This week, Stephen Hawking passed away. For many, he was considered among the most brilliant minds this world has ever known, and there is no denying his incredible intellect or the remarkable life that he lived. Despite suffering from a rare form of ALS, he and his work will be remembered for centuries to come.

Yet, despite all this, Stephen Hawking was an incredibly deceived man.

A theoretical physicist and man who studied the cosmos, Hawking was an avowed atheist who became increasingly hostile to the notion of a Creator.

While his intellect was undeniable, he said some of the most unimaginable things including, “spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing.” Such a notion- never witnessed, utterly irrational, and devoid of all logic- is seemingly inexplicable for a man whose IQ could run laps around mine.

Or, is it?

Scripture teaches us that we are spiritually dead and blind to even the most apparent truths unless made new by the Holy Spirit. Spiritual understanding comes not from intellect or study but only from divine revelation. So, when one of the world’s most brilliant minds spends a lifetime studying the cosmos- something that can only be explained by the existence of a Creator- it is only natural that he would draw every conclusion except the most obvious one.

Throughout his life Stephen Hawking combined intelligence and obliviousness, and this phenomenon is certainly present here in Georgia. When intelligent people bend over backwards to explain why a baby with a beating heart and human DNA is not really a person, it’s because they suffer from similar blindness. Same thing when the Left tries to argue that someone who is physically and biologically one gender is actually really another. Or, that the First Amendment of the Constitution which provides for the “free exercise of religion” actually means that you cannot live out your beliefs. Those making the arguments may be intelligent people, but they are utterly blind and ignorant.

So, where do we come in?

Well, I often write to you regarding political elections or lobbying activity, but my activity with the Family Policy Foundation of Georgia, our educational organization, is designed to equip believers to understand and articulate the truth.

In a hostile and blind world, we believe it is important the Christians articulate biblical truth on the vital issues of the day. Most adults choose to ignore the topics in public, and many of our young people are being sucked in by the leftist arguments- believing ridiculous ideas like gender is a “feeling” rather than scientific evidence of God’s design.

Many of our well-intentioned politicians also find themselves defenseless against the adamant points of a purely political, faithless agenda from the Left. This is why we founded the Statesmen Academy to equip godly legislators to know, articulate, and win others over to the truth.

Will you help us in these educational efforts with your tax-deductible gift?

My friends, intelligence does not necessarily mean an ability to see the truth. That’s why we are committed to helping Christians defend biblical principles from a hostile, ignorant, and sometimes “intelligent” world. Your support of our efforts could supply your pastor with much needed resources, your fellow congregant with biblical truth, your child with the science to back up what Scripture says, or your legislator with the facts needed to stand firm.

Thank you for your support. We could not do this without you.

In His Service,

President and Executive Director