Dear Friends,

For the first time ever, voters in Kentucky have the opportunity to directly affirm the sanctity of life when they cast their ballots in the current election.

Our allies in The Family Foundation have provided the information below, and we wanted to forward it to you.

For more information please reach out to The Family Foundation or visit their Yes for Life webpage.

The Family Policy Alliance Team


Dear Friend,On Election Day, Nov. 8th, Kentuckians—for the first time ever—will have the opportunity to directly vote to protect the sanctity of vulnerable human life and safeguard our tax dollars from paying for the horrors of abortion. The “Yes for Life” constitutional amendment, Amendment #2, will appear at the very end of every Kentucky ballot and simply says this: “Are you in favor of amending the Constitution of Kentucky by creating a new Section of the Constitution to be numbered Section 26A to state as follows: To protect human life, nothing in this Constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion?” If Amendment #2 is to pass, we need the support of the Body of Christ in Kentucky. We need Christians to vote “Yes for Life” and encourage their family, church, and community to join them.I’m excited to share a new video we have produced to encourage Kentucky churches, and all pro-life Kentuckians, to honor God with their vote on Nov. 8 and help ensure the passage of Amendment #2

Our team at The Family Foundation has put together additional resources, including church bulletin handouts (see below) and our special pro-life Kentucky Citizen, that we are making available.

Thank you for joining with us to ensure that Kentucky can lead our nation in restoring a culture of life that honors God and protects all His image bearers.

Faithfully, in Christ,

David Walls

Executive Director
The Family Foundation