Ever since liberals made the court system their chief means of achieving policy outcomes, pro-family conservatives have struggled to play catch up. Our side has failed to place enough emphasis on restoring the courts, and vetting has largely been a failure – with pro-life presidents appointing SCOTUS justices like O’Connor (not so good), Souter (a disaster), and also Kennedy and Roberts (unreliable).

In the last 39 months, that’s begun to change.

President Trump has placed a tremendous emphasis on the courts. He’s partnered with conservative groups to ensure strong, constitutional judges are picked. And, he’s partnered with Mitch McConnell and the Senate to ensure swift confirmation of his choices.

Just one term in, Trump already has as many SCOTUS appointments on the court as any other president (Obama, Bush, and Clinton also have 2). His selections of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh have undoubtedly shifted the court in a constitutional direction. Already, he has appointed roughly the same number of appeals judges (51 versus 55) in his 3 years as Obama did in a full 8. His record-setting pace has already redefined the appeals level – where most consequential decisions are made – as more than ¼ of appeals judges are now Trump appointees.

These new judges will be charged with hearing complex issues for the first time – with more assaults on religious freedom than ever before, unthought of challenges to fundamental scientific reality like gender, and new frontiers created by technology and a changing world.

These new judges will also be charged with looking at cases that are an affront to decades of bad, often horrific, precedent. In a recent concurring opinion, Justice Kavanaugh pointed to Roe v. Wade as an instance of bad precedent – one possibly meeting criteria that, in his mind, the court should consider overturning.

Clearly, the momentum is there. But, while we don’t vote for judges, that momentum is on the line this election cycle, and the path forward runs through Georgia.

That’s one of the many reasons we support Senator Kelly Loeffler, who is abundantly clear on where she stands:

“During my short time in Washington, I have proudly backed President Trump’s appointments – including numerous conservative judges. Looking ahead, we must support pro-life jurists as vacancies occur. The Highest Courts should be filled with those who believe in the U.S. Constitution and the undeniable right to life.”

Having a strong, unequivocal pro-life woman in the United States Senate who stands eager to vote for President Trump’s judges (she’s already voted to confirm 9 of them) is an imperative as we seek to restore the courts. And, here in Georgia, we are the only state where every voter can cast 3 votes to affect change in the judicial system.

Vote Trump-Pence

Vote David Perdue

Vote Kelly Loeffler

The winner of the presidency is almost certain to appoint at least one new Supreme Court justice and could conceivably pick a couple more. Moreover, Trump could have a footprint on the appellate courts that would surpass all others or Biden would be able to reverse course. The only thing standing in the way of a second-term President Trump being able to restore the courts is the loss of key seats like Perdue’s and Loeffler’s. The only thing standing in the way of a first-term President Biden (it hurt typing that) are conservative stalwarts like Perdue and Loeffler standing in the gap.

It’s remarkable how much progress has been made in a short period of time. As we race toward November, our votes in Georgia matter more than ever – as we determine the future of the White House, all of our congressional delegation, all of our state legislators, and, in a very real way, the judicial system.

Because judges matter,

Cole Muzio
president and Executive Director

PS. On an entirely different note, Georgia is slowly beginning on the road back to normalcy starting tomorrow. See Governor Kemp’s interview on Fox News. Please continue to pray for our state and our Governor as he strives to balance save lives while ensuring the freedom of all Georgians to earn a living.



Dear Friends:

New Mexico made national headlines again this week following a District Court judge’s decision to release the Taos County compound suspects pending their trial.

Less than two weeks ago, the five suspects were arrested during a raid on a remote compound near the New Mexico-Colorado border. Eleven children, between the ages of one and fifteen, were found living in filthy conditions with very little food and water. Within days, media reports surfaced about two of the suspects’ ties to radical Islam and court documents revealed that the children were being trained to commit school shootings. Further, the body of one suspect’s 3-year-old son was found buried on the property, according to authorities.

Fast forward to this week, District Court Judge Sarah Backus, on Monday, denied a motion by the state to keep the five defendants in custody until their trial, claiming that prosecutors had failed to prove the defendants were a danger to the community.

Judge Backus’ decision quickly drew the ire of people across the state and nation. Given the evidence of child abuse and neglect, the reports of terrorist training, and the discovered remains of a deceased, kidnapped child, it is difficult to fathom the judge’s logic. Some leaders, including the Governor and a few legislators, have pointed the finger at the New Mexico Supreme Court which, according to many, has placed an unreasonably onerous burden on the state to secure pre-trial detention. Others, including officials from the Administrative Office of the Courts, have rushed to the judge’s defense. But the vast majority of people expressing opinions are extremely upset with this decision, and we can only hope that the suspects return for trial.

At Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico®, we often speak of the need to elect good legislators, governors, and other executive officials. Please add to that list, the need to elect good judges. Unlike federal judgeships that are lifetime appointments, our state Supreme Court justices, Court of Appeals judges, and District Court judges (like Judge Backus) are elected by the people and must then be retained every 6-8 years by garnering at least 57% of the vote. In 2020, Judge Backus is up for retention, and if I had to guess, the voters of the 8th Judicial District in Colfax, Taos, and Union Counties just may remember this decision when casting their vote.

Remember friends, from the White House, to the Roundhouse, to the Court House, elections have consequences and your vote is your voice! This November, please do not forget to speak up by voting for good candidates up and down the ballot.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!


Vince Torres
President and Executive Director

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