Most family policy is advanced at the state level. It’s hard to remember that when the presidential race is headlining every newscast, but it’s true. Life, religious freedom, education, assisted suicide, bathroom policy. It’s all made at the state level.

John Paulton, Director of Political Operations at Family Policy Alliance talks about some very important races that could affect our ability to pass such policy if we don’t get out the vote!

The media attention is focused on the presidential race, but there are many important Senate races at stake around the country.

John Paulton, director of political operations for Family Policy Alliance, outlines the importance of maintaining the Senate and which races could make all the difference.

California lawmakers are pushing a bill that would infringe on the religious freedom of Christian colleges and universities.

And, if it passes there, it could be making its way to your state in the near future. John Paulton with Family Policy Alliance tells us this harmful bill could spell the end for Christian higher education.