He was delivered over to death for our sins and
was raised to life for our justification”   Romans 4:25

Have a glorious Easter celebration rejoicing in the humbling reality of our Risen Savior!  

“When He died in the Wounded World He died not for men, but for each man. If each man had been the only man made, He would have done no less.” C. S. Lewis


Julie Lynde
Policy Director


Dear Friends,

Perhaps you have said (or heard said) in the midst of political conversation; the declaration that goes something like this, “Well, I don’t get into these discussions because I am not political”. While that could mean a few things, I think the intent of the statement is an expression of distaste for the tenor of debate and discourse, not an absence of thought.

In reality, good stewardship requires us to “be political”. Why? Because policy enacted by elected officials affects all of us, whether we consider ourselves “political” or not. That doesn’t mean that we need to lobby or become familiar with the minutia of the process. It DOES mean that we need to exercise our right and responsibility to vote. And it DOES mean that we need to know the views and values of the people for whom we cast our vote. It DOES mean that we can make our voice heard!

The result will be either a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished; or… a state like California. Do not get me wrong, there are a lot of great people and places in California, but ruling politicians there have seriously damaged Constitutional freedoms of all Californians.

This has occurred after many elections won by politicians with a secular progressive worldview. California was not always like this. But over the years, values voters in The Golden State did not let their vote speak loud enough.

Idaho is changing, and we must be on guard, so we do not become a group of distraught citizens looking back and wishing for a do-over.

The fruit of their progressive governing worldview in California came to roost at the United States Supreme Court just this week in a case dealing with a radical California state law requiring pregnancy centers to advertise abortion services.

This doesn’t sound like America…yet, it is.

And while this case came out of California, it has significant free speech implications for the entire country.

California strayed from the original intent of the Constitution because of who the voters elected. Here in Idaho, we must learn from others and not repeat their mistakes. We must accept the responsibility of stewardship and we must remain vigilant.

Good policy is one of the results of electing people who hold family, life, and religious liberty sacred. If that means we become willing to describe ourselves as “political,” I assume we can all be ok with that.

Our battles at the Legislature this year were fraught with what can only be described as spiritual warfare. It is my hope that you prayerfully engage, continue to pray for elected officials and lift Family Policy Alliance of Idaho up in prayer.

Our work is important, and we need your involvement prayerfully, politically and financially. Please consider sending a gift to Family Policy Alliance of Idaho. Your support allows us to effectively engage the culture, church, and policy for an Idaho where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.


Julie Lynde
Policy Director


Another pro-life bill will likely be voted on by a Senate committee on Friday.

H638, sponsored by Rep. Greg Chaney, will require doctors and hospitals to report complications from abortion — both chemical and surgical.  Currently, there is no requirement for reporting this information.

Family Policy Alliance of Idaho testified at the House State Affairs Committee in support of this legislation – joining our friends at Idaho Chooses Life.

Accurate and comprehensive reporting of complications from both chemical and surgical abortions will be a big step forward in protecting women’s health and understanding the implications of the various forms of abortion.

Please take a few seconds to send a message to the members of the committee.  With just a click at our Action Center, you can get your message to all of them.

Thanks for your critical role in making your voice heard!


Julie Lynde
Policy Director

Dear Friend,

You are making a difference! Your voice is being heard. Thank you! Two bills of great importance to all defenders of family values saw action in the Capitol this week. They are: S1243, Abortion Pill Reversal bill, and H579, a sex education bill.

Here is an update on both of these bills:

S1243 Abortion Pill Reversal bill

On Tues. Feb. 20th, the Idaho Senate voted 29-6 (party lines) in favor of S1243. You spoke up!  The Republican Senators listened!  This bill that affords women the respect of full information is now headed to the House of Representatives.  I will let you know soon how you can help the Idaho House vote yes on this important measure to ensure women in Idaho have access to all the information that will help them make informed decisions.

H579 Sex Education in Public Schools

This bill moved so fast that we did not even have time to notify you of its hearing. This was an opportunity for our alliance to exercise its strength to collaborate to defeat this bill.

With less than a day to prepare, our national allies Alliance Defending Freedom and Family Policy Alliance reviewed H579, provided talking points, comparison charts, and helpful legal analysis of the bill.  We were able to provide information to legislators and work with them to stop H579.

Here are the high points:


H579 was the well-intentioned result of a student’s community/global solutions project for a course at Boise State University. The student’s goal with this project was to reduce teen pregnancy and thereby help others avoid the hardships of being a teen parent. Her premise was that inadequate sex education was the major contributing factor to teen pregnancy.  That inadequacy would be remedied by changing/updating Idaho sex education code. The result of her project was H579.

She and her professor presented H579.  The National Organization of Women followed up with their support. However, there were serious flaws with underpinnings and results of the bill.

Family Policy Alliance Review:

Family Policy Alliance of Idaho testified against H579.

Here are the main reasons H579 is not a good solution to the problem of teen sexual behavior.

H579 replaces these important standards with a legally meaningless reference to “the importance of families in all aspects of their children’s education…” Even worse, it actually undermines the recognition of parental rights contained in the current law.

H579 is breathtaking in its attack on the very structure that educators consider a most important variable to academic success…the family. It completely abandons the emphasis on the role of parents, the home, and the church in providing moral instruction on sex education.

Current code has it right by pointing to the importance of the school accompanying the parents and church, not the other way around.

Advocating state-wide policy with such broad implications for foundational parental rights, based on assumptions is dangerous and ill-advised.

Of course, the family has changed since the original code became law.  But the inherent value of family has not.

The Result:

H579 was sent to the amending order, which is often where a bill goes to die.  Advocates say they will rework/amend it and plan for it to resurface this year or next.

Thank You

It is only because of you that we are able to have eyes, ears, and feet at the Capitol to assess these policy issues and speak out in support of the family.

Please forward our weekly email to friends and family and consider sending a gift to help Family Policy Alliance of Idaho continue to stand in the gap for you.


Julie Lynde

What if a woman knew she could reverse a chemical abortion, save the life of her child, and spare herself a life of regret?

This could become a reality in Idaho.

Sponsored by Senator Lori Den Hartog, S1243, the “Abortion Pill Reversal Informed Consent” bill, informs women seeking chemical abortions that abortion reversal may be possible, should they change her mind.

Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is working with Right to Life of Idaho on this legislation.  Together, our pro-life organizations will advocate giving mothers life-saving information as they contemplate their choice.  Abortion pill reversal information empowers women with facts on a time-sensitive protocol that can save a life.

Baby Gabriel’s mom found herself in a crisis pregnancy and was pressured to abort him.   Watch a short video of her story, “Saving Baby Gabriel” below.

The story of baby Gabriel shows the kind of pressure endured by many women in crisis pregnancies.  Notice that when Gabriel’s teen mom told the abortionist that she did not want to take the RU-486, he reminded her of the circumstances in which she found herself and coerced her to go through with the abortion.

Can you imagine making a deadly mistake, needing with all your heart to correct it, and being told that the death you are trying to avoid is inescapable?  With an RU-486 abortion, all may not be lost.

What is RU-486?

RU-486” refers to two drugs: mifeprex, taken at the abortion clinic, and a second drug called misoprostol which is typically taken 2-3 days later at home. The first drug starves the baby and stops a beating heart. The second drug causes uterine contractions and the pregnant mother delivers a tiny, lifeless baby.

The logic behind abortion reversal is straightforward. Instead of taking the second pill, the pregnant woman is given large dosages of “progesterone in order to counteract the first pill.”  This protocol is a ray of hope.  As Dr. George Delgado, one of the pioneers of this technique, has said, “by using progesterone, they hope to “out-compete [mifepristone] at the receptor.”

Numerous studies have found strong links between abortion and psychological trauma.  Imagine how much more intense that trauma, that desire to escape, if the mother is denied information that explains how she can choose to change her mind and save her baby.

S1243 is life-saving and life-giving.

You would think that people who are “pro-choice” would support giving women information, so they have the freedom to choose to change their mind.  On the contrary, you can be sure that abortion advocates will show up in force to oppose S1243.

Over 45% of Idaho abortions in 2016 were chemical.  Do you suppose that of those 581 abortions, there quite possibly were numerous women who stared at those pills and saw a life of regret in their future?

Information on reversing the abortion pill, like that found in S1243, may have saved those moms and their babies.

With this legislation, we can take a step forward in Loving Them Both.

In the next week, I will be sending you information about how you can help make S1243 a reality.

Will you purpose to let your voice be heard?

We must never stop speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves.


Julie Lynde
Policy Director

Dear Friend,

Last Saturday, the annual Boise March for Life, sponsored by Right to Life of Idaho, took place, as it has for decades. Each year the March is a little different but the heartbeat is loud and strong to protect vulnerable preborn children and their mothers. Love stays alive!

Because the media largely ignored the March, you probably did not hear much about it – that is OK – we don’t march for them – we don’t march for ourselves. We march for babies who will never celebrate a birthday. We march for mothers who will be permanently damaged at the hands of the corporate abortion profiteers who see them as a commodity.

We march for the day when there will no longer be a need to march. Just imagine! A country where preborn children will no longer be in danger of the violence of abortion. Imagine that day when all preborn children will be respected and valued! Imagine!

Planned Parenthood is doing all it can to make sure that day never arrives. As the reality of surgical abortion becomes more well known, they are shifting to non-surgical, chemical abortions. It is essentially abortion by pill (RU-486) and it is far more cost effective and efficient for Planned Parenthood because it does not require much of them.

In Idaho, chemical abortions accounted for over 45% of all abortions in 2016.

Chemical abortion such as RU-486 is not contraception. The abortion pill is given to mothers at 5-7 weeks into their pregnancy. It is a 2-pill protocol to kill a baby whose heart has already begun to beat. The first pill effectively starves the baby to death and the 2nd pill, taken 2 days later, induces contractions and delivery of the deceased child. Often, the mother is alone while her baby dies and the resulting impact on her can be extreme.

This year, Right to Life is introducing a bill called “Abortion Pill Reversal Informed Consent”. The Bill would require abortionists to provide pregnant women critical information about stopping or reversing the effects of RU-486. Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is working with our allies in the pro-life community to get this life saving legislation enacted to help Idaho mothers in a crisis pregnancy to save the life of their baby.

At the Boise March, a sweet young mom, Rebekah Buell told the story of her own crisis pregnancy at 19. She found herself at Planned Parenthood where she took the first of the 2 pills. After she got home, she regretted her decision, but the clinic told her it was too late. Devastated, she kept researching and learned about a protocol that COULD save her baby. Her adorable little boy is now 4 ½ years old!

There are other women like Rebekah who have regretted starting RU-486, but without the knowledge that their baby could have been saved, live the rest of their lives in extreme guilt, mourning their child who died. How many of those 45% (581 women) in Idaho felt like Rebekah, but thought they had no choice?

This pro-life legislation will spare babies and their moms. It will give pregnant mothers the dignity of getting ALL the information about their “choice”. The abortion lobby will do all they can to stop us. But we don’t have to let that happen. With your help and your voice, they will know that we don’t just march.

The tide is turning, but we have more work and more praying to do!

What can we do? We can make our voice be heard!

One day, we may be able to celebrate that there is no more need to march for life. What a celebration that will be!!


Julie Lynde
Policy Director

Dear Friends,

Last week I asked, “What Will Idaho Look Like in 2018”?  Together, you and I, have a voice in that!

Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is committed to being your eyes, hands, and feet at the Capitol.

The 2018 Legislative Session began on Monday of this week with talk of taxes, health care, education funding, prisons, literacy, etc. We all know that policy that addresses life, privacy, and parental rights is rarely mentioned in State of the State speeches.  Issues like these are not included as lines on a ledger either. They do not have to be because you and I know just how important these issues are and how worthy they are of our energy and resources.

For decades we have been working on multiple issues impacting family, life, faith, and freedom.

Here are some of the issues for which we will be advocating in 2018:

As in years past, we will also stand in the way of policy that is bad for family, life, and faith, and freedom:

Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is part of a great coalition of pro-life organizations in Idaho who have worked together to protect pre-born children.  2018 will be no exception!  We also have a tremendous coalition of national allies with which we will also work in 2018.

We are excited to be a part of God’s plan for Idaho along with you.

Together, we will be able to contend with the Goliath that is Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and their allies.


Julie Lynde
Policy Director

What Will Idaho Look Like In 2018?

The new year is here, and Family Policy Alliance of Idaho is hitting the ground running! The 2018 session of the Idaho Legislature convenes in mere days. Religious liberty, parental rights, and life remain under constant attack by groups like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood who are fully committed to eradicating religious freedom. They bring dozens upon dozens of people to the Statehouse to speak out against life, biblical values, and freedom.

Good policy only happens when good people make their voices heard. Family Policy Alliance of Idaho will continue to protect, promote, and defend religious liberty, family, and life. We will be your eyes, ears, hands, and feet at the Idaho Legislature.

You can count on us to alert you throughout, and at times, ask you to make your voice heard. Legislators need to know what you think and that you will hold them accountable for their vote.

What will 2018 bring to Idaho?  It is up to God’s people!

While promoting good legislation, we must also stand firmly in the path of bad policy.

Each year, the battle for family, faith, and freedom intensifies. The contemporary politically correct orthodoxy has become more belligerent and more inclined to punish anyone who stands in their way. Anti-religion groups continue to bully and coerce faith-based business owners, educators, and others who choose to honor God in their work.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. A wind is picking up that is hostile to those with traditional moral beliefs. We are likely to see pitched battles in courts and Congress, state legislatures and town halls. But the most important fight is for the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans.”

He is right. And, if the trend to eradicate Christian influence strengthens, our ability to live out our faith and impact our culture will be greatly diminished. We must maintain the God-given freedom to impact Idaho for Jesus.

What can you do?

What will 2018 bring to Idaho? That depends largely on us…the Church.

Happy New Year,

Julie Lynde
Policy Director

Christmas songs and hymns hold so much truth!  So much hope!

“Long lay the world, in sin and error pining till He appeared, and the soul felt its worth. The thrill of hope.  The weary world rejoices!”

God’s Gift to us is our much-needed Savior!

Born is our Lord and Savior

 Merry, Merry Christmas!

Julie Lynde
Family Policy Alliance of Idaho
Family Policy Foundation of Idaho

Dear Friend,

There are a few encouraging developments in the battle to protect preborn children from the violence of abortion!

Thanks to the brave work of David Daleiden and The Center for Medical Progress (CMP), Americans can no longer deny the depth of evil within the abortion industry.

Two developments demonstrate that the true depravity of Planned Parenthood and its corporate partners captured in the CMP videos can no longer be ignored.


The U.S. Justice Department and FBI announced a formal investigation into Planned Parenthood! As Alexandra Desanctis says in National Review, “This is not a hyper-partisan inquisition manufactured by anti-abortion extremists. It is a completely justified investigation of a group that portrays itself as a trustworthy women’s health organization and accepts half a billion dollars in government money each year — all while accepting illegal payment for the organs of unborn children.”


The Orange County, CA District Attorney’s Office has reached a $7.8 million settlement against 2 sister companies for their role in the unlawful sale of fetal tissue and stem cells for profit. DaVinci Bio one of Planned Parenthood’s leading brokers of preborn baby body parts admitted guilt for selling aborted baby parts.

As the largest abortion provider with its layers of cultural, financial, and political protection; Planned Parenthood has been able to avoid deep scrutiny. These developments represent a first in the battle to save preborn children.

For decades we have fought alongside other pro-life leaders in Idaho to push back against the horrors of abortion. The CMP video series added irrefutable evidence of that which we have been testifying about for so long. Our work drafting and passing legislation to protect babies and their moms from the brutality of abortion and commodification has been fortified by the CMP video evidence.

We will continue in 2018 with our pro-life policy efforts in Idaho. We have been a voice for the preborn because of prayers and support of pro-life Idahoans like you.

Your gift today will help us to continue to stand for life and help Idaho become a state where life is TRULY cherished. You can join the battle with your donation today.

Positive developments like these remind us that we must NEVER give up and NEVER surrender in our fight to protect life, religious freedom, and family.

Merry Christmas,

Julie Lynde
Policy Director