We hear it all the time: “You can’t legislate morality!”

Such platitudes seem to make sense at first. We’re told that morality and legislation shouldn’t mix.

But consider the laws enacted by the founding generation of Americans. They didn’t think morality – and especially biblical morality – was off limits!

Take, for example, the laws passed by the Connecticut legislature within the first couple years after the War for Independence. Among other things, these laws included:

Laws that openly reflected Christian morality were ubiquitous in every state of the nation. Even the famous Thomas Jefferson drafted several Virginia statutes that legislated morality, including laws that provided for:

This must come as a shock the secular humanists who appeal to Jefferson and other founders to defend their misguided vision of a strict separation of church and state!

Should we legislate morality? Most certainly. All laws reflect one system of morality or another. Why does the law allow for this but not for that? Why does the law punish this one behavior but not this other behavior?

Murder, theft, arson, fraud, assault, rape, kidnapping, slavery, prostitution, and perjury are all illegal. Why? Because we all agree these behaviors are immoral and can’t be tolerated in any society that seeks to promote the common good and human flourishing. It would be nothing short of absurd if someone argued that we shouldn’t prohibit kidnapping because it amounted to legislating morality!

The Apostle Paul teaches us that government should “commend those who do good” while “punishing the wrongdoer” (Romans 13:3, 4). But where do we turn to learn which actions should be commended and which should be punished?

The Word of God, revealed in the Holy Bible, is the only infallible and unchanging source of morality. It is the ultimate authority. Anyone who builds a legal system or passes laws upon any foundation other than biblical principles is like the foolish man who built his house upon the sand (Matthew 7:24-27).

James Wilson, an original US Supreme Court justice and signatory to the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, taught his law students this important maxim:

“Human law must rest its authority upon the authority of that law which is divine.”

For hundreds of years the American legal structure has rested on the cornerstone of biblical truth. Everyone agreed that the Bible should undergird our system of laws. That firm foundation has provided generations of Americans with justice and liberty—and it has enabled our government to stand the test of time.

Standing with you for truth,

Blaine Conzatti
Director of Advocacy


Election season is fully underway, and, if you’re like me, you’re feeling a bit anxious. I look at so much of what’s happened in our nation – and the discourse that we constantly see – and I’m deeply saddened. And, I look at this election cycle and I see the grave threat the Harris-Biden ticket (c’mon y’all, we all know who’s really going to be running the show) poses to the last recognizable vestiges of our United States of America.

It’s scary.

It’s frightening, and it’s easy to look at “the other side” as this powerful force that would bring ruinous havoc on all we hold dear. It’s easy to be angry, partisan, and fearful.

I’m reminded in times like these that it is human nature to define the enemy as something outside of oneself, something we can see, understand, and hate.

This aspect of human nature has long permeated our churches.

I’ve long been convinced that many churches – and cultural Christianity as a whole – have given too much credence to the devil. Yes, he’s powerful. But, ultimately, he’s the best player on the low-level high school team that finds itself going up against the New England Patriots. He gets trounced in the end. And, when you compare his power to the might of the One whom he wishes he could rival, he is utterly helpless to do anything to thwart Him or act contrary to His plans.

Satan cannot win. He cannot separate you from God. He cannot force you to sin. He cannot deny your ability to worship. He cannot compel you to be a witness against your true King.

Only your sin can do those things. The number of times sin is mentioned is Scripture dwarfs references to Satan or his work. The wages of sin is death. Only sin brings death, not the devil. While he seeks to twist your heart, prey upon your nature, and feed into your desires, it is your action and yours alone that denies you communion with your Savior.

Too many Christians have fallen into the trap of loosely ascribing too much power to the devil. Is he important? Yes. Can he do great harm? Absolutely. Can he ever be truly in control? Absolutely not.

A similar view should guide us when we look at angst at a particular outcome politically.

The Harris-Biden agenda cannot defeat the Lord’s way. They cannot separate you from God. They cannot force you to sin. They cannot, truly, deny your ability to worship. They cannot compel you to be a witness against your true King.

They and their agenda can do great harm, yes. Fighting against their election and opposing their policies should they take control of our nation is important, certainly. But, they will never, ever be truly in control.

As we look at their agenda, in all its wickedness, it’s not fueled by the devil – it’s rooted in sin and it feeds into the sinful desires of those who would support that agenda.

So, as we look ahead to this election, understand who/what the “enemy” is. It’s not Sleepy Joe or Krazy Kamala. It’s not the socialists or the Democrats. It’s sin!

Understand that God calls you to reject sin and to be a light unto this world. You are called to engage – strongly and fiercely for His glory.

Understand that nothing that happens in this world can rob you of your place with the Savior. No matter what darkness surrounds you, it cannot overcome. It doesn’t have the power to.

Look with hope to the future. Know that the outcome is already written and we know the ultimate victor. As you approach an uncertain and frightening outcome, look upon it with inspired hope knowing that your enemy is not a person or a group but it is your own sin nature – and your Savior has defeated that for you, giving you new life. His death and resurrection give us hope in all things, including knowing that our bought and purchased soul can never be in jeopardy based on the politics of the day.

In no way do I seek to diminish the threat to our nation and the concern we should have for the generations to come should we fail to win in November. I merely seek to direct you against your true “enemy,” to point you to hope and confidence, and to assure you that nothing will happen outside His purpose and plan.

In Him we Trust,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

I recently read an article in The Dickinson Press entitled, “Full gender reassignment surgery believed to be the first in North Dakota.” While you may have some idea of what this is, let me provide an overview, what it means in a biblical context, and what it may signify for North Dakota going forward.

Before I tell you about Brianna Cassady, the transgender person who is the subject of the article, let’s define a few terms relevant to the discussion.

Transgender: Self-identification of a person who lives their life presenting to others as the opposite gender from which they were born (birth sex). If a man says he feels like a woman, dresses like a woman, acts like a woman, and calls himself a “woman,” then that individual has a “transgender identity.”

Gender Dysphoria (GD): A medical term used to refer to an individual who has intense unease or dissatisfaction with their biological body. GD is classified as a psychiatric diagnosis and can be treated as such; however, gender activists are adamant that GD is not a psychological problem and cannot be treated with therapy.

Transitioning: A person who is transitioning is in the process of trying to change (or transition) from, for example, living their life as a male to a female.

Brianna, who is a biological male, suffered from gender dysphoria. Rather than seeking comprehensive mental health care, he underwent full “sex reassignment” surgery at a clinic in Fargo two weeks ago (surgery to permanently change his physical attributes to that of a female). This is the final step in medically transitioning to a “female.” Although “Brianna” will have to take feminization hormones for the rest of his life. The doctor who did the surgery stated, “…one of our patients ended up being the centerfold in Penthouse magazine,” something he was obviously proud about.

What should we as Christians think about this?

First, God created humans as male and female. We believe our biological sex is intricately interwoven with how we live in society and how we relate to others. We believe that women and men are fundamentally different from each other in many biological, psychological, and emotional ways.

Second, sex and gender cannot be logically separated. Our sexual identity is not a random, meaningless, designation. A man or woman can never change their gender – it was established the day they were born.

Third, sex reassignment surgery is drastic and irreversible.

What is next? We need to be vigilant. Issues such as gender transition services for minors or public funding of gender transition services have arisen in similar conservative states with strong biblical values. We at Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® promise to alert you if these or similar issues arise in our state and you can be assured that we will be there representing you and our shared biblical values. God clearly created us to be biologically unique, as man and women, so let’s honor and protect His creation order.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director