A daughter in Arkansas says she wants to “transition” to living as a boy. Her wise and loving parents graciously but firmly say “no.”

What happens next?

If a new bill becomes law in California, that daughter could seek transgender drugs and surgery, getting court protection to do so – all without her parents’ consent.

According to California Family Council (our state ally leading the charge against this bill):

“Senator Scott Wiener’s bill, SB 107, would empower California courts to take ‘temporary emergency jurisdiction’ of children if they come to California for trans-drugs, surgery, or mental healthcare. The bill calls these treatments ‘gender-affirming care.’

Courts would also be instructed to ignore the fact that a child has been kidnapped from the parent or parents with legal custody, if the minor comes to the state for gender transitioning.”

This is a serious threat to parental rights and children’s health and well-being in every state. All that stands between now and that becoming a reality? Our governor’s signature.

Please send a message to California Governor Gavin Newsom NOW and ask him to veto this bill!

Our legislature is determined to make California a gender transition orphanage for the rest of the country—stripping parents in other states of their rightful and protective custody of their children.

Governor Newsom could sign this dangerous bill any day – time is working against us.

Send your message NOW using the form below. It takes less than a minute, and this is a critical threat to parental rights!

Standing with you,

Craig DeRoche
CEO and President

We have learned that tomorrow’s hearing on CA AB 624 (about which we alerted you just a few hours ago) has been canceled.

CA AB 624 is legislation that could turn your child and your child’s school into advocates for the leading abortion provider in the country. This bill would require junior high schools, high schools, and colleges to place the phone number of a sexual health hotline like Planned Parenthood’s on student ID cards. This will even be a mandate for some private institutions.

While tomorrow’s Senate Education Committee hearing on CA AB 624 has been canceled, you can still send a message opposing this bill to the Senate Education Committee.

Instead of encouraging students to talk to their parents or even a trusted adult, the California legislature believes it would be better to funnel your children towards having these difficult discussions with organizations that want to co-opt their sexuality.

The government is incredibly concerned about ensuring that students are not coerced by religion in school, but instead seems fine coercing children and schools (supported with your tax dollars) to be advocates for Planned Parenthood’s sexual health agenda.

This bill has already been passed by the Assembly.

Please send a quick email message to members of the Senate Education Committee letting them know that you do not want your student or their school to be co-opted to spread Planned Parenthood’s message – it only takes a few seconds in our Action Center.

Thanks for making your voice heard!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

Lots of trends begin in California – not only in culture, but also in public policy.

That’s why it’s wise for all Americans to be aware of an alarming new push from the California legislature.

Remember when California politicians tried to keep pastors from counseling about biblical sexuality? Well, the legislature is at it again, with a twist. Last year, the legislature tried to pass a bill that would have made it a consumer-fraud crime for nearly anyone to communicate in a way that 1) encouraged someone away from homosexuality or transgenderism, and 2) involved a financial transaction. A huge groundswell of opposition helped stop that bill.

But now the legislature is attempting to silence pastors again through a strongly worded resolution. The resolution (ACR 99) browbeats churches and religious leaders to get on board with the LGBTQ agenda.

Specifically, it badgers the Church to avoid efforts to influence a person’s sexual orientation, including their “sense of identity based on attractions, related behaviors and membership in a community.”

In doing that, the state is essentially telling the Church to avoid the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul specifically described homosexuality and other sins as disqualifiers for inheriting the kingdom of heaven, but then immediately followed that with these hope-giving words: “And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God” (I Cor. 6:11).

Yes, this is just a resolution – a statement of the legislature with no force of law. But last year’s bill (authored by the same legislator) would have had the force of law, and it nearly passed. In pushing the resolution this year, the LGBT lobby may have paused its push for enforcement. But the language of this year’s resolution is even more pointed, making the long-term intent of the LGBT lobby very clear: Silence the Church on matters of sexuality.

The resolution implies that the state knows best what pastors should be saying from the pulpit and in counseling sessions. It is a false compassion that the Church must resist.

This sort of resolution could set the stage for a law similar to the 2014 Houston subpoenas that required pastors to turn over sermons that mentioned the Houston sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance (SOGI). The mayor of Houston eventually backed down on her request, but the sentiment that drove it is alive and well.

In Canada, a pastor was actually arrested this month for preaching publicly against homosexuality – even though he repeatedly expressed Christ’s love for all. Is this where these sorts of bills are headed? Either agree with our definition of love or else?

If you live in California, please contact your legislators. There will be a hearing on this resolution today (Tuesday, June 18th), and your state senator and assembly member are likely to face votes on it soon. Let them know that the Bible should not be censored. Pastors should be able to speak freely about sin, the Gospel, and the power of Jesus in changing lives.

Send your message today – it only takes a few seconds in our Action Center.

If you don’t live in California, be aware that this is where the LGBT movement is headed. The right to freely live out our beliefs is daily under attack. We need to be prepared.

As Peter said in Acts 4:20 after being rebuked by the Jewish leaders, “As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.” The Christian message is that ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, but that God in His grace and love has provided a path to salvation and redemption. This is the message of love and compassion that we bring to the world – not the message that the state of California wants us to preach.

Speaking in grace and truth,

Brittany Jones

Pro-family Californians won a stunning victory this morning, as an ominous bill that would classify many communications of Biblical sexuality as “consumer fraud” was scuttled on the last day of the California legislative session.

For months, Family Policy Alliance has been alerting our friends in California and working with our allies at California Family Council to oppose Assembly Bill 2943. The response from Californians has been phenomenal, with nearly 40,000 messages to lawmakers sent through the Family Policy Alliance Action Center alone. One state legislator reported receiving more than 2,500 phone calls opposing the bill.

The accomplishment of pro-family Californians in defeating this bill (for now) is remarkable, as it was the priority bill of the LGBT lobby, which holds a virtual headlock on the state legislature.

“The realistic goal was never to win a vote in the California legislature,” said John Paulton, who oversees mobilization for Family Policy Alliance. “It was to make it so controversial that leadership would recognize that passing it wasn’t worth the political uprising that they would have to face.”

Making AB 2943 controversial wasn’t difficult. It practically wrote the headlines on its own.

What made it so dangerous? It slapped the crime of consumer fraud on nearly any communication that 1) encourages someone away from homosexuality or transgenderism, and 2) involves a financial transaction.

This spring, many pointed out that AB 2943 could ban the sale of a Bible, which clearly calls people out of homosexuality. For example, addressing homosexuality and other sins, I Corinthians 6:11 says “And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ… .”

That led lawmakers to exempt the sale of books. But they did nothing to exempt other forms of communication, such as counseling, conferences, retreats, classroom teaching at Christian colleges, etc. As a result, as others have observed, the state of California was on the verge of declaring the Gospel to be a fraud.

But the outpouring of opposition from California believers – many of whom had never gotten involved in public policy issues before – was overwhelming and made today possible.

While the celebration is sweet, Californians will need to be braced for another round. Although the bill was pulled for this year, the sponsor promised it would be back next year.

The implications of the ongoing battle run nationwide. For one, it’s a signal where the LGBT lobby is headed in other states. The ban on so-called “conversion therapy” for minors began in California in 2012 and has now spread to more than a dozen states. But as damaging as those bans are, they are just the beginning. AB 2943 reveals with crystal clarity the real goal of the LGBT movement throughout the country.

But on this great day, Family Policy Alliance thanks and congratulates the Californians who spoke up and made this happen – particularly the strong focus and leadership provided by our allies Jonathan Keller and Greg Burt at California Family Council.

“What a powerful affirmation this is that when people decide to get engaged, they can truly make a difference, even against incredible odds,” adds Paulton.

For months, Family Policy Alliance in partnership with our ally at the state capitol, California Family Council – in partnership with our ally at the state capitol, California Family Council – has been keeping you posted on AB 2943, the bill that would shut down free speech on biblical sexuality. And you and other Californians have responded with nearly 40,000 emails sent to California legislators through our Action Center – plus countless phone calls.

In fact, The Christian Post reported that one pastor received a phone call from a legislator who was in tears after receiving nearly 3,000 calls opposing the bill.

In response, the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Evan Low, has delayed a final vote in the Senate until early August.  Your emails and phone calls are working!

But this battle isn’t over yet!  Assemblyman Low is likely hoping that, after a little time, senators will forget somewhat about the opposition and pass the bill in August.

That’s why it’s so important that every Californian who cares about free speech and religious freedom speak up to their state senator now – even if they did so before.

You can do that in just seconds on our Action Center.  With just a click, you can send an updated message to your state senator and assemblyman (since the bill could go back to the Assembly for another vote as well.)

And please pass this alert – or the Action Center link – to others via email, Facebook or other social media.  Let’s continue to speak up and spread the word – and make a difference for truth and freedom!

The Family Policy Alliance Team

Before we get to the good news, let’s get the bad news out of the way first: The California bill (AB 2943) that tells believers to hush up on matters of biblical sexuality has passed the state Assembly and will soon be heard in the Senate. And it’s still just as bad as we shared with you last month:

And now, at least one major evangelical ministry has already cancelled plans to conduct training programs in California out of concern over this bill. The impact from this bill could be huge!

But there IS good news.  All over California, people are speaking up.  Thousands of you spoke up to Assembly members, and although the bill still passed that body, the strong opposition started generating negative attention towards the bill.  Even the L.A. Times wrote an editorial about the bill that was quite critical.

Now it’s time to make our voices heard with senators!

Here’s what you can do:

Thank you for making your voice heard at this critical time!

The Family Policy Alliance Team