I have a confession to make. Because my wife made me, I have seen the movie Frozen. Please don’t think less of me.

The cartoon ice epic features a number of catchy tunes, and, outside of “Let it Go,” I don’t think there’s one that can get stuck in your head quicker than the enthusiastic “For the First Time in Forever.”

Yet, it’s that refrain that seems so fitting for the pro-life movement now. For the First Time in Forever… we are making significant gains. For the First Time in Forever… we have the Left on the defensive. For the First Time in Forever… we can truly imagine a day when the legalized taking of innocent human life will be no more.

More than any time since, well… forever, the pro-life movement has real momentum. Consider:

But, this momentum could not be more tenuous. The life issue will very much be on the ballot in 2020 here in Georgia and across the country. In Georgia, our legislature hangs in the balance. Nationally, the Supreme Court is at stake. In the battle for our culture, we still have much work to do as we seek to combat the liberal media and radical Hollywood voices.

That’s why it’s so imperative that we do not rest on the excitement of these recent gains. We must continue to put this before the Lord.

I’m asking that you join me in praying for our Governor, Lt. Governor, and leaders like Rep. Ed Setzler who have shown great courage and fortitude. Pray for HB 481, that this legislation leads to thousands of lives being saved. Lift up the 2020 elections and our efforts to protect those who voted for LIFE and unseat those who took the radical position that unborn children with beating hearts are NOT worth protecting. And, seek the Lord’s favor for this movement for a nation where life is cherished.

The fight is not over. We must continue to engage. With our pocketbooks. By pounding pavement for the pro-life candidates. And, on our knees in prayer.

For Georgia,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

We threw down the gauntlet.

In case you missed the articles in the AJC or the TV segment on WSB, we held a press conference where I was joined by legislators and key activists to affirm that Gwinnett County – where more than half the seats that went from pro-life to pro-abortion in 2018 are located – will boldly stand for life in 2020.

That was the easy part. Now, we have to back it up.

It’s imperative that we Take Back Gwinnett for Life in 2020 – the theme of our press conference – and that we turn our strong words into action. But, before we dive into strategy, I’m asking for 10 minutes of your time. 10 minutes devoted to prayer for the cause.

Pray for our efforts in support of:

  1. P.K. Martin, the Education Chairman who represents District 9, who gave one of the most moving speeches I’ve ever heard for the cause of life.
  2. Renee Unterman, who represents District 45, who boldly and winsomely carried the bill to passage in the Senate and has since been the subject of numerous threats. She is now running for Congress, and, while we are still working on our primary strategy for federal races, we are proud of her unshakeable commitment for the unborn.
  3. Bonnie Rich, a freshman legislator in District 97, who voted for the Heartbeat Bill despite being berated by pro-abortion activists prior to the vote.
  4. David Clark, from District 98, who was one of the primary legislators talking with us about the Heartbeat Bill even before it was filed.
  5. Chuck Efstration, from District 104, who never flinched in his support of the bill and was a strong influencer behind the scenes.

Each of these legislators are on the target lists of leftists working to undo the gains we have made for life. But, we have our own list including:

  1. Beth Moore, from House District 95, who attributed the pro-life movement to the devil on the floor of the House.
  2. Gregg Kennard, from House District 102, a “pastor” who runs a highly questionable “non-profit” and joined protesters in opposition to the Heartbeat Bill.
  3. Jasmine Clark, from House District 108, who slandered pro-life leaders saying they don’t care about the heartbeats of women – all while advocating for a position that destroys the heartbeats of countless unborn women.

These three freshmen legislators won by less than 700 votes, and we need your prayers that the Lord will raise up the right candidates to oppose them.

Much work is left to be done in this endeavor, but I want to open this quest by bathing it in prayer. Can you give us 10 minutes to pray for those who stood for life and for our efforts to unseat those who took the radical position that unborn babies with beating hearts and not worthy of protection?

May the Lord Bless this undertaking!


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

Friends, The Atlanta Journal Constitution recently ran an Op-Ed I wrote about the Heartbeat bill and why it is so important to Georgia and those without a voice – I hope you enjoy it.

When Alyssa Milano strolled into the Georgia Capitol a few weeks ago, the cameras immediately surrounded the liberal actress, giving her a platform to pontificate. It was a literal media circus.

She doesn’t live in our state, as Rep. Dominic LaRiccia pointed out. She doesn’t have a stake in the policies or directions our state chooses to take. But, she – and others of varied Hollywood fame – were given a voice to express their pro-abortion views.

Throughout the debate on the “Heartbeat Bill,” many expressed their thoughts on why our state shouldn’t be in the business of protecting the unborn. Lobbyists from the abortion industry spoke in hearings and various members of the aforementioned film industry paraded for the cameras. Politicians who took money from Planned Parenthood were heard alongside national Democrat Party figures looking for a quick score.

But, who wasn’t heard? Those this policy most affects – the unborn, the voiceless who cannot speak for themselves.

With all the debate on heartbeats, there was no opportunity for these beating hearts to be heard. Those who are financed and famous were given the stage and they chose not to advocate for those that society often does not consider.

That’s not the kind of state I want for my children. These notions run counter to the vision that Georgians voted for last November. Instead, we affirmed a vision of putting Georgians, all Georgians, ahead of special interests and ahead of politics.

Governor Kemp ran on a platform that was not simply “more conservative” or “more Republican.” Instead, he ran to fundamentally alter the way government prioritizes our state – policies that wouldn’t be determined by the wealthy, the powerful, and the connected. Putting Georgians first meant creating a state where right would be done by the voiceless and downtrodden.

HB 481 is a defining moment for Georgia – one that will determine whether we will fully embrace our commitment to putting the people of Georgia first.

Yes, these babies are people. At 6 weeks, they have a detectable heartbeat. They have all the DNA they will ever have. It’s already determined whether they will have grandma’s curls, grandpa’s chin, daddy’s ears, or mommy’s eyes. They are forming arms and legs, facial features, the neural tube, organs, and the cells that will determine whether they are male or female.

What they don’t have at 6 weeks? The ability to speak. No one profits financially from their life, and they cannot afford a lobbyist. And, unlike Alyssa Milano they don’t have fawning media ready for the next big story when they walk into a building.

They are, however, valuable. They are people. They are Georgians, and they deserve to be put first.

In passing this heartbeat bill – different from other states because it recognizes the rights of the unborn as people worthy of protection – our state is charting a bold course to defend the voiceless and innocent. This is a critical moment where we can determine what we want our future to be.

Governor Kemp’s promise to Georgians, all Georgians, was fulfilled in his first session with HB 481 and countless other pieces of legislation that were determined by their merit and rightness. Now, it’s up to us whether we embrace this as a path that will guide us in every policy decision for years to come.

With Governor Kemp’s signature, we know that the work for a Georgia where God is honored and life is cherished has only just begun. Please consider partnering with us with a generous gift today to help us keep up the fight!


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Yesterday, Governor Kemp signed HB 481, the Heartbeat Bill, into law – affirming that the state of Georgia values all human life.

But, what’s next?

Join Family Policy Alliance of Georgia® and other pro-life leaders for a discussion about how we can promote a Georgia where life is cherished moving forward in the wake of this awesome win. The event will be held at Woodstock First Baptist Church (11905 GA-92, Woodstock, GA 30188) in the Magnolia Room of the Main Worship Center Building at 7:00pm TOMORROW (Thursday, May 9).

Speakers include Rep. Ed Setzler (the architect of the Heartbeat Bill), Sen. Renee Unterman (the Senate sponsor), and Rep. Wes Cantrell, plus myself and leaders of other pro-life organizations.

This is a great opportunity to connect with others passionate about the cause of life, reflect on and praise for the passage of this historic legislation, and consider how He can use you to protect the unborn.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

Early last summer, we endorsed Brian Kemp in his bid to lead our state – an endorsement made long before polling indicated he would even have much of a chance to earn the nomination. We cited his commitment to our values, his integrity, and his fortitude.

My friends, since enthusiastically offering that endorsement, I have never had an ounce of doubt that Brian Kemp would faithfully fulfill his pro-life campaign promises, and today he did so.

Recognizing that every Georgian has value and is worth protecting, Governor Kemp signed the historic Heartbeat Bill, HB 481. Throughout the process, he provided the leadership necessary to ensure passage and rallied other elected officials behind a pro-life vision for our state.

Your support and urgent engagement in the last election was instrumental in the victories both in the runoff and in the general election. I can say with absolute certainty: had not Georgians elected Brian Kemp; this bill would not be the law in Georgia today!

Today is a great day for Georgia, for our ministry, and for the pro-life movement. But, it is just the beginning. The ACLU and Planned Parenthood will certainly file legal challenges, and they will engage relentlessly in the upcoming election. We must exceed their enthusiasm for death with an unbridled commitment to cherishing life!

I cannot thank you enough for making this day possible. If you stand with us to keep up this fight, I invite you to pray, connect with our ministry, or even donate today.

For Life,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

I’ve been watching the NFL Draft faithfully since 1997, when I was 8 years old. From a youthful passion to even landing gigs as a paid analyst, the NFL Draft is all about promise – the belief that adding the right people to the team can create the winning formula.

With the draft occurring this week, I’m reminded that we have the same belief here at Family Policy Alliance of Georgia®. Through addressing personnel – getting the right people involved in the right ways – we can achieve our policy objectives.

To that end, here are some quick hitters, with the first 2 being ways you can partner with us as we affect personnel:

  1. Election-Planning is Under Way- We have been in the news recently as the group pushing back against the leftist attacks on pro-life legislators. In 2020, we have the opportunity to expand our numbers and the obligation to defend those who stood for the unborn. We will be updating you on our plans in the coming weeks and months, but you can help us get a jump start on our game-plan with your contribution today.
  2. Our Statesmen Academy is Fast Approaching- We could not be more excited for Atlanta to be the host city for the 2019 Statesmen Academy (a project of our sister organization, Family Policy Foundation) from July 22-26. You may have seen information about our match opportunity – with every dollar up to $140,000 being matched dollar for dollar. Contribute to this effort to engage godly legislators and get your support matched.
  3. We are Fighting for Alpharetta Children- The Alpharetta Public Library is hosting a drag queen to read stories to children on April 27th at 2:00pm. We have been working to rally the community against this inappropriate event. Please pray!
  4. I Hope to See You Soon- Since the legislative session, I’ve been hitting the state on the speaking circuit. If you have a group that you would like for me to speak to, please reply to this email with the information. I’ll go anywhere to spread the message of what God is doing through our ministry! And, if you are planning to be at the Republican Convention May 17/18, let me know so we can connect there!
  5. Stay Tuned for Bill Signing- One thing is certain: Brian Kemp is going to sign the Heartbeat Bill. In the coming weeks, we will let you know when that will be. Please be in prayer for our fearless Governor and for our state!

Thank you for all you do – for your prayers, encouragement, support, and labor. You make it all possible!


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


The 2019 legislative session has concluded, and, if there’s a primary takeaway, it’s this: Brian Kemp and Geoff Duncan are doing exactly what they said they would do.

In a world where politicians have a fuzzy relationship with the truth, campaign one way and govern another, and give a wink and a nod to one group while reaching a handshake agreement with an opposing one, our state is governed by two leaders who buck the trend. Brian Kemp and Geoff Duncan exude integrity, and the 2019 legislative session yielded results and efforts precisely in line with their platforms. How awesome this is!

While I won’t comment on policies outside of our issue area, I will say that the big accomplishments of Year 1 of the Kemp Administration came because he is a genuine promise-keeper, a devoted conservative, a leader who puts Georgians first, and an executive who has surrounded himself with a talented and hard-working team.

Now, onto the biggest win: The Heartbeat Bill. This bill reflects our shared commitment for a Georgia that cherishes life. It establishes the “Personhood” of the unborn and affirms that reality in our tax code, in child support, in how we count people, and in the protection of human life.

We look forward to Governor Kemp signing this bill in the coming weeks, but we know the work is not done. Alyssa Milano was at the Capitol yesterday, and the Left is doing everything they can to drive the phony narrative that the Heartbeat Bill is bad for the film industry and for the business community as a whole. Planned Parenthood and other radical pro-abortion groups are vowing to come after anyone who voted for this life-saving legislation.

That’s where the opportunity comes in. We now have a major opportunity talk about the sad realities of abortion, the truth about life, and achieve a real cultural shift. Moreover, we have an opportunity to support and bolster those leaders who did the right thing and stood for life – while also holding opponents accountable for their radical vote that unborn babies with beating hearts aren’t worth protecting. In the coming days, I will be reaching out to you about the big goals we have to grow so that we can best make an impact on our political landscape.

Overall, this was a great session. Our Tebow Bill (SB 163) will be studied over the summer, and, after passing the Senate this year, starts in a great place for final passage in 2020. Simon’s Law (SB 104) did not make it to the House Floor in time, but it too should become law next year. Our efforts on religious freedom also shaped the dialogue ahead of 2020 and should gain traction in that session.

We would like to thank you for the thousands of calls and emails you partnered with us to send, for your prayers, and your support. We would like to thank Governor Kemp and Lt. Governor Duncan for their awesome leadership and to their staffs for their tireless efforts. We also want to express our appreciation for the lead sponsors of our supported legislation: Rep. Wes Cantrell, Rep. Kasey Carpenter, Sen. Greg Dolezal, Rep. David Clark, Sen. Marty Harbin, Sen. Chuck Payne, Rep. Ed Setzler, Sen. Bruce Thompson, and Sen. Renee Unterman.

Please stay tuned for more information about our efforts and plans. I will be sharing some of our goals next week, and I ask that you be in prayer about partnering with us to further the cause of life and freedom in Georgia.


Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

We did it! Thanks to your support, the Georgia House, today, took the final vote on HB 481 – the Heartbeat Bill – which protects preborn children who have a heartbeat from death by abortion. The bill now goes to Governor Kemp, who has promised to sign it into law.

The bill, which passed the House 92-78, establishes the personhood and protection of the unborn across Georgia. It is a pivotal moment in our state’s history as we cherish and value innocent human life. As this legislation was being considered, many from the left attempted to impose their will by bullying Georgia legislators. Yet, scientific truth won out and, the more this bill was studied, the more support it earned.

This is the culmination of months of hard work on the part of many pro-lifers across the state – most especially Rep. Ed Setzler who championed this bill from the beginning. This bill holds the government accountable to families by recognizing the value of each child. It holds fathers accountable to mothers and children by requiring child support. It affirms common sense and self-evident truths. It is the bill the growing pro-life community has been waiting for, and we have hope that the strength of this bill will echo far beyond the borders of our state.

The moment Governor Brian Kemp fulfills his campaign promise to sign the most pro-life legislation in the country will be recognized as the moment that turned the tide against one of the greatest human atrocity’s mankind has ever known – abortion.

As this legislative session winds to a close, we are so grateful for each one of you who made this possible.

Will you continue to support our efforts to pass lifesaving legislation with a generous donation today?

There are still several days left in the legislative session and our work must continue. But today, we celebrate this victory.

Winning for life,

Cole Muzio

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

We are expecting a vote on the “Heartbeat Bill” (HB 481) tomorrow (Thursday), and the Left is doing everything they can to attack the bill. Out-of-state corporations, the left-wing media, Planned Parenthood, Stacey Abrams, and even Alyssa Milano are working overtime to attack this life-saving legislation.

Governor Kemp recently expressed his determination to enact landmark pro-life legislation here in Georgia when he stated,

“As Governor, I have made it clear that I intend to sign the strongest pro-life legislation in the country. Family Policy Alliance of Georgia and I need your help to make that promise a reality. I want to thank you for your continued support and ask you to help us protect tens of thousands of unborn babies in Georgia.

Now, your representative needs to hear from YOU the people who put them in office! Call and/or email your representative TODAY to encourage them to vote for HB 481!

In order to find the contact information for your Representative, go to our Action Center and enter your zip code or address as prompted.

While you will initially see contact info for our federal delegation presented, you can then click on the Georgia tab to view your state officials’ emails and phone numbers.

This bill has the potential to save thousands upon thousands of lives and will further a culture where life is cherished here in our state. Governor Kemp has taken an active lead on this issue, and it has been a privilege to partner with him in this effort. Please join us TODAY!

Hundreds of pro-abortion, Planned Parenthood activists are hounding our officials and working to keep a vote from happening. Now, we need you to encourage your representative to stand strong against the Left, do the right thing, and save these precious babies.

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

The “Heartbeat Bill” (HB 481) cleared another hurdle earlier this week, and now we are working to bring the bill to a vote on the Senate floor. Will you join us in the effort?

Encourage Senate leadership to bring the bill up for a vote THIS WEEK by calling:

Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan – (404) 656-5030

Senate Pro Tem Butch Miller – (404) 656-6578

Senate Majority Leader Mike Dugan – (404) 463-2478

This bill has the potential to save thousands upon thousands of lives and will further a culture where life is cherished here in our state. Governor Kemp has taken an active lead on this issue, and it has been a privilege to partner with him in this effort. Please join us TODAY!

Hundreds of pro-abortion, Planned Parenthood activists are hounding our officials and working to keep a vote from happening. Now, we need you to encourage Senate leadership to take this vote and stand for life!

For His Glory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director