We are hurting for the families affected by the senseless shooting in Las Vegas. It was an act of incomprehensible evil.

Like you, we’ve been asking questions: “Why would anyone do this?” “Could anything have stopped it before it happened?” “How would I respond if I had been sitting in the middle of that packed crowd of concertgoers?”

At the end of the day, we will find no rational answers for the irrational murder of so many people. But we can discover something about the value of life and the peace that comes only from God.

Would you join us in praying for the families who lost loved ones? And pray for those who survived and are hurting right now? Pray for the first responders who now must live with the images from that night. Pray that, in this time of somber reflection, our nation would look to God for solace and comfort. And that we would become a nation where God is honored and life is cherished.

Thank You,

The Family Policy Alliance Team