One of the really cool aspects of an election cycle is meeting new candidates and hearing from them why they want to run. For some, you can tell they are straining to hide their clear ambitious motivation. For others, a sincerity and conviction jump out, and it’s inspiring for those of us looking to build a strong, pro-family majority.

Clint Dixon, without a doubt, falls into the latter category. He loves Gwinnett County, has a heart for his community, is committed to his family, loves the Lord, is boldly conservative, and desires to make a difference.

And, I have full confidence that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

You’ve likely already met Clint. He’s spent his life in the community, and he’s been a fixture at conservative events. With the calling on his life to run, he’s put in the work and taken the time to get to know the citizens and issues of the district. You can expect such a tireless work ethic from his as your State Senator.

A true conservative, Clint supports the Heartbeat Bill and will be a relentless advocate for the unborn. He is a devout Christian, and he supports strong protections for our First Amendment rights. And, when it comes to education, he’s committed to putting students first and empowering them to reach their dreams through opportunity.

Clint’s slogan is “Families First,” and we need more young, energetic leadership under the Gold Dome who share this commitment. As a family man himself, this philosophy permeates his political views, and he will be a strong champion of our values. In fact, one of the things that has impressed me most about Clint is how this campaign has been a family activity, and his wife and kids are eagerly involved in this shared calling.

As we look toward the future of our state – when we continue to move toward a culture where all life is cherished, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished – Clint Dixon is a strong ally. He’ll be a strong ally for Governor Kemp and a needed conservative voice along with Lt. Governor Duncan in the Senate.

I know times are crazy, and this election is different. However, I’m asking you to stand with us during this time and make sure your voice is heard for Clint Dixon on June 9th!

Supporting Clint Dixon,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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