The #MeToo campaign is everywhere.

It’s on social media, in the papers and on television. Although #MeToo actually started in 2007, it only gained widespread attention recently when actress Alyssa Milano asked women who had ever been victims of sexual abuse or harassment to tweet “#MeToo.” Within hours, women all over the world came forward and bravely acknowledged they had been victims. Unfortunately, it is now being co-opted by some who want to twist its fundamental message into a conversation about the evils of men and restrictions on abortion. However, the larger message remains intact, highlighting the sheer number of women who have been victims.

One notable thing I have found missing in the #MeToo discussion is the issue of sexual predatory practices that can result from the “progressive” movement to push the gender-identity agenda. That agenda advocates for actions that would further contribute to the problem.

When bills like HB 1386, introduced into our state Legislature earlier this year, become the rallying cry of the LGBTQ community for special treatment, the obvious safety issues are ignored or even denied. The fact is this bill, and similar ones across the nation, would allow men and boys to use girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms – if they’re willing to say they identify as female. Such laws perpetuate the underlying #MeToo problem that women and girls are devalued and that activism takes priority over safety. Thankfully, with the testimony of Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota and our partner organizations, and with your direct involvement contacting your representatives, our Legislature struck down the bill.

So, to answer the question I posed in the headline: “How do we end the #MeToo campaign?”

By recognizing that moms and daughters are created in God’s image.

By remembering that God commands us to love and cherish them.

By striking down any legislation or policy that would provide opportunities for further sexual assaults and harassment.

If we address the root problems, it is my hope and prayer that the #MeToo campaign would end – because it is no longer needed.

Family Policy Alliance created the “Ask Me First” project to provide a place for women to share their stories – stories the activists on the other side would rather you didn’t hear.

Then, won’t you please go to our Action Center and join with us in letting our legislators know we value moms and daughters? Thank you for standing up for what’s right and in accord with God’s plan for our wives and daughters!

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director
Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota