As I rode home from the Capitol last night after the Georgia General Assembly adjourned for the year, it was impossible not to think of how far we have come. Two thoughts consistently come to me:

  1. Our organization has, no doubt, become the preeminent force for our values in Georgia. We’re engaging on more issues, leading and innovating, finding ways to win, and providing a force for good under the Gold Dome, but…
  2. We still have much work to do to rise to the challenges facing our state.

In many ways, this was a highly productive legislative session. After leading the charge for 4 years, Georgia has finally passed a “Tebow Bill” – named this year “The Dexter Mosely Act” – allowing homeschoolers to participate in extracurricular activities at their local public school. More on this is a later email, but I believe this has a profound effect on educational freedom in Georgia.

Additionally, we led the way for Gracie’s Law – which bans organ transplant discrimination against those with physical and mental disabilities – and Simon’s Law (another four-year fight) – which requires a doctor to get parental consent before placing a DNR on a minor child.

We were proud to advocate for the passage of the Special Needs Scholarship (SB 47), Election Reform (SB 202), increasing the punishment for “revenge porn” (SB 78), supporting several bills aimed at ending human trafficking and protecting children from predators, and more – all of these great bills likely to become law this year.

Moreover, our Anti-Obscenity bill, Right to Visit legislation, Save Girls Sports, protections for religious freedom, and more all made progress and will resume where they left off next year.

My friends, your support for this organization has allowed us to make HUGE gains.

Yet, there is still much work to be done and there was much disappointment as the General Assembly gaveled out. That said, I’m choosing not to view these as losses – but instead “future opportunities” to strengthen our state. Legislatively, here is where I see the Lord leading us:

This journey continues next legislative session, but, now isn’t the “offseason.” Here’s just some what needs to be done in the meantime:

We’re showing what can happen when a mission-minded, professional, strategic, and resourced organization leads the charge for our values. The results we’ve produced are transforming our state, and I’m proud to see how we’re leading the way!

But, the forces against us are strong. We are in spiritual warfare. The well-financed lobbies for hospitals, education, and international corporations are against us. The media and Big Tech are against us. Cancel culture is real. And, many who claim to be conservatives can waiver or become corrupted – making victories that should be easy either difficult or impossible.

I’m committed to having this organization be the change agent for Georgia.

Over the coming months, as alluded to, we’ll be making some big announcements and changes. Every decision we’re making is aimed specifically to strengthen our footing so that we can build on these wins yet rise to meet “future opportunities.”

Thank you for all your support in helping us reach this place! So grateful for your partnership in this battle!

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

The home stretch of the legislative session kicked off with a bang Monday as Gracie’s Law (HB 128) – which bans discrimination against those with physical and mental disabilities on the organ transplant list – passed the Senate with an amendment to add…

Simon’s Law (HB 212) – which requires parental consent for a doctor to place a DNR order on a minor child. This two-for-one victory is a BIG win for the cause of life and for families!

We began the fight for Simon’s Law back in 2018 and have led the charge to make gains every session. This session, we also led the fight for Gracie’s Law, and, last week, we held a press conference with key legislators and advocates to bring attention to the issue. Through our Action Alert Center, thousands of you also joined us to ensure that this issue received a fair hearing.

Now, these efforts have paid off with MAJOR victories!

We’d like to thank Sen. Chuck Payne and Rep. Kasey Carpenter who have stood with us for Simon’s Law for years. In the fight for Gracie’s Law, Rep. Rick Williams and Rep. Mack Jackson led the charge in the House, and Sen. Clint Dixon – one of the Governor’s Floor Leaders – was eager to join the cause with us in the Senate. And, Sen. Dixon was more-than-willing to offer the “Simon’s Law Amendment” to make sure both of these issues could become law this year.

(As an aside, we’re also incredibly proud that, in our election efforts, both Sen. Payne and Sen. Dixon were top priorities and early endorsements for our organization as we helped them fight off significant challenges.)

This has been an uplifting and incredible effort to fight for every Georgian!

Over the rest of today and until session concludes on Wednesday, we’ll continue fighting for our legislation that protects children, advances educational freedom, affirms human dignity, and defends our constitutional rights.

We’re getting right back to it, but we wanted to share with you our excitement as we continue to be on the frontline fighting for a Georgia where all life is cherished.

For Life,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director