Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® endorsed Dan Johnston for state treasurer, but unfortunately, Dan did not win the Republican primary last week. We have been honored to endorse and support Dan in his race for state treasurer.

As stated in our endorsement, Dan clearly loves North Dakota, has a heart for its people, is committed to his family, loves the Lord, is boldly conservative, and desired to make a difference in this office. Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota greatly appreciates all of you who cast your ballots for Dan.

We want to thank Dan for running for this important office. It takes courage to undertake a grassroots campaign, and it is a testament to its effectiveness that the race was so close (52% to 47%). Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota also wants to thank Dan for all he’s already done for our state and its families over the years.

His track record is outstanding, and he has upheld biblical values at every turn. Significantly, Dan sponsored pro-life and pro-family bills last legislative session such as one requiring chemical abortion reversal notification to pregnant mothers seeking abortions and another giving much greater freedoms to homeschool families.

As we look toward the future of our state – one where religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and all life is cherished – Dan Johnston will continue to be a strong advocate for all of us.  While Dan will no longer be serving in the legislature, we are confident that he will continue to advance pro-life and pro-family values in our state, in whatever capacity he serves the people of North Dakota.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director




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Dear North Dakota Families,

Of the many primary races currently underway, I can think of few with such a stark contrast in candidates as the race for State Treasurer. Dan Johnston, one of our Statesmen Academy graduates, is running against Thomas Beadle – and the differences between them on family issues are dramatic.

It comes down to this. Do you want a State Treasurer, a key office in North Dakota government, to be held by someone who holds your family values or not? Take a look at our comparison below – and decide for yourself which candidate will uphold life, religious freedom and fiscal stewardship better. It’s a pretty clear choice!

Standing for truth,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director



P.S. Feel free to forward this critical information to friends and family who might benefit from this side-by-side comparison of the candidates. You can use the sharing buttons at the bottom of this page or simply provide them with this link:

Each legislative session I have the privilege to know and work with many different legislators. Of our state’s legislators, there are those who generally vote against family values, those who typically vote for them, and those who consistently distinguish themselves as champions for family values. Dan Johnston is one of the champions! Dan clearly loves North Dakota, has a heart for its people, is committed to his family, loves the Lord, is boldly conservative, and desires to make a difference.

In the time Dan has been in the North Dakota House of Representatives, he has sponsored and supported legislation that has removed outdated and unnecessary regulation from our laws, cut wasteful spending, protected our Bill of Rights, and protected the unborn. In fact, Dan sponsored the bill to require notification of potential chemical abortion reversal to mothers seeking an abortion – the landmark piece of pro-life legislation coming out of the 2019 session.

On fiscal matters, Dan is clearly a conservative, funding governmental programs that need it, but also not avoiding his duty to cut waste in Bismarck and across the state. He has a lifetime 88% rating by the American Conservative Union and is the only candidate in this race who opposed the effort to abolish the Treasurer’s office and transfer its functions to an unelected bureaucracy. Finally, Dan’s education backs up his credentials, with Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Religion and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Public Administration.

As a true conservative and Christian, Dan Johnston has proven time and again that he is a champion for all North Dakota families. In a time of unprecedented upcoming state fiscal challenges, he will be the right person to help us stay true to North Dakota family values, while tackling hard financial problems head on. We’ve always been able to count on Dan to do the right thing, and I’m confident that he will steward North Dakota citizens’ money with integrity, efficiency, and accountability.

As we look toward the future of our state – one where religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and all life is cherished – Dan Johnston will continue to be a strong ally. He’ll be a strong ally for us and for the legislature, as he helps chart a financial path for our state.

I know times are crazy, and this election is certainly different. However, I’m asking you to stand with us during this time and make sure your voice is heard for Dan Johnston in the June 9th primary and general election in November!

Supporting Dan Johnston,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director



Paid for by Family policy Alliance of North Dakota

I’ve provided an overview of the Family Policy Foundation® Statesmen Academy℠ in the past, but rather than recap the same information, I want to focus on the program content and impact. In other words, is Statesmen Academy really a first-class training ground for legislators and does it really make a difference in the lives of the graduates?

Working with our alliance of over 40 states, Family Policy Foundation equips and disciples legislators as future Statesmen—men and women dedicated to engaging in politics in alignment with our Christian principles. The Statesmen Academy has been established to seed the political system with well-trained Christian, pro-family legislators, and to transform that system from within over time.

We have three Statesmen Academy graduates currently serving in our North Dakota legislature: Rep. Dan Johnston, Rep. Luke Simons, and Rep. Michelle Strinden. These are dedicated Christian men and women who advance pro-life legislation (including the two pro-life bills this past session) and protect family values that you hold so dear. Moreover, we will have three more North Dakota legislator attendees this summer!

What makes the Statesmen Academy so special? First, nobody else is doing this. No other organization is equipping legislators to put their faith into action in state legislatures like this program does.

Second, the course content is first class. Attendees complete pre-reading materials and then engage in a rigorous curriculum, including subjects such as the following.

Who are some of the speakers at the Statesmen Academy? Well respected, well known past speakers and teachers have included:

Finally, what are the outcomes? Does the program actually make an impact on the attendees? The answer to this is probably best expressed in comments from Academy Graduates.

As a Christian legislator, it enabled me to connect with other like-minded politicians from across the nation, and together, study a God-centered approach to politics. It was a truly transforming experience.” – Rep. Dan Johnston, North Dakota

The Statesman Academy was a wonderful opportunity to learn from and be inspired by leaders  who strive to honor God and the family in our government.” – Rep. Michelle Strinden, North Dakota

If I was to sum it up in one sentence: ‘It’s a must, don’t miss it!’” – Rep. Luke Simons, North Dakota

I can’t even begin to convey all the benefit I gained in the experience. I’ve been through other training for legislators; this by far was above everything I’ve ever been to.” – Sen. Chuck Payne, Georgia

By far the best training I have had as a legislator.” – Rep. Jesse Kremer, Wisconsin

I’ve been learning politics over the past year – in the school of hard knocks. The Statesmen Academy was finally a place of Biblical training that I have been yearning for.” – Sen. Mark Johnson, Minnesota

Presentation and content were outstanding and applicable.” – Sen. Ryan Aument, Pennsylvania

So, what can you do to ensure this amazing program continues, and in particular, trains more North Dakota legislators? You can help us financially underwrite the Statesmen Academy.

Right now, your tax-deductible gift toward the Statesmen Academy will be doubled through June 30. The matching deadline is quickly approaching, so please act now to take advantage of this opportunity.

This is your chance to provide more training for legislators on how to best integrate their faith into the political arena, amidst an ever-more hostile media and increasing pressure for them to shed their principles. Please donate now, particularly with the added dollar-for-dollar match opportunity, and let’s further ensure that North Dakota remains true to its pro-life and pro-family values.


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director