Dear Friends,

We have an urgent request for your help.

The Maryland House Judiciary Committee is considering HB 453, a bill that will allow biologically male prison inmates to choose to be housed with biological women while serving their sentences. It will also force Maryland correctional facility employees to call inmates by whatever pronouns an inmate chooses.

This disastrous piece of proposed legislation will put female inmates’ physical and mental health in grave danger. Reports of biologically male inmates sexually harassing and assaulting female inmates under the guise of a transgender identity are becoming more and more common, both here in the United States and overseas in the United Kingdom. HB 453 will effectively greenlight these terrible tragedies, creating government-sanctioned sexual assault in every women’s prison in Maryland.

Beyond that, this bill also tramples upon the free speech and religious freedom rights of Maryland correctional facility employees. Government-compelled speech has been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, but HB 453 would essentially compel MD state employees to address inmates by their chosen pronouns, in opposition to the inmate’s appearance or biological sex.

We need your help to prevent this.

Today, the Maryland House Judiciary Committee will hear testimony regarding HB 453, and we need you to send a message to your to these committee members as well as your representative urging that HB 453 be rejected by the Committee and not allowed to move forward.

Help us ensure that Maryland inmates are protected and correctional facility employees’ constitutional rights are upheld.

Now is the time to speak up for them to these lawmakers.


Joseph Kohm

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Joseph Kohm, III, Esq.
Public Policy Director