In one of the lesser known of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia books, The Horse and His Boy, the Calormens use the phrase “may he live forever” after every mention of their ruler, the Tisroc. While this is a mockable sentiment in the story, it’s a phrase that has sincere meaning here in our state.

Because of the incredible work in the last election cycle and God’s grace, it’s hard not to wish “may he live forever,” or the more applicable “may he serve forever,” upon our leaders. If statesmen like Brian Kemp, Geoff Duncan, Ed Setzler and the like were in office “forever” – a proposition each would resoundingly reject – we would know that our state’s future would be secure.

But, sadly, they won’t “serve forever.” In the case of Gov. Kemp, he only has seven and a half years left (yep, I just said that) due to term limits. State Senator Renee Unterman, the Heartbeat Bill’s sponsor in that body has embarked on a congressional campaign. Others will eventually decide that the Lord is calling them to other opportunities.

So, what do we do?

This is where the Family Policy Foundation® Statesmen Academy℠ is such a pivotal program. None of our leaders will always be around, and we cannot simply cross our fingers and hope that the next wave will be as strong as what we are seeing. That’s why we have a program uniquely designed to equip those we want to encourage toward leadership with the tools they need to achieve it and to thrive once they attain it.

Because of the unique and powerful nature of this program, generous supporters have stepped forward to INCREASE our matching grant to $172,500 – so that your strong support will be DOUBLED. Can you help us reach this match by making a generous gift today?

Your generous support accomplishes a number of crucial things:

“May he live forever,” will never be a reality. But, our work to provide perpetually strong leadership, with an eye toward the next generation, is a cornerstone of our strategy. Will you partner with us?

God Bless,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director

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Change is always inevitable in any organization and at the same time, it always brings opportunity. Over three years ago now, Family Policy Alliance has focused our efforts in Kansas to ensure that family values are advanced in the Heartland. In that time, we have promoted significant legislation to protect the family including the Adoption Agency Protection Act—one of only two states last year that effectively passed this critical legislation into law—which ensures that faith-based adoption agencies can continue to serve children and birthmoms in the state.

In addition, 8 men and women have been trained through our Statesmen Academy and are influentially serving in Kansas. This past election cycle, we helped 9 of 15 candidates successfully win their races, and now these men and women are serving you in Topeka.

That said, we are building the team in Kansas based on some recent changes:

Eric Teetsel has effectively served as our Executive Director in Kansas for the past two years. Eric recently accepted a key position with Senator-elect Josh Hawley from Missouri. In this role, Eric will be helping the Senator advance key pro-family policy at the national level as well as serve as a liaison to the faith community on behalf of the Senator.  While Eric will be missed in Kansas, we are grateful that he will be carrying the banner for the family at the national level.  Godspeed Eric!

We are—and have been growing—in Kansas:

Brittany Jones will be serving as Director of Advocacy in Topeka. Brittany is an attorney and has been on the Family Policy Alliance team for two years serving as one of our National Policy Managers. She has relocated to Topeka and will serve through this legislative term. Brittany is well aware of the issues in Topeka and is already working with our Kansas Statesmen to advance sound legislation on behalf of the family. Brittany holds a juris doctorate from Regent University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts from Louisiana College in History, with a minor in Political Science. She is licensed to practice law in Washington, D.C. She has also served as a legal intern for Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. and for the American Center for Law and Justice in Virginia Beach, VA.

Jeff Bennett joined the Kansas team this past year and serves as our Director engaging the business community. In Jeff’s role, he works with Christian business and faith leaders in the community to ensure that their voice is amplified in Topeka. Jeff is a native Kansan, residing with his wife and three children in the Wichita area. Prior to joining Family Policy Alliance, Jeff has launched, owned and operated several businesses. Jeff currently serves as an Elder in his church and is keen on seeing business and faith leaders more engaged in advancing Biblical Citizenship in the Heartland.

A New Position: Family Policy Alliance is also searching for a Director of Church Engagement in Kansas. This person will be engaging Pastors, Faith Leaders and civic-minded lay people to grow church engagement in the areas of family, life, religious liberty, parental rights and rights of conscience. The ideal candidate for this role is someone with a pastoral background, seminary degree and a heart to see the church more engaged in the community on the issues supporting the family. Interested leaders should email

In addition, I and the Family Policy Alliance team will continue to serve the Kansas leaders on the ground with critical policy analysis, effective messaging on the issues, election strategy and time-saving back office support.

We are excited to be your voice on the issues affecting you, your family, your community and your businesses in Kansas. Thank you for your support in 2018 and we covet your prayers as we work together toward a Kansas where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

Standing for the Family,

Paul Weber
President & CEO

Imagine 1,400 high school students in one auditorium. Each is a member of a student council from across North Dakota. Ok, you can stop imagining. It happened a few days ago at the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center in Bismarck.

The three-day conference, hosted by the North Dakota Association of Student Councils, focused on leadership and was designed to inspire and equip our state’s young men and women for leadership positions in society. Many inspirational speakers, including Senator John Hoeven and Governor Doug Burgum, spoke at the event.

I am overjoyed that this event took place and that breakout sessions addressed issues dear to all of us such as reducing human trafficking, decreasing drunk driving, and helping those with drug additions – all things that destroy families. True ethical leadership is a valuable commodity, particularly in our society today, and training these students for that responsibility is critical.

In much the same way, Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota inspires and equips Christian leaders in our state and across the nation.

Our tax-deductible sister organization, the Family Policy Foundation, created the Statesmen Academy to focus on teaching new legislative leaders how to integrate their faith into the policy arena. This is important in an era in which legislators holding Judeo-Christian moral beliefs are facing evermore hostile media and highly divisive politics. By equipping them with these tools, we can help ensure that our state policies and laws will reflect Christian values.

Won’t you help us with this important task?  Your financial support will go a long way toward preserving and expanding these values in our state legislature. Furthermore, your tax-deductible gift will currently be DOUBLED, thanks to a $8,500 matching grant provided by some of our generous, local ministry partners.

I see a future. A future where Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota, our Statesmen Academy graduates, and some of these students are all working together to craft laws that preserve pro-family and pro-life values in our state. Let’s make it a reality!


Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


When leaders misbehave, what should be the role for followers of Christ? We believe that it’s time for Believers to do more as salt and light in our culture, not less!

By Paul Weber, President & CEO

In the midst of frustrating circumstances, it’s human to withdraw—to take our ball and go home.

Like you, I see the news and each day another powerful man is accused of sexual misconduct. Rumor has it that many more will come to light in weeks ahead. Whether in Hollywood or Capitol Hill, misdeeds of days gone by are being exposed with voracity and that’s a good thing.

What’s perhaps even more frustrating is that this behavior is not limited to those opposed to family values. Leaders who for years have championed dignity for women, life from conception to natural death, and a faith in Christ are not immune to this behavior. Many, to their credit, have confessed and immediately stepped down. We pray for their reconciliation to their families and to our Lord—especially at this Christmas time.

However, don’t you find it peculiar that in a culture as hyper-sexualized as America’s, that men are being forced from their lofty pedestals because of sexual misdeeds?  Think about it for a minute… we have lived most of our lives in a culture where sex is used for almost everything except for the beautiful act God designed it to be—to sell cars and toothpaste, to make porn easily accessible for even kids on any device, to escalate divorce, to pass for “love” in a hookup culture, and more. Yet, despite this, our culture still holds that sexual harassment is wrong! Perhaps there is still reason to be hopeful!

But, in our world where leaders are falling Left and Right (pun intended!), who will replace them?

Frankly, that depends on you and me and what we decide to do next. In the midst of struggles, will we take our ball and go home? Or, will we continue to engage; continue to provide resources; continue to join in the cultural debate and hold ourselves and those within the body of Christ to higher standards?

It’s for these very reasons that Family Policy Foundation—our tax deductible, sister organization—launched the Statesmen Academy.  The Statesmen Academy is dedicated to identifying and training Christian men and women who want to run toward the battle of politics and serve as missionaries within the system. To ultimately bring about transformation from within.

And, a vital part of the Statesmen Academy is accountability; to the Lord, to each other and to our constituents. While the training we offer is one week long, the fellowship, community, and guidance are intended for a lifetime. Your continued financial support can make that happen.

So, in this time of challenge, uncertainty and scandal; will we step up and do more… or less? Imagine if the Father had decided to do less over 2,000 years ago. What a state we would be in. Instead, He chose to do abundantly more and sent His only Son.

Thank God for more, not less!

Now that I’m a dad, my children’s birthdays have replaced my own as the most significant markers of the passage of time.

With my oldest son, Peyton (see him above), set to turn 3 this weekend, I am reminded of how quickly the days pass by and how urgent every moment is.

That’s why, as I look around the state for candidates for office, I’m not looking for those who simply speak fluent “political-ese.” I’m looking for leaders who will be bold.

You see, there are an abundance of candidates and officials who will say that they are “pro-life,” that they “share our values,” that they are a “true conservative.” But how many of them will take bold, politically consequential stands? How many of them are willing to take arrows, challenge the status quo, walk through the fire, plant the flag in the ground, and be a leader of action?

With my sons growing up at a rate that is making their father weep, I cannot afford to help politicians who will simply slow or manage cultural decline. We need warriors!

That’s why, as I meet with candidates, I’m very clear:

My friends, we cannot afford “box checkers.” We need leaders!

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia is at the forefront in identifying, recruiting, training, equipping, and electing BOLD pro-family leaders. We are engaged in elections now and preparing for 2018 as well.

We’re also actively involved in recruiting Georgia elected officials to take part in the 2017 Statesmen Academy. The program educates politicians in the practice of effective politics to carry on the fight for godly values —  something our state and nation desperately needs.

Now is the time for urgency, for electing those who will shake up the status quo, and making sure our children and grandchildren can live in a Georgia where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.

In His service,

Cole Muzio
Executive Director

When you partner with Family Policy Alliance of Georgia, you make a difference in the effort to save family values for future generations. Thank you for being part of the team!