For the midterms, Planned Parenthood announced a record $50 million spend.

At the same time, nearly every candidate running as a Democrat this election cycle decided to feature abortion at the center of their platform. That’s not a coincidence.

Taking a human life is lucrative. Saving a human life is not.

Behind the heavy curtain of the Democratic National Committee sits the massive abortion industry. Planned Parenthood alone rakes in over $1.5 billion annually. It has proven remarkably agile at increasing the demand for its product, manipulating $600 million in annual cashflows from taxpayer subsidies, and diversifying its revenue streams (think trafficking human body parts).

But behind the curtain of pro-life politics are newborn Americans. Some are in the arms of scared but brave mothers who were told they didn’t have what it takes to love their children. Others are in the arms of scared but brave adoptive mothers who volunteered to love someone else’s child as their own. All of them managed to avoid the Big Abortion machine. There, they would have become one of more than 600,000 babies each year who never find their way into someone’s arms.

There is no “Big Pro-life.” It doesn’t exist.

In fact, the pro-life movement is the opposite of an industry. Industries are hungry for profit. The pro-life movement actually advocates for Americans to choose the far more costly option of birthing and raising a child.

Pro-life work is rawly humanitarian. It is often thankless and politically risky, more likely to result in a net financial loss than a gain. Pro-life advocates rarely meet the babies they help save. Their motivation is their conviction that all persons are created equal and deserving of the right to life. As with all great human rights movements, that is more than enough.

And perhaps that’s why Democratic leaders are begging for your vote in 2022. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain in supporting the right to life.  Abortion masquerades as a social issue, but it’s money-driven Politics 101 at its finest.

The big, profit-driven industry cozies up to its political allies and hires lobbyists to keep them happy. Those lobbyists are rewarded for every year they maintain the industry’s government “contracts” on top of direct-to-market dealings. And just to ensure continued goodwill, the bloated industry drops some of its cash into the politicians’ campaigns.

Meanwhile, no pro-life industry means no money. The pro-life politician doesn’t receive a dime from the children and mothers she saves. Adoptive families don’t give kickbacks. Pregnancy resource centers—busier than ever providing mentoring, diapers, baby clothes and much more—don’t have the budgets or desire to become a political force.

To Big Abortion, the death of a child is worth as much as $750. To pro-lifers, the life of a child is priceless.

When money is involved, the picture quickly becomes clearer and more self-interested. That’s why President Biden made his desperate pitch to voters: vote for my party and we’ll give you the last 50 years of Roe abortion policy plus today’s abortion extremism. That’s why the President’s Administration officials are competing to see which policy can get the “attaboy” from Big Abortion fastest: free abortion travel from the Pentagon, abortions in public schools, abortions at Veterans Affairs facilities. Stay tuned for an announcement from the White House that it will be converting the West Wing into a surgical abortion facility with an abortion pill vending machine in the lobby.

It doesn’t matter that the vast majority of Americans disagree with late-term, on-demand, taxpayer-funded abortion. When Big Abortion pulls the strings, their puppets move into action.

This election, American voters will hear hollow words about a “woman’s right to choose” and that “abortion is healthcare.” When they do, they should stop and listen.

In abortion politics, money talks. And it’s a lot louder than the newborn cries that will never be heard.

Voting for life and for families,

Autumn Leva
Sr. Vice President, Strategy


P.S. If you need to find your polling place, need a pro-family voter guide for your state, or if you haven’t yet taken the only straw poll for social conservatives (Hurry—it closes at midnight!), visit our Election 2022 one-stop-shop to get the resources you need!

How does someone go from the youngest mayor of Detroit, to a prisoner in a cell, to a pastor starting his own ministry? Kwame Kilpatrick has done just that, and he sat down with Craig DeRoche, CEO of Family Policy Alliance, to share his inspiring testimony.

The two also discussed Proposal 3 in Michigan, a much-watched ballot initiative that, if passed, would protect a “right” to abortion and sterilization – likely including for minors. If it becomes law, the proposal even has the potential to override age of consent laws and parental rights protections.

Craig DeRoche and Kwame Kilpatrick unpack it all in today’s LIVESTREAM:

From Politician, to Prisoner, to Pastor:
A Conversation with Kwame Kilpatrick

Thursday, October 27, 2022
10:00am PT / 11:00am MT / 12:00pm CT / 1:00pm ET

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After serving in the Michigan House of Representatives, Kwame Kilpatrick became the youngest mayor of Detroit from 2002 to 2008. His time in office ended after he was convicted of 24 federal felony counts, landing him a 28-year sentence in federal prison. In January 2021, President Donald Trump commuted his sentence. Kilpatrick came to know Christ on his journey, and his faith brought him up and out of his lowest days. Today, Kilpatrick is a pastor and leads Movemental Ministries.

Kilpatrick’s story is a reminder that the Holy Spirit can transform even those who feel beyond hope. I am personally excited to share his story, and I hope to see you in the audience! 

See you soon,

Emma Rarden
Communications Specialist – Producer

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Dear Friends,

On June 23rd, Title IX turned 50 years old. Title IX is the landmark law that ensures women have equal access to education and athletic opportunities. Instead of celebrating this watershed for women’s rights, President Biden chose Title IX’s golden anniversary to pervert the law and advance his extreme abortion agenda.

If this new rule takes effect, the Administration will succeed in forcing abortion into even pro-life states through “Title IX.”

In the proposed rule, the Administration redefines “discrimination based on sex” to include “termination of pregnancy.” This means that even if a state already protects life in its laws, any school that receives any federal funding will be forced to make abortion accessible for students or else lose their federal funding.


This new rule would hijack Title IX to create abortion sanctuaries in federally funded colleges and universities by requiring them to provide abortion or lose their federal funds. Beyond that, it may even require faith-based schools or K-12 schools to make abortion accessible to their students.

This rule will lead to costly litigation for schools, organizations, and individuals who object to providing abortions because of their conscience or sincerely held religious beliefs.

A rule like this could make colleges dispense abortion pills like candy and force pro-life healthcare providers to violate their consciences. Please submit a public comment opposing this dangerous rule now!

We encourage you to share this information with your family and friends–every comment can help slow down and may even stop this rule! We’ve provided some comments for you to use, but the more personal you can make your comments, the better.


Thank you for using your voice to protect human beings in the womb and their mothers!


Joseph Kohm

Joseph Kohm signature

Joseph Kohm III
Director of Public Policy

As the nation waits to see if the Supreme Court will indeed overturn Roe v. Wade in the impending Dobbs decision, it is important to recognize the incredible moment we are in.

The pro-life movement has been waiting nearly 50 years to see Roe overturned. Since Roe, over 62 million American lives have been lost to abortion, their mothers have been sold a bill of goods about abortion, and our Constitution has been mocked by claiming it houses a “right to abortion.”

The overturn of Roe and returning the issue of abortion regulation back to the people’s elected leaders at the state and federal level would be a critical step forward in forging a culture of life in America.

Recognizing this truly history-making moment, our friends at Focus on the Family are hosting their annual event, See Life 2022, on a livestream TONIGHT at 7:00PM MOUNTAIN time.

Tonight’s event is especially timely, since the Supreme Court’s next decision day is tomorrow, and all eyes will be on the Court to see whether they release the anticipated Dobbs decision.

See Life 2022 “Seize This Pro-Life Moment” will feature:

Register for the Livestream HERE.

So, this evening, please pray for the Court and the impending Dobbs decision. And, plan to tune in with your family at 7:00PM MOUNTAIN for See Life 2022!

For Life,


The Family Policy Alliance Team

Since the recent U.S. Supreme Court opinion leak indicated Roe v. Wade could be overturned, the left is desperately working to pass abortion-on-demand legislation before the Court rules.

TODAY, Chuck Schumer is bringing S. 4132, an abortion-on-demand bill, to a vote on the Senate floor. If passed S. 4132 would allow abortion-on-demand in every state- up until birth- and override state pro-life laws.

Tell your Senator to VOTE NO on S. 4132!

If enacted, S. 4132 would:

Tell your Senator to reject abortion-on-demand and to stand for our first American value—the right to life.

Tell your Senator to VOTE NO on S. 4132!

For Life,

NIcole Hudgens
Government Affairs


You may have heard about the D.C. Five, referring to the five babies whose bodies were discovered in Washington, D.C.—victims of abortion. Among them were infants who may have been born alive and one who may have been the victim of an illegal and brutal partial-birth abortion.

And yet, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has stayed silent.

We’re joining our friends at Live Action and other pro-life organizations to call on the Mayor’s office to investigate this devastating human rights violation! Will you stand with us?

Thankfully, pro-life lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are using their platform to help seek justice for these precious babies. Senator James Lankford (R-OK) and Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), along with several of their colleagues, sent a letter to the D.C. Mayor and the D.C. police chief calling for a proper investigation into these babies’ deaths.

Senator Michael Lee (R-UT) and Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) sent a letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) demanding that the DOJ and FBI investigate whether any of the babies’ deaths were in violation of federal law, especially the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.

Take action today by helping us flood Mayor Bowsers’ office with emails asking for a proper and thorough investigation into this travesty.

Send your letter to the Mayor’s office today with one click on our Action Center.

Afterward, please share this message on your social media using #JusticeForThe5—we need as many voices speaking up for these babies as possible in our nation’s capital!

Thank you for being their voice,

Autumn Leva
Senior VP, Strategy


Tomorrow, the Colorado legislature will hold its first hearing on a bill that could make Colorado the most pro-abortion state in the country. Your voice is neededurge your state representative to oppose it!

HB22-1279 will strip away all restrictions or regulations on abortion in Colorado. And it would prohibit any local restrictions on abortion from being enacted at any time in the future!

Under this radical bill:

This bill will be heard by the House Health & Insurance Committee on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Old State Library (Room 271, State Capitol). You are encouraged to attend and are invited to give brief testimony.

But at the least, please do these three things:

Thank you for standing up for those who can’t protect themselves!

For life,

John Paulton
Vice President, State Alliances

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are desperate to protect and promote unlimited abortion across the country. They know the U.S. Supreme Court could soon overturn Roe v. Wade.

Their latest effort involves H.R. 3755, which has already passed the House. We expect the Senate will vote to advance it on MONDAY. This bill would allow abortion-on-demand in every state if enacted into law. This is the first time the Senate has ever voted on such an expansive abortion bill.

Tell your Senator to vote NO on H.R. 3755!

If enacted, H.R. 3755 would:

Tell your Senator to reject abortion-on-demand and to stand for our first American value—the right to life. Click here to send a message to your Senator to VOTE NO on H.R. 3755 through our Action Center—it takes less than 1 minute!

For life,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” –Psalm 139:13-14


Dear Friends:

Welcome to the conclusion of our four-part series highlighting our vision – a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

At Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, we believe that life is a precious gift from God and that it should be protected from fertilization to natural end of life. Unfortunately, New Mexico is failing every step of the way.

Regrettably, our history with abortion is disenchanting for a place we call the Land of Enchantment. Not only are we a state that boasts of having some of the least restrictions on abortion in the nation, but we have also become an infamous lure for those wishing to terminate pregnancies. In fact, the City of Albuquerque is often heralded as the “Late-Term Abortion Capital of the Country” for attracting women who cannot legally have late-term abortions in other states.

I’ll never forget the sickening feeling I experienced when the victory of the Texas Heartbeat Act stirred New Mexico leaders to welcome Texas women “with open arms, open hearts, and open health care centers,” boasting about abortion-ready health care and even raising funds to financially support Texas women desiring abortion.

New Mexico leaders celebrated the fact that we are one of only a few remaining states that allow abortion to be performed at any stage during the pregnancy. Yes, any stage, including up to the day of birth. Our current leaders would have you believe that the protection of life is archaic, and in so doing they have instituted a culture of death and applauded themselves for it.

Our states current mentality echoes that of abortionist Curtis Boyd. As the leader of the nation’s largest abortion facility conducting elective abortions through the third trimester, Boyd openly admitted,  “Am I killing? Yes, I am. I know that.”

While the admission is shocking, the reality that abortion kills is not a surprise. Boyd simply shed light on what we already know to be true in light of Scripture and science. Even liberal comedian Bill Maher would agree. In Maher’s words, “You don’t have to be religious to be against abortion. I mean, you see the little picture of the kid in there. At some point…it is kind of wrong to kill it.”

It’s agreed, abortion kills. And sadly, New Mexico approves.

Friends, this culture of death does not only pertain to our pre-born but also to those with life-threatening disabilities. It is time to restore a culture of life in our state! Every person has been created in the image of God as a unique and priceless being with inherent dignity and rights – chief among them, the right to live! This includes those with terminal diagnoses and those with disabilities; the preborn and those facing the end of life – and those at every age, status or capability in between.

Our vision is a New Mexico where life is cherished, and we want you to join us in this effort! Daniel 11:32 says, “…the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.” Simply put, it’s not enough to stand for what we believe – we must also act. At Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, we call this “unleashing citizenship” and we are counting on your help to unleash a culture of life across our state. I know we can count on your prayers. Can we count on your support as well?

Together, let’s turn New Mexico around for the glory of our God!

Jodi Hendricks
Executive Director

It’s December 22. With Christmas just days away, we’re setting aside time to gather with family, rest, and reflect on the mystery of the incarnation, and we hope you can, too.

Twenty days ago, we launched our campaign to prepare for a world After Roe. It’s a world where babies are saved, and we’re celebrating that it could soon be reality.

As I considered this, something struck me: it is so special that this month, as we celebrate the baby who came to save us, Christians around the country have rallied to save babies.

Christ came down not as an adult or even a young child. He came as a baby. Weak, vulnerable, in need of constant care.

He came to be fully human, with all that means. All the baby teeth and growing pains, scrapes and sniffles – and yes, living even as a baby in the womb.

Of course, Christmas is about so much more than Christ coming as a baby. It is about the eternal God, the One worthy of all praise and honor, humbling Himself for our sake. Christmas is about Christ’s obedience to the Father and His love for us, as He took on flesh and dwelt among us, even becoming “sin on our behalf,” that through Him we might be saved.

But all of that began with Christ as an infant – so Christmas certainly is about nothing less than Christ coming as a baby.

And to me, that is an encouragement.

It’s because of Him that we can appreciate the value of the life He’s given us. In fact, it’s in Him that we live and move and have our being. And at Family Policy Alliance, it’s because of Him that we are called to do the work we do every day.

So this month, as we celebrate the birth of the baby who came to save us, we’re standing together to save babies. What work could be more fitting?

From all of us at Family Policy Alliance, Merry Christmas. May these coming days be filled with joy, peace, and renewal, as we celebrate the birth of our King.

Craig DeRoche
CEO & President


P.S. If you’d like to learn more about our work to protect babies, visit It would be an honor to link arms with you in this life-saving effort.