Never has there been a greater need for Christians to engage culturally than right now. So much hangs in the balance and it is the Body of Christ – awake, alert, and on fire for the Lord – that holds the key to restoring our state and our country.

As believers it is important to remember that it is not just that we engage, but that we engage right. God wants us to engage in a way that is honoring to Him. He wants us to bring Him glory in all we do; even when we are doing “political” work our labors are to advance the Kingdom.

As we continue the fight for a Georgia where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished we are excited to be launching a new program to train fellow Christians in Biblical Citizenship. It is aimed at exactly this call– to equip believers to glorify God in the public square.

Register for our inaugural Biblical Citizenship Academy today.

Biblical Citizenship Academy is a one-day intensive training seminar designed to provide you with the tools needed to engage in the community and in the political arena in constructive ways that both honor God and affect positive change in our state.

As our guest, you will hear from a number of well-respected leaders and experts from around our state and country that know what it means to stand up for life, families, and religious freedom.

You will leave with a deeper sense of what it means to be a Biblical citizen, have tools in your belt to do so, and opportunities to apply what you have learned in your community and at the Capitol.

Biblical Citizenship Academy will help answer the question, “Besides voting, what else can I do?”

This is your chance to learn how YOU can be part of the solution.

We’re excited about this program – one that we are going to continue throughout the state and over the years – as a means to empower, embolden, educate, and equip Christians in Georgia. There is no cost to attend, and we will even buy you lunch!

All we ask is that you register at so we can get a firm headcount and come ready to Unleash Biblical Citizenship for His glory across our state!

To Honor Him,

Julie Singleton
Outreach Coordinator





When looking at congressional candidates, I measure them on the “Jody Hice Scale” because, quite frankly, he’s the gold standard.

Jody Hice is a devoted follower of Jesus, a bold conservative, a winsome and fearless communicator, compassionate, engaged in the movement, and humble. He’s not about politics, doesn’t perform for the camera, isn’t phony, and never shies away from doing the right thing. He is, in short, the embodiment of Christian statesmanship.

My genuine prayer for the United State House of Representatives is that more leaders like Jody Hice will be elected, but we need to start with the original. That’s why we’re proud to endorse this outstanding patriot’s bid for re-election.

For those who may be downtrodden when they look at the state of political affairs in this country, Jody Hice is the kind of official who provides hope. His decency, character, and boldness is a shining example, and he is a force for change even within our Georgia congressional delegation – providing leadership to shift it in a more conservative direction.

Congress’ foremost defenders of life, faith, freedom, and opportunity, Congressman Hice can be trusted to fight for what’s right, stand up to the radical left, and discern the truth in the midst of conflicting information and interests.

As the left comes for Georgia, they will no doubt attempt to make gains in the 10th Congressional District. We cannot let this happen! It’s imperative that we send a clear message that Jody Hice is exactly the kind of representative Georgia needs, and it’s important that Hice voters lift up those with similar values both above and below him on the ballot.

I’m proud to call Jody Hice a friend, and he’s been a strong ally of our efforts since we launched here in 2017. And, I’ll forever be grateful for all he did to help support and encourage our push for the Heartbeat Bill.

Our nation and our state are better because Jody Hice answered the Lord’s call to public service, and I pray that you join us in sending him back to Congress with a resounding victory!

To Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


I am thrilled to announce that Family Policy Foundation® will be hosting the 2019 Statesmen Academy™ right here in Atlanta!

This intensive week of training is a pivotal part of our strategy as we build a coalition of pro-family advocates in a position of leadership around the nation.

Now, here’s even better news: Georgia has SIX spots to fill in the class for Statesmen Academy, more than any other state!

However, the cost of this conference is substantial, and I am asking you to consider helping us fund this exciting event. Your support today will be matched dollar for dollar, be tax-deductible, and help bring godly legislators from all over the country (including 6 from Georgia) to our state for training on how to stand strong and rise in influence.

Please consider making a generous gift today.

This is a big honor for our state, and we will be providing updates on the Academy in the near future. I hope you will keep this event in your prayers and consider supporting this endeavor.

God Bless,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

As I shared with you last week in “Are We Stuck in a House of Cards America?”, winning an election doesn’t matter for the sake of winning an election. When our preferred candidate wins an election, the real winning is what happens when those good elected leaders work tirelessly to pass strong prolife, pro-family, pro-religious freedom laws that build a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. Now that is what we call winning.

That’s also why I want to share with you the story of what you helped bring about in primary elections across the country.

But first—what is a primary election anyway, and why does it matter?

Too often, many of us—myself included—have voted only in the general election in November, and maybe only then if it’s a big presidential election year. But the truth is, sometimes the biggest difference can be made in the primary election, especially at the state level.

This is because primary elections are where the members of the major political parties, Democrats and Republicans, select a candidate who best represents their values for that district. The winner will go on to the general election in November. Primary elections are why many in the Democratic party, for example, are seeing more and more of their candidates with socialistic ideas—because those candidates are being selected at the primary level in districts that tend to lean Democratic. On the other hand, many Republicans are seeing candidates called “RINOs,” or Republicans In Name Only. These candidates claim membership in the Republican party but reject some of the platform’s key components, such as being prolife.

In other words, if we want to see more conservative, prolife, pro-family leaders represent us, then we need to vote for the more conservative, prolife, pro-family candidate in whichever party we belong to in the primary election. Primary elections are why it’s also helpful to belong to a party—so that you can vote in the primary election and send the more conservative candidate onto the November election. In many states, you must declare a political party in order to vote in that party’s primary election.

Now onto the great results you helped achieve in the 2018 primary elections, which just concluded this week!

Your partnership with Family Policy Alliance helped 39 stronger pro-family candidates win critical primary elections in 8 different states.

To influence these 39 races, we communicated with voters nearly 850,000 times through knocking on doors, phone calls, email, targeted digital ads, and good old snail mail!

I can’t thank you enough for making the country, state-by-state, more conservative and family-centered by voting for the more conservative pro-family candidate in these key races!

I now want to share with you two examples of how your involvement in the primary election is writing a new story in two different states.

9 votes. We often hear “well my one vote doesn’t matter anyway.” And, it’s easy to think that when you consider the large number of voters in your state, and certainly in the country. But a race in Kansas was won by only 9 votes!

Our ally in Kansas, Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, identified five key primary races there. In these five races, the incumbent Republican legislators had voted against one of the biggest wins for religious freedom from this year—a simple law that ensures that faith-based adoption agencies can continue to run their ministries in a way that aligns with their faith. The law is necessary because groups like the ACLU are trying to shut down Christian and other adoption agencies that believe children do best when placed with a married mom and dad—leaving birth moms and children with less opportunities and choices

Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, with the help of pro-family Kansans, helped the pro-religious freedom candidate win in 4/5 of those races! Candidate Paul Waggoner was one of those winners—he’s the candidate who won by 9 votes. That means that because nine people showed up to vote in the primary election, Kansans in that district will now have the chance to elect someone in November who will stand strong for them on religious freedom.

And in Georgia, our ally Family Policy Alliance of Georgia supported three primary candidates who were attacked by business associations in the state for supporting religious freedom and other pro-family legislation. Business associations spent big money to try to defeat these good legislators, and no other pro-family groups in Georgia stood up to support these four candidates.

Despite well-funded opposition, all four won their primary elections! Two of these legislators attended our sister Foundation’s Statesmen Academy training program for Christian legislators, and we know that all four will go on to lead the way with pro-family policies in Georgia.

So thank you for supporting pro-family candidates in the primary elections!

And congratulations to all those who now head to the November 6th general election!

We ask now that you prepare for November 6th. We saw many good candidates achieve victory in the primaries. Now we need these pro-family candidates to carry that momentum into November 6th, winning their elections, so that we can go on to see the real winning—where these leaders will pass policies that restore an America where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

Make sure you know who your candidates are and where your polling place is.

If you’d like to help pro-family candidates win on November 6th in 60 different critical races, state and federal, across the country please consider giving to rally pro-family voters—and right now your gift will be DOUBLED up to $130,000!

For winning what really matters,


Autumn Leva,
Vice President of Strategy

It is my privilege to announce the Family Policy Alliance of Georgia endorsement of Representative Ed Setzler in his campaign for re-election to the State House.

Our Georgia House of Representatives has many fine leaders as members, but Ed Setzler is one who stands out. He is not only one of the most impactful pro-family leaders in Georgia; he is one of the foremost champions nationally.

Each of us have people in our lives we are truly honored to know. Ed Setzler is one of those people. His faithfulness to our God, intelligence and grasp of policy, and commitment to genuine servant-leadership is unique and a blessing to all who encounter him.

As a legislator, Ed exhibits the qualities of a true statesman. He is unwavering on conservative principles, winsome in his delivery and ability to foster relationships, and impactful in his leadership. His ability to articulate our principles in a positive way is unmatched, and he is universally respected. As the Chairman of the Science and Technology Committee, he has cultivated a key leadership position that allows him greater impact for Georgia and for his district. It is essential that we keep Ed Setzler in the State House.

Now, as we all know, the radical Left is doing everything it can to set up shop in Georgia. Organizations like Planned Parenthood and leftists from San Francisco have repeatedly poured big money into our state to elect leaders hostile to our values. Because of his stellar conservative record, Ed, like others in Cobb County, has become a target.

To forge a Georgia where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished, we need Ed Setzler in the State House. He is a cornerstone of the conservative movement here- someone who recruits other leaders, has established trust, and makes a difference. His impact cannot be overstated.

I am genuinely honored to know and call Ed Setzler a friend. Ed and others like him are a great source of hope and inspiration for me, and I look forward to more years partnering with him in the fight for families. To enjoy that privilege, however, I am committed to doing all I can in his re-election fight, and I hope you will join me in doing the same.

Standing with Ed Setzler,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

Meet Cole Muzio, President of Family Policy Alliance’s allied organization in Georgia—Family Policy Alliance of Georgia.

After an out-of-state atheist group has repeatedly attacked teachers and even students for praying at school, Cole and his team—and two bold Georgia legislators—decided to do something about it.

Since making laws is the job of the legislature (not activist groups or courts), they are working to advance a bill that would protect the right of teachers and students to freely pray and express their faith in school.

Please pray for Cole and his team! We hope their work catches fire in other states!

Hear from Cole in his short Facebook Live video from this week.


Almost everyone I speak with in my travels- and likely the majority of you receiving this email- share a common frustration: the status quo politics of the Gold Dome. Therefore, many are surprised when I tell them that one of the great hopes I have for our state is some of its political leaders.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m as “anti-establishment” as they come, and I’m still proud of the fact that I ran one campaign against a sitting US House Majority Leader that saw him defeated and replaced with Conservative Review’s #1 Most Conservative Congressman and also the campaign of the man who replaced Speaker Boehner- who is ranked 16th on that list. Politicians are still a major part of the problem both for our country and for our state.

But, here in Georgia, we have a strong contingent of faithful, godly, conservative leaders who give me hope every day. One such leader is State Representative Sam Teasley.

Representing District 37, which covers a portion of Cobb County, Sam has managed to be an unashamed Christian and outspoken advocate for our values, while also rising to a leadership position. How rare it is to have someone like Sam who is able to stand so firm for families yet still be in a spot of influence!

Sam Teasley’s impact goes far beyond any official position. He is the unique leader who travels the state to support causes and candidates he cares about. He mentors others and facilitates strategic conversations. And, he brings an energy and passion to promoting families that leads to activity extending far beyond what happens under the Gold Dome.

Georgia undoubtedly has a long way to go before it becomes a God-honoring state. But, leaders like Sam Teasley give me cause for optimism. I genuinely hope to see his influence grow, to see him lifted up, and be used by the Lord.

Serving in my role, I see plenty of reasons to be discouraged. But, leaders like Sam are a source of encouragement for me. Over the next several months, I plan to spotlight other leaders that are fighting for Georgia families.

Please pray for: Sam, like most Georgia legislators, does not depend on the pennies he gets for his public service for his sole income. He provides for his family as a realtor, so please keep his business in your prayers, that the Lord brings new clients, and that he can prosper while he sacrifices to serve. Pray also that His influence grows, that he is encouraged, and that his family thrives and is blessed for the faithfulness of their husband and father.

Legislation to Track: We have been and will continue to send out Action Alerts regarding key legislation we are engaged in. Here are some of the bills we are supporting: HB 217 (school choice tax credit), HB 482 (educational savings accounts), HB 882 (private right of action for wrongful death of unborn child), SB 339 (campus free speech), SB 361 (religious freedom in schools), SB 375 (protections for faith-based adoption agencies),  SB 384 (equal opportunities for home schoolers) and SB347 (Simon’s Law).


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

By Autumn Leva, VP of Strategy

As believers, we all lament decisions by courts and politicians that have “kicked God out of our public schools.” But what if we—the family of believers—stopped lamenting and instead decided to do something about it?

That’s what’s happening in Georgia right now, and we wanted to make sure you heard about it—because it can happen in your state too.

Last fall in Georgia, a high school football coach knelt in prayer with his players before the game. Then, an atheist group called Freedom from Religion Foundation sent the school a threatening letter saying that the coach was out of line—and of course used the tired, old, and always out-of-context mantra “he violated the separation of church and state.”

But here’s the kicker—this atheist group isn’t even located in Georgia. They’re based in Wisconsin and have a reputation for meddling in other states—probably even yours, even if it didn’t make national news—attempting to silence religious speech and squelch any public displays of faith. Freedom from Religion Foundation typically targets small schools, towns, or even senior living homes without the means to fight back.

Now, our ally in Georgia, Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, and a bold state Senator, Michael Williams, are pushing back—and their efforts are getting a lot of attention in the media.

Whether public school staff can kneel or bow a head in prayer with their students is a gray area of the law, but Family Policy Alliance of Georgia and Senator Michael Williams believe that this should be a very clear area of the law—students should be allowed to pray at school, and teachers and coaches should be allowed to join them.

Senator Williams introduced a simple, common-sense bill to clarify that:

  1. Students can lead prayers and faith-based groups at school.
  2. Students can pray or express a religious viewpoint in their speeches (at graduation, for example) and in class assignments.
  3. Teachers can participate in student-led prayers.

Cole Muzio- President – Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

Cole Muzio, President of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, praised Senator Williams’ bill: “We are thankful that Senator Williams has stepped forward to affirm that First Amendment rights don’t end in the school parking lot. Teachers shouldn’t be forced to choose between their career and their faith, and students shouldn’t have to hide their faith at school.”

Does your state have a Senator Williams who will boldly step forward to protect your state’s schools from out-of-state activist groups, challenge the status quo, and restore religious freedom for students and teachers? Does your state have a Body of believers who will support a bold elected leader who will stand for faith?

Family Policy Alliance believes bold legislators who will stand for faith are worth supporting, and we want to help you find them in your state! Our calling and mission is to see godly men and women elected to the “mission field” of public office where they will serve families like yours and help restore religious freedom in every corner of the states and nation.

Imagine if we saw more coaches praying with their teams, more students in Bible studies and praying at school, and more teachers praying and reading their Bibles during break time.  With a Body of believers willing to live out their faith by unleashing biblical citizenship, like the coach who prayed with his team, and elected leaders who share and boldly live out their values, we can see more of all of this—in every state—and we’re willing to work for it. Will you help us?

If you’re up for the challenge, I’d like to ask you to start by joining our Family Policy Alliance team in:

  1. Praying that the Georgia Legislature will pass Senator Williams’ bill to restore religious freedom in schools; and
  2. Committing, right now, to vote in the 2018 election for leaders who share your values.

On the personal front, I am proud to announce the birth of my 3rd son, Jarrett Jackson Muzio, who was born in the early morning hours on February 1st. He was a little early, but weighed 8lbs 9oz (which, as his brothers will one day point out, makes him the smallest Muzio baby so far). I cannot tell you what a joy it is to hold him, look at his precious face, and see him discover God’s world.

I know many of you have prayed for me, my wife, and this awesome dude throughout this pregnancy. While the last 9 months have had their challenges, your prayers, encouragement, and support have been such an incredible blessing. We cannot thank you enough!

And we are also making gains at the Capitol: While we welcomed a new addition into our family, we continue to make gains under the Gold Dome.

Notably, you have likely seen our alerts on SB 361 which has gained national attention.

As one of the hottest bills down at the Capitol, we are now getting what was expected: intense opposition. This week, we were scheduled for a hearing, but the bill was pulled from the agenda at the last minute. We must keep up the pressure to force a vote! Here is an update from the bill’s sponsor, Senator Michael Williams:

The scheduled senate committee hearing for the Coach Small Religious Protection Act (SB 361) was canceled at the last minute. We need your help to encourage the committee chairman, Senator Lindsay Tippins to give our bill a vote! Elected officials pay attention when they receive an outcry from the voters, that’s why we need everyone to take 1 minute and call Senator Lindsay Tippins.

Call Senator Lindsay Tippins office to encourage him to give our commonsense religious protection legislation – SB 361 – a hearing: (404) 657-0406

Next week, I will share updates on other Family Policy Alliance bills that are being introduced and causing a stir under the Gold Dome.

What to pray for: With all of the legislation we are working on as well as elections coming up (now just 3 ½ months away!), I am asking that you join us in prayer that the status quo in Georgia will change. Despite being a red state, there is intense opposition to much legislation that would be meaningful for people of faith. There are some GREAT and GODLY leaders down there, but we need more. To gain ground, we need to change the culture at the Gold Dome. If you feel called to support that effort, please consider supporting us.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

I want to end the March for Life. I’m serious.

According to the most recent data, more than 33,000 babies are aborted in Georgia each year. That number does not include the growing number of babies that are killed via a prescription from a doctor- with a pill called RU-486. That’s essentially the size of Dalton, GA wiped out. Dead- ripped from the womb and torn apart before the opportunity to take their first breath.

With each March that passes, that means more and more death. So, while I will continue to join you and support the March until the day when abortion is no more, the need for the March should fill us with sorrow.

I am committed to ending the March for Life. I am committed electing pro-life leaders- convicted to do more than check the pro-life box and who will pursue with the dogged determination of William Wilberforce the abolition of abortion. And, I am committed to celebrating with you the day when all life is cherished here in Georgia and around the country.

I hope you will join me in this commitment.

Don’t forget- We have the opportunity to change the culture at the Capitol this year with the upcoming elections. The legislators pictured above are the pro-life leaders who attended the March for Life this year, and, if you want to grow that number, please support our election efforts.

Keep an eye out- In the coming weeks, we will have some BIG news about our support in the race to succeed Nathan Deal as the next Governor of Georgia. After an exhaustive vetting process, we will soon be ready to announce a decision that I could not be more excited about.

In case you missed it- We were quoted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution last week about a strong new religious freedom initiative from the Trump Administration.

What to pray for- With a number of bills we are focused on this session, please pray for our legislative efforts. Next week, I will send the bill numbers we are prioritizing with an action alert, but please be in prayer as we seek to glorify Him at the Capitol.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director