Few candidates consistently live up to their conservative principles when it’s unpopular or difficult. Jesse Burris is exactly the kind of conservative who does live up to those principles. He doesn’t act without carefully considering how issues impact your values, life, and religious freedom. He is the legislator I can depend on to think through things from every angle.

That is why Family Policy Alliance of Kansas is proud to endorse Jesse Burris for Kansas House District 82.

He works to understand how the legislation that he votes on is first, constitutional and second, if it  will help his constituents. He has consistently voted for life, fighting to pass Value Them Both. Jesse has spent countless hours raising awareness on why the Value Them Both constitutional amendment is so important in light of our state’s Supreme Court’s decision in Hodes & Nauser v. Schmidt. He is one of the first to understand the intersection between Medicaid expansion and the Court’s newly created right to abortion.

We were honored to host Jesse and his wife at Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy last year. At that conference attendees were challenged to live out their faith courageously and strategically in their state capitols. These are traits that Jesse already possessed but have become even more evident over the last several years.

Representative Jesse Burris has stalwartly defended life and refuses to budge. He has defended his country. And he consistently stands for families and works to make the lives of his constituents better. Jesse thinks deeply and seeks to do the right thing in everything he does.

Jesse is who the 82nd district needs defending their God given rights in Topeka.

For the babies,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy