We are blessed in North Dakota to have many hard-working legislators with a biblical foundation, consistent with the founding fathers of our country. David Clemens is one of these. In his own words, “I believe that God has instituted government for the well-being of the people, but the support of government must fall within the confines of God’s Word.  As a legislator, I must always be aware of what God’s Law says.”

David has a history of supporting pro-life and pro-family values in the Senate. He:

David is a member of the Senate Human Services Committee, Transportation Committee, Task Force on Child Sexual Abuse. and Interim Committee for Legislative Audit and Fiscal Review Committee.

On a personal level, David is a US Army Veteran and attends Calvary Church. He is a long-time supporter of The Perry Center, North Dakota Right to Life, Jail Chaplains, First Choice Clinic, 40 Days for Life, and Pacific Garden Mission. In addition to all these examples of where his priorities lie, David’s wife Judy is one of our state’s foremost pro-life advocates, widely recognized for her efforts in the movement and often speaking to groups on the subject.

David Clemens is establishing a distinguished legacy in the state legislature, fighting for pro-life causes, protecting religious freedoms, and supporting North Dakota families and businesses. We believe that David will continue to be an excellent Senator, advocating and advancing your biblical beliefs. Reelecting him to represent District 16 will help defend and advance your most cherished values.

Supporting David Clemens,

Mark Jorritsma
president and Executive Director



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