College students are shouting down conservative speakers, breaking windows and smashing cars. NFL players are taking a knee during the national anthem, wanting their protest to be seen every week on national television.

Whatever you may think of these highly publicized protests, it says something about America, and it also says something about your freedom to speak up and bring about change – whether as an individual, a business owner or a church.

Paul Weber, president and CEO of Family Policy Alliance; Tom Minnery, our president emeritus; and other members of our team made this video to encourage you to exercise your right to free speech, to engage the debate and to unleash your citizenship.


My children are always teasing me when I ask a question, saying, “Dad . . . just Google it!”

So, I did. I typed “expectations of citizens” in my browser and listed the following Responsibilities of U.S. Citizens:

That’s an excellent list! What would America look like if we all did this? Our nation would be transformed! How? Because, to support and defend the Constitution, you must study it. To participate in the democratic process, you must be an informed voter. To truly respect others, you must get to know them. To shape the future of your community, you must engage with your neighbors.
What I found most interesting is that those seeking to become U.S. citizens are also expected to do these things: “As a new U.S. citizen, it is your duty to give back to your adopted nation by fulfilling these responsibilities.”

At Family Policy Alliance, we educate and equip American Christians to engage as biblical citizens. We call that unleashing citizenship. We take this responsibility seriously and through our alliance of nearly 40 state-based organizations, we are seeing results.

Those born here often take their citizenship for granted. Yet, those who sacrifice to come to our shores and lawfully seek citizenship understand it’s their duty to give back.

May we all embrace this duty with a little more diligence?

Paul Weber
President and CEO
Family Policy Alliance

2016 marks the first time Meridian will be able to vote for President. It’s a challenging year for that, but she says it’s still important for you to vote.

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Moving closer to the edge of the cliff

2016 will be a critical year for your family and your faith. In so many ways, our nation is moving ever closer to the edge of the cliff – a cultural, political and spiritual cliff.

As followers of Christ, it’s our duty to trust in our Lord, remain faithful and engage in our system of government – to ensure pro-family Americans seize the opportunity to back away from that cliff. We need to band together with like-minded believers to protect our loved ones, our religious freedom and the sanctity of life – for ourselves and our families. We can do that in legislatures across the country and at the ballot box throughout the year.

Eli is a Christian school teacher who had never voted. Never, that is, until he attended an event sponsored by the Montana Family Foundation. He heard CitizenLink’s President and CEO Paul Weber talk about the importance of “unleashing biblical citizenship.” Now Eli is a registered voter!

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