The results from the primary came in quickly and decisively – it was a huge conservative sweep. If you ever questioned whether Kansas is conservative and whether people vote in primaries, Tuesday night should be your answer. You pushed back against the radical Leftists who are trying to turn our state into the next Colorado. You stood up and defeated candidates who haven’t supported your values on life or religious freedom.

And at Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, we’re especially grateful for your financial support that allowed us to engage directly in many of those races. You made possible our mailers, digital ad campaigns, and more. Thank you!

I was prepared for a long, drawn-out week, waiting for results. But by 10 PM Tuesday, the majority of the races had been called. Here are some highlights:

I’m especially encouraged about the voters’ ousting of moderate Republicans who voted against Value Them Both. You showed that voting against life will not be tolerated in Kansas.

All five Republicans (four in the House and one in the Senate) who voted against Value Them Both will NOT be returning to Topeka. John Skubal was defeated in the Senate by Kellie Warren, who has been a pro-life warrior in the House. And Jan Kessinger – who blocked Value Them Both AND the Abortion Pill Reversal Bill in 2019 – was defeated by the pro-life grassroots champion, Jane Dirks.

Kansans are fed up with politicians who do not value life. This is an amazing victory that happened because we all worked together. Let’s keep working together to protect life and the family in November.

Primaries are hard on everyone. Let’s just say it. But now the primary is over. There are a lot of emotions that are wrapped in victories and defeats. My prayer is that whether your preferred candidate won or lost Tuesday night, we can all come together to help the pro-family, conservative nominees win in November. We have to push back against the Leftist agenda that is threatening our kids, our businesses, and our futures.

Congratulations to all those who prevailed Tuesday night. Now, on to November.

For Kansas,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy

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