Imagine feeling called to run for office but having never thought about it before. Imagine feeling called to run for a seat where the odds were stacked against you. Well, at the Statesmen Academy, such a potential candidate heard from Georgia Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan who shared his story of hearing God’s call in church before mounting improbable (but ultimately successful) campaigns for State House and then Lt. Governor.

Imagine being a legislator who is struggling with knowing where to compromise – wondering which compromises are Christ-honoring and which perpetuate the status quo. Well, at the Statesmen Academy, legislators heard from Hillsdale College’s Dr. Matthew Spalding on the “vice” of gradualism (incrementalism for incrementalism’s sake), the need to be bold yet strategic, and the thought processes of Abraham Lincoln.

Imagine being a strong conservative elected official wondering how best to model Christ to your liberal colleagues who openly advocate for evil. Well, at Statesmen Academy, such faithful believers heard from former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn about the Christ-centered relationship he built with President Barack Obama.

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It’s been a great week, and it’s not over. Attendees will also hear about the temptations that come with serving in office, the lessons that can be learned from the Georgia Heartbeat Bill, the newest targets from the radical Left, and a word from Governor Kemp.

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The need for thoughtful Christian legislators is immense, and the Statesmen Academy exists to encourage those who fit the bill and grow their ranks. I look forward to sharing more about the rest of the week.

Because Statesmanship Matters,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director