As we near the election, the internet is abuzz with talk of voting for President Trump versus former Vice President Biden. We’ve shared with you several resources, including our Presidential Voter Guide, to help you weigh that very important decision based on the candidates’ policy stances. But, we also know that no President stands alone. Behind every President is a whole cabinet, lots of staffers, and – importantly – his Vice President.

While many associate current Vice President Mike Pence with his strong Christian faith and pro-family values, for many Kamala Harris is less of a “known quantity.” So, as we approach Election Day, we want to share with you 3 videos that reveal who Kamala Harris is, and where she stands on the issues.

Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Kamala Harris is radically pro-abortion.

Alongside Biden, Kamala Harris supports abortion up to the moment of birth. Not only that, but as the 90-second video below highlights, “Kamala Harris wants every state in the country to get her permission to pass any pro-life law.” Or, in her own words, “Until that law is determined to be in compliance with Roe v. Wade and its progeny, it cannot go into effect.”

Here’s the video:

In fact, she’s so radically pro-abortion that…

  1. As Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris ordered state agents to raid the apartment of pro-life activist David Daleiden after he exposed Planned Parenthood’s business of selling aborted babies’ body parts.

If you’ve been following the pro-life movement for a while, you may remember David Daleiden for going undercover to talk with Planned Parenthood executives – and revealing that they were involved in the business of selling aborted baby parts.

In light of these videos, then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris ordered state agents to raid his apartment. According to a recent video from Daleiden, the agents were given “explicit instructions from Planned Parenthood to seize the computer and video equipment that I was using to publish the undercover videos.”

 Learn more here:

  1. Kamala Harris might be the most liberal member of the Senate – and she won’t deny it.

In the Vice Presidential candidate debate, Vice President Mike Pence referenced a nonpartisan article that ranked Kamala Harris as the “most politically left” member of the Senate.

In a recent 60 Minutes interview, Harris was given the opportunity to deny that claim – but instead laughed it off. Harris promised that she would always give Biden her “perspective,” leaving unanswered the question of what political ideology that perspective might come from.

Watch the video here:

While these videos offer just a glimpse into who Kamala Harris is and what she stands for, we hope that they will help inform your final voting decisions in the next four days. Please share them with friends, along with our Presidential Voter Guide.

And, as we await the outcome of this election cycle, please keep our nation in prayer. We wait expectantly to see what God will do – and how he will use each of us – in any election outcome.


Meridian Baldacci
Policy and Communications Strategist


P.S. If you haven’t voted yet, or know friends who haven’t voted, you can find your polling location here:


Last night may have been the most important vice presidential debate in our nation’s history, for two reasons.

First, it offered a chance to reset the campaign after last week’s abysmal presidential debate that was widely panned as the worst of all time.

Indeed, last night’s debate succeeded in offering a discussion that was understandable (generally one person talking at a time), more civil and fairly substantive on issues. In succeeding on those levels, it seemed to reinvigorate interest in the campaign and hope in the process.

But it was also a critical debate for a more practical reason: age. Whether Trump or Biden wins, we will have our oldest-serving president come January. Trump’s bout with COVID – though he seems to have come through it well – was a sharp reminder of his elevated age and the associated risks.

And Biden is four years Trump’s senior. His frailty, especially of mind, has been unavoidable.

So it’s hardly a wild notion that, within a couple of years, the leader of the free world could be one of the candidates who was on that stage in Utah.

What then did we learn about them?

Vice President Pence is a fairly known quantity. He is well known for his faithful honoring of his wife and marriage. And his history of supporting pro-life and pro-family causes is well documented. That includes past service on the board of Family Policy Alliance’s longtime allied group in Indiana.

Those who really observed him for the first time last night saw that he is polite, thoughtful and well spoken, even if his answers ran long. Though there wasn’t a heavy focus on social issues, he certainly  reiterated his support for school choice and for the sanctity of life. “I couldn’t be more proud to serve as Vice President to a President who stands without apology for the sanctity of human life,” he told the audience, adding “I am pro-life. I don’t apologize for it.”

For Sen. Kamala Harris, however, Wednesday night was by far her biggest stage and broadest exposure to voters. More Americans got to see what political observers have long recognized about her: She’s politically gifted with a penchant for throwing sharp elbows, as she did to Joe Biden during the primaries. Her supporters would call it tenacity; others see it as rudeness.

But while leaders’ behavior matters — just look at last week’s debate — ultimately it’s what they do in regards to policy and personnel that matters most.

Harris’s policy statements last night were socially liberal, to be sure: supporting abortion and declaring that she and Biden “will decriminalize marijuana and expunge the records of those who have been convicted of marijuana.”

That, however, merely touched the surface of her social issues agenda – one that is as radical, or more so, than any member of the U.S. Senate. As I’ve written in more detail, Harris is so extreme on abortion – anything goes – that she wants to pre-emptively stop states from passing new pro-life legislation.

She checks every box, and more, for the LGBT lobby – even pushing to force taxpayers to subsidize so-called “sex-change” surgeries. And on religious freedom, her agenda is simple: limit it.

Last night, we also got to see her dodge repeatedly on the question of whether she would push to pack the Supreme Court with additional liberal justices. Her evasion spoke volumes – and is an eerie indicator of the kind of radicalism that we will face if the Left takes over the White House and U.S. Senate.

Thankfully, voters still have a choice, including a very stark one between Pence and Harris.


John Paulton
Mobilization Manager


The battle for the soul of the nation—I came across this phrase the other day, and I instantly clicked on the link, expecting to read something profound and deeply spiritual. Imagine my disappointment when I realized it was only the slogan for the Biden/Harris presidential campaign.

This did get me thinking, though. There is indeed a battle for the souls in our nation. And it is inherently deeply spiritual—not political—though we certainly see it playing out in the political arena.

Our spiritual enemy is very real and exists to spread darkness over light, master lies over truth, sow seeds of discord instead of peace, create confusion where there was once clarity, burn to ash what was once beautiful, gleefully seize upon disunity in place of unity, declare what is wrong right, enslave those who were free, and seek death over life. We all see this in our own lives and in the nation as a whole.

But as the family of Christ, we already know the end of the story—this enemy is defeated. Christ has already won the spiritual battle through His perfect life, death, and resurrection. He is Light, Truth and the Prince of Peace. He is a God of order and wisdom who trades ashes for beauty. He calls us to be one in Him, and only He has the authority to declare what is right. He sets captives free. And, He has defeated death once and for all, for all of us who trust in Him.

Biden and Harris have it wrong—the spiritual battle has already been won, and that certainly wasn’t the work of any political leader.

But in one sense, they’re also right. As the spiritual battle plays out in the political arena in 2020, there are real battle lines and completely divergent beliefs held by the candidates that could lead our country in very different directions.

There is truth vs. lies

One side of the political debate believes that a boy or man who says he feels like a girl can be a girl—and that he can take girls’ spots on their sports teams or share their showers with them at school. They call those who disagree “bigots” or “haters.” But the truth is, no matter how many hormones he takes or life-altering surgeries he has, a man cannot be a girl. And a man cannot become a girl no matter how many politicians declare it to be so. So, on election day, will we stand for the truth, or for a mountain of lies?

There is right vs. wrong

One side of the political debate believes that children should not be free to pray or express their Christian beliefs in school. This same side believes that healthcare professionals should be forced to participate in abortions or “gender transition surgeries” even on children—regardless of whether the procedure is in the child’s best interest or against the professional’s faith. Yet, for a believer, prayer is like breathing, and our obedience to God’s Word must come before any politician’s agenda. On November 3rd, will we pursue right or wrong?

There is freedom vs. captivity

One side of the political debate works hard to hold men and women captive to a sexual agenda that only leads to physical brokenness, mental and emotional anguish, and damaged relationships. Just ask our friend James Shupe who became the nation’s first legally-declared “non-binary man,” and has now found real freedom in Christ alone. Political decisions have real consequences in real lives. For the sake of our neighbor, I pray we choose freedom over captivity on election day.

There is life vs. death

And of course, one side of the political debate praises death as a “choice,” adding their stamp of approval as lives made in the image of God are destroyed in the womb. Political leaders truly hold life and death in their hands as they make decisions that further the devastation of Roe v. Wade or pass laws that save as many lives as possible. Even worse, Kamala Harris believes every state in the nation should get her “permission” to pass a pro-life law. For me, this decision is clearest of all. On November 3rd, I will choose life over death up and down the ticket.

As we prepare to vote this year, I pray you rejoice with Family Policy Alliance® that the spiritual battle has been won! We do not have to trust in or rely upon any political leader to defeat evil, “save the nation,” or save souls.

But I also pray that we recognize the battle lines that do have spiritual implications for ourselves and our American neighbors we are called to love. So when we vote, let us not vote for any particular political leader, but let us vote for truth, right, freedom and life.

For citizenship worthy of the Gospel of Christ,

Autumn Leva
Vice President of Strategy


If Joe Biden intended to distance himself from the extreme Left with his VP pick yesterday, he failed.

Sen. Kamala Harris, whom Biden tapped as his running mate, holds positions that are among the most radical in the U.S. Senate, especially on social issues.

To get a sense of where she’s coming from ideologically, just take a look at her positions on three key social issues: abortion, LGBT issues and religious freedom.

Harris on Abortion: Supports It Up to Birth – and Beyond

For starters, Harris toes the line of Planned Parenthood on every abortion issue:

But Harris goes even further. She has a plan to pre-emptively stop states from passing new pro-life legislation. Under her plan, states and localities that “have a pattern of violating Roe v. Wade” would have to seek pre-clearance from the Department of Justice before a law dealing with abortion could go into effect. Specifically, the Department of Justice would have to certify that “it comports with Roe v. Wade.”

Harris on LGBT Agenda: Zealous Advocate for Full Playbook

Harris first gained notoriety on LGBT issues when, as Attorney General of California, she refused to defend Prop 8, the constitutional amendment protecting marriage that was passed by the voters of California. Later, as AG, she personally performed same-sex weddings.

As a presidential candidate, she zealously advocated for the entire LGBT playbook, plus some of her own additions. These included:

Harris on Religious Freedom: Limit It

Sen. Harris seems to only have one approach with regard to religious freedom – limiting it. In fact, she introduced a bill to do exactly that. Her so-called “Do No Harm Act” would forbid First Amendment religious freedom protections if the religious views were deemed to be discriminatory against people who identify as LGBT. In other words, in Kamala Harris’ world, the LGBT worldview trumps religious freedom every time.

As a senator, Harris also stirred up controversy when she attacked a Catholic whom President Trump had nominated for a federal judgeship. She called him an “extremist” simply because he is a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization.

Most importantly, the selection of Kamala Harris says a lot about Joe Biden – what he stands for and the kind of people he would appoint to fill thousands of federal leadership positions. His pick underscores the monumental stakes in this election.


John Paulton
Mobilization Manager


Emails are coming to light linking the California attorney general’s office with Planned Parenthood in an effort to stop pro-lifers seeking to produce videos of what happens behind the scenes at the abortion seller.

California lawmakers are considering a bill that would make it illegal to secretly record “health care providers.” That means someone such as David Daleiden, whose undercover videos featured Planned Parenthood workers in shockingly candid conversations, could be fined $2,500 and receive up to one year in prison for a first offense – and up to $10,000 for subsequent offenses. The new emails reveal Planned Parenthood was instrumental in writing the legislation.

“Attached is the language for AB 671, proposed amendments to Penal Code section 632,” Beth Parker, chief legal counsel for Planned Parenthood wrote to Jill Habig, who served as general counsel for then-Attorney General Kamala Harris. “Let me know what you think.”

The two women wrote back and forth in March as they hashed out the specifics of the bill. Harris is now running for the U.S. Senate and Planned Parenthood has contributed to her campaign. Jill Habig is her campaign manager.

Steve Cooley, Daleiden’s attorney, calls the emails “highly unusual.”

“I must tell you there are more emails out there that I’m sure we did not get,” Cooley told LifeSiteNews. “The Department of Justice in response to our email request, we understand, allowed Jill Habig to scroll through her own depository of emails and determine which, if any, could be responsive to the Public Records request.”

By comparison, investigators from the California attorney general’s office seized David Daleiden’s entire computer and hours of video footage.

Information from a Public Records request show that the Department of Justice has rarely investigated or prosecuted under this particular section of the law used to go after Daleiden. So, why now?

“I think it’s because Planned Parenthood wanted to crush Mr. Daleiden,” Cooley said, “and they had a friend and an ally who happened to wield that power do their bidding.

“Mr. Daleiden is the victim of an overbearing, biased attorney general who is doing the bidding of her longtime supporters in Planned Parenthood.”