Welcome to Part One of a series dedicated to explaining the vision of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas. Today, we examine the first part of our vision – a Kansas where God is honored.

Dear Friends,

A review of our nation’s founding documents and state constitutions reveals many declarations and acknowledgments, including solemn recognition of God’s existence and authority in our lives. This fact seems to belie the notion of a secular state in which freedom of religion is guaranteed for all, a right enshrined in the First Amendment.

What does it mean to “honor God” through public policy without establishing a state religion or infringing upon the religious freedom of citizens?

Kansas’ first governor, Charles Robinson, once charged his fellow citizens:

…it is for us to choose for ourselves and for those who shall come after us, what institutions shall bless or curse our beautiful Kansas. Shall we have freedom for all our people, and consequently prosperity, or slavery for a part, and the mildew inseparable from it? Choose ye this day which ye will serve, slavery or freedom, and then be true to your choice. If slavery is best for Kansas, then choose it; but if liberty, then choose that.

…I seem to hear the millions of freemen and the millions of bondmen in our land, the millions of oppressed in other lands, the patriots and philanthropists of all countries, the spirits of the Revolutionary heroes and the voice of God, all saying to the people of Kansas, ‘Do your duty!’”

Take note of Robinson’s use of Joshua 24:15 and his invocation of the “voice of God.” Clearly, Robinson’s anti-slavery activism is inspired by his faith, but his argument is more than merely “God said so.” Robinson understands that aligning Kansas’ laws with biblical principles will lead to flourishing, while stepping outside of God’s created order will lead to ruin. In this way, the goal of public policy is not to make everyone in Kansas worships God. Instead, God is honored because the state of Kansas has aligned its policies with His ways.

Imagine for a moment if all our modern-day officials appreciated the wisdom of God’s truth, and, thus, were inspired to pursue only those policies that would honor God. How might this change the direction of Kansas? How might it change the very fabric of our society?

We are at a pivotal moment in the history of Kansas. We can allow our traditions, cultures and values to be seized by those who disavow God’s existence and authority, and seek to expel any remnant of God-honoring principles from our government and our schools, or we can reaffirm our belief that His ways are best.

At Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, we are actively working to honor God by exercising our responsibility as the people of God to “stand firm and take action” (Daniel 11:32); to engage our culture and government; and to stand up for the Biblical values we share. We call this “unleashing citizenship” and we encourage you to become a part of this movement of change!

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Picture this – a Kansas where “God is honored.” Now, join us as we work diligently to transform this picture into reality!


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director


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