Dear Friends,

Did you know:

How many of them are working for you?

How many of them are fighting for the values you hold dear, like the value of every human life? The importance of strong families? The fundamental right to religious freedom?

We are outnumbered. There are groups working actively to oppose us, as well as powerful business interests that too often want no part of the fight for what is good and true. Still, Family Policy Alliance of Kansas is undaunted. We are proud to work closely with a small band of faithful, principled advocates diligently working to promote our shared values.

And we expect to win.

Here’s how: You.

Family Policy Alliance of Kansas is based on the belief that there are hundreds of thousands of Kansans who share our values and want to see them reflected in our state’s laws. Our job is to find you and make your voice heard.

As a recipient of this email – we found you! And now we need your help to grow bigger and better. Will you forward this email to 5 or 10 of your friends and family members?

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Thank you!


Eric Teetsel