Dear Friends,

Thank you for all of your hard work and diligent prayers these last several months. While we were disappointed to see Kris Kobach lose in his bid for governor, a story that will no doubt steal most of the headlines, there was actually a lot to celebrate last night.

In the House of Representatives, Family Policy Alliance of Kansas endorsed 42 candidates in the general election – 34 of them won! This includes several newcomers, many of whom will fight for life, family, and religious freedom unlike the previous incumbent. We are especially excited to welcome Chris Croft, Kellie Warren, Megan Lynn, Steve Kelly, Adam Thomas, Charlotte Esau, David French, Cheryl Helmer, Bill Rhiley, Paul Waggoner and Renee Erickson.

Family Policy Alliance of Kansas also saw our endorsed candidate for the Fourth Congressional District, Ron Estes, State Senator Richard Hilderbrand, State School Board candidate Michelle Dombrosky, and State Treasurer Jake LaTurner win.

The so-called “Blue Wave” may not have hit the country, but it definitely struck Johnson County. The silver lining here is that several of the most anti-life, anti-family members of the Kansas Republican caucus lost to Democrats, so while the party split stayed roughly the same, the Republican caucus is much more conservative overall.

By my count, 15 members of the House who voted against the Adoption Protection Act lost their seats, compared to just 3 who voted for the important bill who were defeated.

There were some tough losses, too. Statesman Tony Barton lost his bid to take back his former seat, and Statesman Abe Rafie lost his bid for re-election. We also saw Wendy Bingesser lose her seat to Kansas’ first openly gay House member, replacing Statesman Randy Powell (who retired).


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director

PS. Family Policy Alliance invests heavily in Kansas—for the 2018 election, but also year round. This is because we believe in Kansas, and we are committed to restoring a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished. That vision starts in the states—it starts in Kansas. We are honored to put our full support behind Family Policy Alliance of Kansas because we know that is what it takes to achieve a big vision—it takes leaders on the ground who live and work in Kansas, partnering with pastors and churches, Christian business leaders, pro-family elected leaders, families, and you.

While elections are important, we are committed to seeing God’s people “stand firm and take action” (Daniel 11:32) in Kansas every day—not just for any single election. May God bless you and your family, and know that we are a movement of states working together nationally, standing with and supporting you in Kansas.

Standing with you,
Paul Weber's Signature
Paul Weber, President & CEO
Family Policy Alliance


Dear Friends,

A historic Republican primary for governor came to an end Tuesday evening after Governor Jeff Colyer conceded to Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Colyer’s concession came after results from the provisional ballot count showed Kobach’s narrow lead widening. In a truly dignified act of leadership, Governor Colyer declined to prolong the election through recounts and lawsuits, and instead offered his support to his opponent.

Governor Colyer will be missed. After faithfully working side-by-side with Governor Brownback for more than six years, Colyer continued the Brownback legacy of standing up for life, family, and religious freedom. During his tenure Colyer sued the federal government for attempting to prohibit Kansas from denying state funds to Planned Parenthood and signed into law the provisions of the Adoption Protection Act.

Now, attention turns to the general election, where Kris Kobach faces Democratic nominee Laura Kelly and Independent Greg Orman. For Kansans concerned about protecting the dignity of every human life, honoring and restoring the importance of marriage and family as bedrock institutions of society, and ensuring that the fundamental human right of religious freedom thrives the choice is evident. Kelly and Orman are pro-abortion extremists who will use the powers of the governor’s office to advance an anti-family, anti-freedom agenda.

Now that the primary is over, Laura Kelly will attempt to soften her image and appeal to voters like you. She hopes you won’t find out about her record – a record which speaks for itself. Kelly voted against Adoption Protection (twice). She voted against a resolution condemning pornography. Kelly voted against Simon’s Law and the Disclose Act, the two most important pieces of pro-life legislation of the last two years. She even supports the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion.

Greg Orman is no more acceptable. Going back to his failed campaign against Senator Roberts, he has tried to conceal from Kansans his true colors. But, again, the record speaks for itself. Orman previously ran for Senate as a Democrat and has contributed thousands of dollars of his personal fortune to Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. He has described himself as pro-choice and “socially tolerant.” We know what that means.

Family Policy Alliance of Kansas® is proud to stand behind Kris Kobach as the only pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom candidate for Governor.

Kris is a rock-solid champion of conservative Christian values. He has spent his career in public life unashamedly fighting for life, family, and religious freedom. I’ve been honored to get to know Kris and his wife, Heather, a bit over the last few years, and I can tell you that these aren’t merely political positions for them. The Kobachs models these values in their lives as homeschooling parents of five girls.

Despite the clear contrast between candidates, the race for governor is going to be extremely close. The liberal Kansas media will be working overtime to support their preferred candidates Laura Kelly and Greg Orman, relentless attacking and caricaturing Kris.

We need to have his back.


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director


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