Often I’ll email you about something urgent – a call to pray, act, vote, or donate. Today, I’m asking you to intentionally engage in a long-term strategy.

All-too-often, I hear Christians vilify the media, big business, the entertainment industry, the education system – foundations of culture that, admittedly, are increasingly against us.

My call is for you – and all believers – to redirect away from complaining and instead commit to taking over these institutions, even if it takes the next generation to do it.

In case you missed it, a company often heralded by Christians, Chick-fil-a, backed away last week from financially supporting faithful ministries that uphold a biblical worldview of sexuality. It stung.

Yet, as my Facebook and Twitter feeds quickly filled up with criticisms over the capitulation of the chicken sandwich masters, it struck me that it stings so thoroughly because we’ve been asleep at the wheel. We’ve allowed Chick fil a to become one of the few remaining visible companies that are welcoming to people of faith.

Far more egregious than Chick-fil-a’s retreat, an unprecedented degree of corporate wickedness also may have caught your attention last week – a 90 second internet ad for Sprite that celebrates parents who endorse their children’s transition to a transgender lifestyle. This horrifying production bends to an agenda that will do great harm to Sprite’s customers, yet the Coca Cola owned soft drink remains committed to the campaign.

Where are the Christian companies pointing to a better way? Where are the media outlets that should be crying out in horror over a corporation endorsing an anti-science lifestyle that leads to depression, pain, and, sadly, often suicide?

The silence is deafening because Christians, largely, have retreated from the arena, and it is my hope to see this change.

I’ve seen the profoundly positive impact that the Christian business community can and does have. I’ve seen what can happen when Christian media personalities, sports stars, or entertainment celebrities speak out. I’ve also experienced what can happen when you have a Bible-believing professor willing to encourage students to think about issues in a different way.

So, why are we, as biblical citizens and biblical parents, not intentionally seeking to raise up a generation capable of taking over these spheres of influence?

It’s easy – and, yes, important – to talk about the need for Christians to run for office, and we all know that we need strong leaders in ministry and in the pulpit. Yet, just as important, we need Christians to run and lead businesses, to exert influence in their community, and to operate their business in a way that glorifies God. Just as important, we need Christians to reach high levels in media companies and in the entertainment industry and to exert their influence for truth. Moreover, it’s just as important that Christians gain control of university system and academia to educate the next generation in a way that cares for facts more than an agenda.

The Left has intentionally infiltrated and dominated spheres of influence, but I believe that a biblical work ethic and the Christian remnant can take it back. Will you join in this commitment? It’ll take time, but I believe its imperative that we use the talents the Lord has given people of faith to take over the institutions that define culture.

For Christian Leadership,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

P.S. Are you a Christian business leader? Professor? Involved in the entertainment industry or in media and using your influence for Christ? If so, THANK YOU! I’d love to hear from you and would enjoy the opportunity to dialogue on how we can reclaim our culture, together.


Here’s the reality: over the next 4 years, our state could become a national leader in honoring God, protecting religious freedom, cherishing human life, and promoting thriving families. Or, we could continue the journey toward becoming San Fran-lanta– a place where leftist groups reign, religious expression is silenced, life is devalued, and parental rights are compelled to surrender to the will of the state.

Georgia is right on the precipice, and that’s why this election is so important.

Right now, all statewide, congressional, and legislative seats (and more) are on your ballot. At Family Policy Alliance, we have identified the foremost difference makers around the state and endorsed their candidacies. Among them are a fearless conservative with the will to oppose the radical Left, a leader whose personal adoption story compels him to fight for the family, alumni from Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy, an author of some of Georgia’s foremost pro-family legislation, a pastor whose commitment to Jesus shines forth, and a conservative Christian millennial who will be a fixture of the movement for the next generation.

So, what can you do to help these candidates:

  1. Pray- NONE of them will win without the will of the Lord. We are relying on our God to do a mighty work to achieve victory, and we also must pray for His sustaining grace on the candidates and their families while they campaign for us.
  2. Share- Who you support matters a great deal to your friends, fellow congregants, and co-workers. For several of our endorsed candidates, we have even put together video ads that can be seen on Facebook. These ads have generated over 175,000 impressions already! Please make sure to share on your page and discuss this election with your friends.
  3. Get Involved- Plug in with our efforts or those of a local campaign, put signs in your yard, knock on doors, and make phone calls. We must wake up the Body of Christ in Georgia to make a difference in this election.
  4. Contribute- We are producing mail, video, and direct voter targeted advertising to support our endorsed candidates, but this costs money. To help us reach pro-family conservative voters with these messages, please consider a contribution to Family Policy Alliance of Georgia.

We have a real opportunity this election cycle… or, we could wake up to a Georgia that we no longer recognize. The choice is ours!

Because this election matters,

Cole Muzio
President & Executive Director

My Friends,

We can make no mistake about it. We are not in some minor tiff or subtle disagreement with those who oppose us. No, we are, without a doubt, in a “culture war.”

Here in Georgia, radical leftists are attacking our fundamental values, undermining the family, and stripping us of basic freedoms.

Earlier this week, we announced our endorsement of Michael Williams for governor. He earned our endorsement by being the candidate who understands that babies are dying, parental rights are under siege, the foundational understanding of God’s design of gender is being attacked, and our right to live out our faith is threatened. Among the candidates, he is the one who is fighting back.

Consider what recently happened in Ohio, a state where Donald Trump won by a larger margin than he did here in Georgia. There, a child was recently taken from his parents because they did not consent to allowing him to undergo “gender-reassignment” hormone therapy. How insane! But, we must know that such radical thinking is here in our state also, and it is gaining ground. That’s why we need bold leaders, like Michael Williams, willing to stand up for what is right!

As we announce other endorsements, this is the criteria that will define our choices. If you are looking for culture warriors to fight for our values here in Georgia, then please consider supporting our efforts.

Legislative Update: Last week, we worked alongside one of our Statesmen Alumni, Senator Chuck Payne to pass legislation to protect the rights of parents, SB 437. This week, we testified of this bill’s importance in House committee.

At the same hearing, we testified about SB 74, a pro-life measure sponsored by Senator Josh McKoon. Opposing us was the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the Feminists Women’s Health Clinic (an abortion provider). They booed and mocked supporters of the bill, and they cheered every time it was intimated that abortion was the preferred route.

Make no mistake, they want more abortions, and they are hostile to any measure that saves lives. Yes, we are in a culture war.

What to Pray For: The legislative session ends March 29. That is the last opportunity of 2018 to pass pro-family legislation or stop actions that will further erode our freedom. Please be in prayer that the Lord will be glorified as we enter the closing weeks.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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