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Did you get a chance to see our live video today? If you didn’t, we’ve made the recording available here, and across all our social media platforms. In recognition of the 48th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, pro-life advocate Christina Bennett and policy expert Stephanie Curry discussed the history of Planned Parenthood, the impact of abortion on minority communities, and what you need to know TODAY to take action.

Get to know Stephanie and Christina:

Stephanie Curry

Stephanie Curry, Esq. serves as Policy Manager for Family Policy Alliance. She frequently lends her policy expertise to state and national policy discussions and has provided commentary on a variety of news outlets including Fox (Tucker Carlson) and the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Christina Bennett

Christina Bennett serves as Communications Director for the Family Institute of Connecticut. Prior to working for FIC, Christina worked as the Client Services Manager for a Connecticut Pregnancy Resource Center. Christina has testified before Congress in favor of the Hyde Amendment, protecting taxpayers from forced funding of abortion and countering a false narrative that the Hyde Amendment is “racist.”  She is a speaker with Ambassadors International and a writer for Live Action News.


Watch the video recording here:

One of the most compelling parts of the discussion came when Stephanie reminded us that Planned Parenthood was rooted in racist, eugenics-based ideas – so much that Hitler was inspired by Planned Parenthood’s founder when he pursued his own horrific actions.

Stephanie reminded us, “We’ve been down the road of eugenics. We’ve been down the road of using birth control and abortion to eliminate certain populations and people groups. And it doesn’t end well. It’s a horrendous, horrific thing where the world suffers when our people – our children – are eliminated.”

Thankfully, for decades the federal Hyde Amendment has prevented federal government dollars from funding abortion. But as Stephanie pointed out, some in Congress want to remove or weaken those protections, allowing federal government dollars (tax dollars!) to fund abortions.

Stephanie rightly called this “absolutely a disgrace,” adding, “That’s not care. That’s not a choice. Genocide is not a choice.”

What can you do to help? Please take one minute to ask your member of Congress to certify that he or she will not vote to weaken or remove the Hyde Amendment.

As Christina added near the end of the video, “Being pro-life has to be more than just a position that you hold. People say to you, ‘Are you pro-life?’ ‘Yes, I am pro-life, no I’m not pro-life.’ Well, it has to be more than a position that you hold. It has to be an action that you take.”

Will you take action today by contacting your member of Congress?

For life,

Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist