Dear Friend,

Toward the end of Easter week, the Idaho Legislature closed the book on the 2018 Legislative session. The chapter you helped write resulted in protections for preborn babies, pregnant mothers, parental rights, and religious freedom.

To read any of the bills and get pertinent information on each bill’s trajectory, click on the bill number below.

(Any bill that made it to the floor of either the House or Senate will list how each member voted.)

Parental Rights and Sex Education: Together, we helped to stop H414 and its updated version H579 in the House Education Committee. These two pieces of legislation undermined parental rights and diminished the important role of the church in the sensitive topic of human sexuality and sex education. The Statement of Purpose advocated the deletion of the following part of current Idaho code, calling it “antiquated”:

“The legislature of the state of Idaho believes that the primary responsibility for family life and sex education, including moral responsibility, rests upon the home and the church and the schools can only complement and supplement those standards which are established in the family.”,

Instead of including the home and church as primary influencer in sex education and moral responsibility, the new bills sought to address in broad terms what sex education should be and who should be involved in planning the curriculum. Clearly, the unspoken goal was to introduce “comprehensive sex education,” with the role of the state expanding while the family was sent to the “back of the bus”.

Pro-Life Advancements: Both ground-breaking pro-life bills we worked on were approved by the full Senate and full House. When the bills got to Governor Otter’s desk, he signed them into law! H638, the Abortion Complications Reporting Act, and S1243, the Abortion Pill Reversal Informed Consent Bill will become effective this July. (Be sure to click those links to see how your legislators voted on these bills.)

If you would like to extend your thanks to Governor Otter, you can phone his office at 208-334-2100 or email him.

Both pro-life bills were a very heavy lift and the outcome could have been different without your involvement.

Stopping Planned Parenthood: Finally, in a very difficult win for life, H563, the bill providing back-door funding for Planned Parenthood failed on the House floor. This bill will be back next year as it was sold as a cost savings for Medicaid patients. H563 claimed a need for $29 million in taxpayer dollars to provide “free contraception” to low-income Idaho women age 19-44 and included both pre and post conception contraceptives.

This is the chapter of Idaho policy in 2018 that YOU helped to write. Thank you for standing up for Idaho families. Thank you for your stewardship of our great state! Thank you for helping to make our vision of Idaho as “a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished” a tangible reality.

This work must and will continue. We cherish your prayers and financial support. You can send a gift to Family Policy Alliance of Idaho right here from our website.


Julie Lynde
Policy Director