You’ve heard of the Senate’s top priority S1, the so-called “For the People Act” (better known as “The Corrupt Politicians Act”). This bill would dramatically damage election accuracy and integrity. In fact, the bill is so bad that Democrats can’t even agree on it- but that hasn’t stopped them from pushing this radical legislation.

With the realization that the Corrupt Politicians Act might not succeed, the Senate filed S 2093, which is S1 with a mustache – many of the same dangerous provisions in disguise. The Senate plans to vote on S 2093 TOMORROWPlease take a minute today to urge your senators to vote NO on S 2093!

After all the questioning of recent election results – Democrats in 2016 and Republicans in 2020 – the importance of election accuracy and integrity should be paramount to all Americans. Unfortunately, Democratic Leadership is determined to dramatically undermine those goals with S 2093.

S 2093 contains some of the WORST provisions of its predecessor including:

  1. Gutting State Voter ID Laws
    S 2093 guts state voter ID laws and allows individuals to vote without an ID. You may need an ID to board any plane, drive a car, purchase a cell phone, buy alcohol, and pick up MLB tickets. But under S 2093, individuals can vote without an ID to verify their identity.
  2. Encouraging Voter Fraud
    S 2093 allows unlimited ballot harvesting by political operatives, mandates unmonitored ballot drop boxes, and restricts states’ ability to remove inaccurate and duplicative registrations from voter rolls. This will significantly increase the chances of voter fraud in your state.
  3. Giving Taxpayer Funds to Political Campaigns
    S 2093 would give $6 of taxpayer funds to political campaigns for every $1 raised from small donors. This means your money could be funding candidates you disagree with. It also means your money could be used to attack candidates you want to support!
  4. Creating a Partisan Federal Elections Commission
    S 2093 gets rid of the bipartisan makeup of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), giving the party in power an advantage in seats and the ability to control the commission’s agenda. This means that even if you disagree with the goals of the party or people in power, they may be the ones to determine what happens in the election.

With this legislation, liberal forces in Congress are attempting to undermine the integrity of our elections – and the ability of each citizen to engage in the political process of their own government.

You can help protect the foundations of our nation by stopping this dangerous legislation! Click here to urge your senators to stand for election integrity by OPPOSING S 2093!

For freedom,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs