Why doesn’t the government offer parents more options to find the best education for their children?

Paul Weber, president and CEO of Family Policy Alliance, explains the many ways that children could be better served, if the needs of families were given priority.

He says the possibilities go far beyond high school graduation.


California lawmakers are pushing a bill that would infringe on the religious freedom of Christian colleges and universities.

And, if it passes there, it could be making its way to your state in the near future. John Paulton with Family Policy Alliance tells us this harmful bill could spell the end for Christian higher education.

Family Policy Alliance is proud to work with nearly 40 state-based family groups, including the Family Policy Institute of Washington.

What happens when a 5’9” man visits a college campus and tells students he’s really a 6’5” Chinese woman? Joseph Backholm found out! Our allies at the Family Policy Institute of Washington are making headlines with this insightful video.