When leaders misbehave, what should be the role for followers of Christ? We believe that it’s time for Believers to do more as salt and light in our culture, not less!

By Paul Weber, President & CEO

In the midst of frustrating circumstances, it’s human to withdraw—to take our ball and go home.

Like you, I see the news and each day another powerful man is accused of sexual misconduct. Rumor has it that many more will come to light in weeks ahead. Whether in Hollywood or Capitol Hill, misdeeds of days gone by are being exposed with voracity and that’s a good thing.

What’s perhaps even more frustrating is that this behavior is not limited to those opposed to family values. Leaders who for years have championed dignity for women, life from conception to natural death, and a faith in Christ are not immune to this behavior. Many, to their credit, have confessed and immediately stepped down. We pray for their reconciliation to their families and to our Lord—especially at this Christmas time.

However, don’t you find it peculiar that in a culture as hyper-sexualized as America’s, that men are being forced from their lofty pedestals because of sexual misdeeds?  Think about it for a minute… we have lived most of our lives in a culture where sex is used for almost everything except for the beautiful act God designed it to be—to sell cars and toothpaste, to make porn easily accessible for even kids on any device, to escalate divorce, to pass for “love” in a hookup culture, and more. Yet, despite this, our culture still holds that sexual harassment is wrong! Perhaps there is still reason to be hopeful!

But, in our world where leaders are falling Left and Right (pun intended!), who will replace them?

Frankly, that depends on you and me and what we decide to do next. In the midst of struggles, will we take our ball and go home? Or, will we continue to engage; continue to provide resources; continue to join in the cultural debate and hold ourselves and those within the body of Christ to higher standards?

It’s for these very reasons that Family Policy Foundation—our tax deductible, sister organization—launched the Statesmen Academy.  The Statesmen Academy is dedicated to identifying and training Christian men and women who want to run toward the battle of politics and serve as missionaries within the system. To ultimately bring about transformation from within.

And, a vital part of the Statesmen Academy is accountability; to the Lord, to each other and to our constituents. While the training we offer is one week long, the fellowship, community, and guidance are intended for a lifetime. Your continued financial support can make that happen.

So, in this time of challenge, uncertainty and scandal; will we step up and do more… or less? Imagine if the Father had decided to do less over 2,000 years ago. What a state we would be in. Instead, He chose to do abundantly more and sent His only Son.

Thank God for more, not less!