deeply broken proposal that amounts to a massive federal government power grab into the most intimate parts of American life and family, intentionally silencing all of us who disagree along the way. There is no other option. Congress must reject it.”

The #EqualityActExposed virtual rally was broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube, and has so far garnered over 32,000 impressions across the accounts on which it streamed. Many of the organizations participating in the rally, including Family Policy Alliance, asked constituents and viewers to send a message to their U.S. Representative to “Vote NO” on the Equality Act. Together, these organizations are generating tens of thousands of messages into congressional offices.

View full rally here.


The rally featured powerful statements exposing the harmful aspects of the Equality Act that Democratic leadership will not allow Congress to debate and consider through the amendment process.

Congressional Guests


“This is a bill that poses a very serious threat not just to women everywhere, including your wives, your sisters, your daughters; but it also poses a threat to religious and liberty loving people everywhere—and to people who are concerned about the overreach of government in general and the federal government in particular, and what can happen when people in pursuit of what might be at heart a laudable goal forget to stop and look at the adverse consequences they could be creating.”


[on ensuring girls can continue to compete in their own divisions]

“Not only are these girls denied the ability to be able to stand on the stage and be able to compete and get their awards, they are also being denied scholarship potentials. And, if this is allowed to continue across the country, or even as we look at the upcoming Olympics, we are in big trouble as far as all the gains we have made in women’s sports will be wiped away. We’ve got to stand up and stop this right now.”

Representative Hartzler also attempted to add an amendment to the Equality Act that would protect parental rights, but Democratic leaders prevented her amendment from going forward in committee.


“With this Equality Act, women will have no privacy—not even in women’s domestic violence shelters. Can you imagine a woman that has been beaten up or maybe raped having to be forced to sleep next to a biological male or go to a shower with a biological male? This is ridiculous. And that’s why I’m asking all of you to spread the word about dangerous and radical this Democrat bill is—and how it will hurt the values that made our nation great.”


National Organizations

“What we need everybody in America to understand is this is not really about ending discrimination. This legislation is about creating conformity with a very specific way of thinking, with a very specific worldview. And in fact, these are fundamentally religious disagreements, different ways of seeing the world, and how that affects our views about gender, sexuality, and marriage. Is America a place that will tolerate those differences, or is America a place where the government will be taking a side and a position and saying you must feel this way?”

“I am really perplexed frankly by women that are self-identified feminists that fought so hard for Title IX protections for women’s sports that aren’t speaking up. I truly believe many of them are being bullied into silence. But we can’t let that happen and we’ve got to link arms, and we’ve got to speak for these young athletes. We’ve got to speak for women in prisons and women in domestic violence shelters for young girls in their safe spaces, in their private spaces, in their locker rooms, the places that we all went as young moms to nurse our children. We have a right to that. We have a right to our own privacy.”

“[The Equality Act is] a bill filled with lies. The title in itself is a lie. It doesn’t support families. It doesn’t support children… This bill attacks the very agencies that seek to support and serve birth families. This bill attacks the very agencies that have come to government and said to government ‘How can we serve you as you serve the families in our community?’ This bill attacks children who are vulnerable who are in need of help every single day.”

“We’ve spent years fighting to defend the unique differences between men and women and now not only are those differences being erased biologically, they will be eliminated legally. We must cry out ‘Nonsense. Nonsense!’”


State Organizations

Hear from state leaders on why the Equality Act is wrong for their states.

(Due to technical challenges, Eva’s remarks were unable to stream live but a video will be posted online soon)

All participating organizations will continue their work to stop the Equality Act and exposing the bill’s counterfeit equality that ultimately harms Americans, regardless of the outcome of the upcoming vote in the U.S. House.


Media Contact:

Robert Noland, (719) 308-2822, Media@FamilyPolicyAlliance.com


Family Policy Alliance is a Christian, alliance-building ministry that champions public policy consistent with biblical truth so families thrive.


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