Dear Friends,

Along with our allies at Kentucky Family Foundation, we have an update and urgent request for your help.

Governor Beshear has chosen to veto SB 150, a bill that protects our children from the irreversible harm of gender transition surgery and procedures. You helped us get this bill passed, and now we need your help once again to get it across the finish line!

The vote to override Gov. Beshear’s veto could happen today or tomorrow, and we need you to contact your legislators and urge them to vote “Yes.”

Kentuckians overwhelmingly support protecting children from harm and empowering parents in education!

Senate Bill (S.B.) 150 is based almost entirely on our model Help Not Harm Bill. It would prevent healthcare practitioners from performing dangerous, irreversible gender transition surgeries on children, including mastectomies or “top surgery.” It would also prohibit treating children with hormone therapy and other nonsurgical gender transition procedures that cause irreversible effects like infertility and body changes. Finally, it holds doctors accountable by providing a way to sue doctors that perform these procedures on children.

Our kids deserve to be kept safe from predatory medical procedures. The bill also ensures commonsense student privacy protections in restrooms and locker rooms, and it empowers parents to have a say in their child’s education.

Please send a message to your legislator today telling him or her to support S.B. 150!

It only takes a minute in using the form below. By doing so, you will help ensure Kentucky law helps, not harms, our kids.

Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm III
Director, Public Policy

PS – After you’ve taken action, watch for a message telling you how to follow up with your legislators via telephone to leave a voicemail for them as well. That will double the impact!  And please share this with friends. Thank you!

This week, the Kentucky General Assembly passed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, S.B. 9. And now it goes to Governor Beshear’s desk.

Infants born alive from an abortion deserve the most basic medical treatment. This bill simply requires that any child who survives a botched abortion be given proper, life-saving medical care. It also gives the Attorney General the power to enforce Kentucky’s abortion law. As shocking as it sounds, this care is not required by law, nor does it necessarily happen.

Though rare, babies do survive late-term abortions, and while most states do not report these cases, seven states do. In three of those states—Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida—at least 40 babies were born alive after botched abortions since 2016. Sadly, when a child does miraculously survive a botched abortion, there is often no effort to care for them or give them medical attention. Presumed to be “unwanted,” these babies are either left on the abortion room table to die from neglect; placed in closets until they bleed or starve to death; or killed by other means. Remember Kermit Gosnell?

This important legislation has advanced due to the work of our friends at The Family Foundation who fought diligently over the past few months to get this legislation on the governor’s desk. Now they are asking you to sign their petition to Governor Beshear in support of infants born-alive.

Governor Beshear needs to hear from you!

This is not a question about abortion, but a question of whether we will recognize the humanity of an infant who even the most ardent abortion advocates will normally recognize is alive. The Born Alive Bill affirms the human dignity of each of us.

Please contact the Governor today and let him know that you support, S.B. 9, a life saving law!

For life,
The Family Policy Alliance Team

There are two good reasons why Kentucky has the biggest governor’s race in the nation next week: Contrast and Competitiveness.

Contrast: Bevin and Beshear Are Opposites on Key Issues

Competitiveness: In This Tight Race, Every Vote Will Be Crucial

Polls show this race to be dead even. Like other races we’ve reported on in the past, it’s very possible that this race could be decided by just a single vote per precinct.

What can you do?

Thanks for making your voice heard and voting your values!

The Family Policy Alliance Team


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A Christian business owner in Kentucky is rejoicing today after the Kentucky Court of Appeals upheld a lower court decision that says he did nothing wrong when he declined to print T-shirts requested by the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization.

Blaine Adamson, owner of Hands on Originals, told said that his Christian faith kept him from printing shirts for an event.

“Specifically, it’s the ‘Lexington Pride Festival’, the name and that it’s advocating pride in being gay and being homosexual,” he said at the time. “I can’t promote that message. It’s something that goes against my belief system.”

The activist group, which has since changed its name to the Pride Community Services Organization, reported Adamson to the Human Rights Commission, which ruled against Adamson. From there, the case wound its way through the courts. Pride Community Services is now weighing whether it will appeal to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Adamson was relieved when the ruling was announced Friday.

“I don’t leave my faith at the door when I walk into my business,” Adamson told the Lexington Herald-Leader. “In my case, fortunately, the legal system worked.”

Cases like Adamson’s demonstrate why believers in every state need to call on their lawmakers to pass strong religious freedom protections. Business owners should be free to live out their faith in the way they do their business—without fear of being punished for their beliefs by their own government.

This past election proved to be a huge success for conservatives in Kentucky.

Kent Ostrander, executive director of The Family Foundation of Kentucky, one of Family Policy Alliance’s 40 state-based allies, tells us what’s happening after a hundred-year conservative drought.

Find an allied organization in your state.

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The media often act as if the only election is for the presidency. But so much more is at stake.

Top on the list is control of the U.S. Senate. That is critical for many reasons, especially for confirming or rejecting judicial nominees.

One example of a critical Senate race is in Florida, where Family Policy Alliance already has field staff on the ground. They’re leading teams who are calling and knocking on doors—reaching key pro-family citizens who are inconsistent voters and need your encouragement to go vote this November.

“We are thankful to partner with Family Policy Alliance in this year’s critical efforts to get pro-family voters to the polls,” says John Stemberger, president of Family Policy Alliance’s state group Florida Family Action. “This is the kind of on-the-ground work that wins elections, and we are grateful for the strategic support of the Family Policy Alliance team, which makes this project successful.”

Also, Family Policy Alliance is focused on key state legislative races that could make a huge difference in protecting life and religious freedom. For example, a change of just three seats in the Kentucky House could pave the way for passage of a host of pro- family protections that are currently being blocked.

And because judges so often strike down pro-family legislation, Family Policy Alliance is working to hold judges accountable. Among states we are focused on is Kansas, where several activist liberal judges are facing key retention votes.

Every candidate would have you believe that their race is the most important. But Family Policy Alliance does the digging for you to find the races around the country that really matter the most—and where additional resources will make a difference for your values.

That’s why one of the smartest ways for you to support pro-family election efforts is by investing in your Family Policy Alliance. When you do, you’ll influence the outcome of important down-ticket races. Will you partner with Family Policy Alliance today, to educate and rally pro-family Americans to the polls this fall?



The recent news stories out of Kentucky reveal something vitally important about the national marriage debate: It’s never been about marriage.

What issue led thousands of Kentuckians to put their jobs and their reputations on the line and to go to the state Capitol?

In his Stoplight commentary, Stuart Shepard takes you there so you can see for yourself. And he wants you to answer the question: Will you stand with them?

Learn more about The Family Foundation of Kentucky:

(Special thanks to Bama and Hayden. Good shooting.)

Stuart Shepard runs into some trouble when applies for a job as a county court clerk in Kentucky.

In his Stoplight® commentary, he has a question for Gov. Steve Beshear, one that every reporter should be asking.