As you watch TV or scroll through social media, it becomes pretty clear that we live in a culture that does not follow Christ. But, we still have to relate to that culture every day. And for those who are parents, you bear the weight of helping your children grow up in this culture while learning to follow Christ.

How can we help kids see the world around them through a Biblical lens? Our guest in today’s video is one of the best people to answer that question. His name is Dr. Jeff Myers, and he’s the president of Summit Ministries, a ministry that specializes in teaching young people about biblical worldview. He talks about navigating an un-Biblical world with a Biblical worldview, a perspective that he shares with wit and wisdom. If you’ve ever found it challenging to navigate our culture or wonder how to help the kids in your life see the world through a biblical lens, you won’t want to miss this conversation!

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As one of the leading experts in his field, Dr Myers has a Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of Denver and is the author of 14 books. He’s also a faculty member for our sister Foundation’s School Board Academy.

PLUS: Use code FPA23 for $100 off Summit Ministries’ 2-week Student Conference this summer! Registrants who sign up before March 31 will also receive $200 off. Anyone 16-22 years of age is welcome to learn why the Biblical worldview is true. Attendees leave not only seeing everything around them through a Biblical lens, but they are equipped with the factual knowledge to back up the truth.

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Families across the nation were thrilled last week when they saw that family issues won the day in Virginia – especially after the tragic situation out of Loudoun County Public Schools. There, the local school district seemingly covered up the sexual assault of a young girl (in the girls’ bathroom) by a boy who was wearing a skirt.

Since then, the Commonwealth’s election results have been the recipient of significant attention. Families have wondered, could a victory like that happen in my state? What does this mean for family issues and upcoming national elections?

Find out what really happened in Virginia when you join us TODAY for a conversation with Victoria Cobb, the seasoned leader of The Family Foundation of Virginia.

What Really Happened in Virginia?

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November 10, 2021

1 pm ET – 12 pm CT – 11 am MT – 10 am PT

Victoria Cobb is President of The Family Foundation of Virginia, which is the Commonwealth’s largest and oldest pro-family organization. The Family Foundation plays a key role in Virginia family policy – including in the issues that have taken front and center these last few weeks. Victoria been with the organization for over twenty years, and she’s served as President for over fifteen of those years. She’s an in-demand speaker, the recipient of many awards, and a longtime friend to Family Policy Alliance.

If you’re ready to get inspired, see victories across the nation, and cast a vision for a family-friendly America, don’t miss this event.

Grab a friend, bring your questions, and we’ll see you on the livestream today!

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