Dear Friends,

Along with our allies at Kansas Family Voice, we have an update and urgent request for your help.

Governor Kelly has chosen to veto the Childhood Mutilation Prevention Act (SB 26), a bill that protects children from the irreversible harm of gender transition surgery and procedures. You helped us get this bill passed, and now we need your help once again to get it across the finish line!

The effort to override Gov. Kelly’s veto could being Wednesday, and we need you to contact your legislators and urge them to vote “Yes.”

Kansans overwhelmingly support protecting children from harm and empowering parents in education!

The Child Prevention Mutilation Act is based on our model Help Not Harm Bill. It would prevent healthcare practitioners from performing dangerous, irreversible gender transition surgeries on children, including mastectomies or “top surgery.” It would also prohibit treating children with hormone therapy and other nonsurgical gender transition procedures that cause irreversible effects like infertility and body changes. Finally, it holds doctors accountable by providing a way to sue doctors that perform these procedures on children.

Our kids deserve to be kept safe from predatory medical procedures. Please send a message to your legislator today telling him or her to support SB 26!

It only takes a minute in our Action Center. By doing so, you will help ensure Kansas law helps, not harms, our kids.

Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm III
Director, Public Policy


PS – After you’ve taken action, watch for a message telling you how to follow up with your legislators via telephone to leave a voicemail for them as well. That will double the impact! And please share this with friends. Thank you!