by Paul Weber, President & CEO

What last week’s elections tell us about what’s ahead for 2018

Full disclosure: I grew up in Jersey.

And while it breaks my heart to see the Garden State continue its liberal slide, it’s not surprising that the Left ran the table last week. Outgoing Governor Chris Christie has only a 14-percent approval rating — proof that political scandal (Bridgegate), constant cross-party fighting, and undermining your voter base has consequences.

But the election outcomes in Virginia, Georgia and Washington should cause Christians alarm.

Here’s why:

Nationwide in 2017, Democrats have now won 30 legislative seats that had been held by the GOP.

Is this a preamble to what will happen in 2018? To listen to the media, it certainly is! But it doesn’t have to be that way if you — and friends like you — determine to take a stand and generously support Family Policy Alliance, today!

 Yes, we could try to justify that these gains are explained by the natural pendulum swings following presidential elections. Or — as the establishment media would have you believe — that this is a referendum on President Trump’s policies.

But remember, conservatives added more than 900 state legislative seats during the Obama era. That demonstrates that when we stay engaged and activate voters to the polls, we can impact the leadership of our nation.

Still, Tuesday’s elections should set off alarm bells for those who care about life and religious freedom.

You and I can help shape what happens in 2018.  Your support of Family Policy Alliance will motivate pro-family voters to be engaged in key races throughout the nation.

Since 2009, our targeted and strategic election work has provided a measurable and significant lift to pro-family voter turnout.  That will be more important than ever in 2018. Can I count on your support today?

True — I grew up in Jersey. But I – and our alliance of state organizations – will never give up on serving and protecting the family and the values we hold dear nationwide.  Won’t you stand together with us today with your financial support?

It’s safe to say most people were surprised by the outcome of November’s federal elections. But the surprises didn’t stop there.

Focus on the Family’s magazine Citizen, takes a look at the election outcomes and highlights state efforts to take back the culture for the family.

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The 2016 election was full of surprises. Your support of Family Policy Alliance’s efforts made for some great results.

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