Early voting runs through Friday in Georgia’s pivotal runoff elections. Make sure to make your voice heard!

We recently endorsed Brad Raffensperger for Secretary of State because we know he shares our values and trust his ability to run this office. But, with a low turnout expected, he needs your help to win and defeat his Obama-Pelosi supporting opponent, John Barrow.

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The position of Secretary of State should not be one that draws significant attention. It’s an important job, yes, and it’s one that Governor-elect Kemp did well over the course of his tenure. Still, when it comes to elections, the job should have nothing to do with the outcome.

Like the long-snapper of the football team, it’s a position that draws little applause when things are done well but quickly receives jeers when things go poorly.

However, liberals want to make the Secretary of State a star player.

In recent weeks, the Left has attacked the fundamentals of our democracy, and Georgia has been at the epicenter. Stacey Abrams sought to undermine the will of the people- proving there is no depths to which they will not sink. As December 4th approaches, liberals see the Secretary of State post as one that can alter future outcomes.

For the last several years, Brian Kemp brought honor to this position. He followed the law, conducted himself with integrity, and made sure only Georgians could vote.

But, John Barrow would represent a sharp departure from this kind of leadership. Stacey Abrams and the Left are working to draw attention to this race because they believe Barrow will take an activist role in elections- helping liberals win.

We cannot let this happen.

Let’s be real. None of us naturally think of December 4th as “voting day.” It’s imperative that we either vote early this week (and make certain that our voice is heard) or mark our calendars for the 4th so that nothing distracts us from exercising our biblical citizenship.

While making plans to vote, do everything you can to make sure you don’t vote alone. Invite your friends, spread the word, and educate your fellow church members. If Bible-believing Christians turn out in force now or on December 4th, we will once again have reason to celebrate.

Because your vote matters,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

It is my privilege to announce the Family Policy Alliance of Georgia endorsement of Brad Raffensperger in his campaign for Secretary of State.

We aren’t done yet. Pro-family voters showed up in record numbers to deliver big wins for Brian Kemp and Geoff Duncan on Election Day, but now we must do so again for another candidate who supports our values, Brad Raffensperger.

Brad is an outstanding businessman, and he knows what it takes to start, run, and grow a company. He knows the hurdles that regulation can cause in creating jobs, and he knows what it’s like to meet payroll. As our Secretary of State, he will bring this invaluable experience and proven giftedness as he manages the many aspects of the job. Moreover, he brings a commitment to conservative principles, and understands the importance of our values. It’s imperative that pro-life, pro-family voters unite in support of this strong leader.

It has been a privilege getting to know Brad at the State House and on the campaign trail. Despite his incredible success, he brings a sense of sincerity and humility to every interaction. His talent aligns with the job he is applying for, and his values, faith, and conservatism will serve Georgia well.

But, the same cannot be said of his opponent.

Brad is running against a career politician who established a liberal, pro-abortion record in Congress. He voted for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, was an early supporter of Barack Obama, and bragged about working “hand in hand” with the most liberal president we’ve ever had. We can’t trust John Barrow in this important position- especially as we see how far the Left will go to attack the integrity of our elections.

While I know we all have election fatigue, we must rally behind Brad and push onward to victory on December 4th. Here are what some of our allies- our next governor and 3 of Brad’s former colleagues- wanted me to pass along as well:

Governor-Elect Brian Kemp- “Brad Raffensperger is a successful businessman and lawmaker with a passion for public service. As Secretary of State, Brad will fight for our families, stand up for our conservative values, and ensure a bright and promising future for all hardworking Georgians. We can trust him to do the right thing and always put people ahead of politics.”

State Representative Sheri Gilligan (2018 Statesmen Academy)- “I was privileged to serve with Brad Raffensperger in the State House, and I can personally vouch for his character, his conservative approach, and his commitment to protecting life and family values. A devoted husband, father, and grandfather, Brad has a proven, conservative voting record. Additionally, he is a successful businessman who knows what it takes to protect our democratic process, promote efficiency, and make it easy to start a business. He needs our enthusiastic support in this key election.”

State Representative Josh Bonner (2018 Statesmen Academy®)- “I’ve had the pleasure of serving with Brad in the Legislature, and he has been a strong conservative voice for Georgia. He is a man of integrity, an essential element to the job of Secretary of State, and will represent us well.”

Bob Gray, Former Johns Creek City Councilman- “Having known Brad and his wife for nearly 20 years and having served with him on the Johns Creek City Council, I know him to be a man of strong moral character and a firm conservative who will dutifully represent Georgia values in an effective way as our secretary of state. Georgia needs a successful business leader as Secretary of State to serve businesses as our economy continues to grow and for Georgia to stay at the top of the rankings as the place to do business.”

As you can see, Brad has a strong history of standing up for our values and those who have worked closely with him attest to his character and fortitude. Moreover, he has a key role as part of our state’s new leadership that will take us to new heights.

Make sure to vote early or on December 4th!

Standing with Brad Raffensperger,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director